FB Velocities
MS Canes Elite Baker Williams L83
MS Canes Elite Landon Serrano R80
MS Canes Elite Connor Simpson L80
Aces Black Alex Gaston R79
Baseball Lab Comanche Walter Sholar R78
South Walton Hawks Vance Kirby R77
Aces Black Tanner Owens R77
MS Canes Elite John Pruett R77
South Walton Hawks Coleman Borthwick R76
Aces Black Bay Lane R76
Baseball Lab Comanche Hudson Reed R75
South Walton Hawks Brooks Skipper R75
MS Canes Elite Jason Duy R74
South Walton Hawks Austin Hostetler R74
Baysox 13u Andrew Bennett R73
South Walton Hawks Adam Land R72
Aces Black Braylon Nelson R72
Baysox 13u Braydon Wright R72
MS Canes Elite Eric Abbott R70
Baysox 13u Matthew Hopkinson R70
South Walton Hawks Lane Johnson R70
Aces Black Hudson Robbins R70
MS Canes Elite Aiden Valente R70
Aces Black Riley Wilemon R70
Baysox 13u Bradyn James R69
MS Canes Elite Colson Alexander R68
Baseball Lab Comanche Westen Ard R68
Baseball Lab Comanche Trent Ellington R68
South Walton Hawks Ethan Jeung R68
Baysox 13u Lucas Laliberte R68
5 Star Powermill Heard 13U Caleb Alkema R66
5 Star Powermill Heard 13U Cole Annin R66
Aces Black Tate Farrell R66
South Walton Hawks Talan Moore R66
MS Canes Elite David Rudd R66
MS Canes Elite Julian Tenorio R66
Aces Black Ty Waters R66
Aces Black Aiden Gaston R65
Baysox 13u Carlos Ortiz R65
MS Canes Elite Garrett McGee R64
South Walton Hawks Ashley Shiffer R64
Baysox 13u Cooper Smith L64
Baysox 13u Bryce Turner R64
5 Star Powermill Heard 13U Bryson Bond R63
5 Star Powermill Heard 13U Cannon Cowhey R63
5 Star Powermill Heard 13U Gavin Ford R63
Baysox 13u Riley Jackson R63
Baseball Lab Comanche John Still L63
Baseball Lab Comanche Jack Whitlow R63
5 Star Powermill Heard 13U Brendan Gereg R62
Baseball Lab Comanche Samuel Marvin R62
South Walton Hawks Brody McCormick R61
5 Star Powermill Heard 13U Myles Mott-Smith R61
5 Star Powermill Heard 13U Benjamin Wagnon R61
MS Canes Elite Cael Riden L56
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