National Academic Showcase
Jun 1 - 2, 2013 Lee County Player Development Complex - Fort Myers, FL
Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks
Event menu    
May 31st:
7:00PM - 9:00PM Early Registration at Crowne Plaza (Highly Recommended)

6:00PM College Recruiting Seminar at Crowne Plaza (1)
8:00PM College Recruiting Seminar at Crowne Plaza (2)

CROWNE PLAZA Fort Myers at Bell Tower Shops
13051 Bell Tower Drive Fort Myers, Florida 33907

FB Velocities

Houston Glad R90
Brendan McGuigan R87
Peter Zyla R87
Ben Baggett R86
Michael Hall R86
Luke Johnson R86
Will Preston R86
Mack Wilkins R86
Chandler Amason R85
Alex Bialakis R85
Brandon Etheridge R85
Austin Heinz R85
Tyler Huber R85
Andrew Kane R85
Adam Saks R85
Evan Acosta L84
Liam Cotter R84
Anthony Forte R84
Clay Joseck R84
Grant Page R84
Will Peters R84
Konnor Pilkington L84
Ryan Skalnik R84
Eugene Brandon "Brad" Stewart II R84
Andrew Beyer R83
Alex Dickinson R83
Ryan Manz L83
Samuel Atwell R82
Chase Belk R82
Brandon Houk R82
Deaven Phillips R82
Bradley Ramon R82
Michael Van Degna R82
Justin Ager R81
Brennan Batty R81
Louis Beck R81
Nick Bodner R81
Currie Michael Gauvreau R81
William Kelleher R81
Roberto Malinowski R81
Eric Sexton L81
Matthew Anderson R80
Charlie Bishop L80
Tommy Coulter R80
Ryan Huber R80
Will Jauss R80
Grant Pfost R80
Daniel Riley R80
Arien Seymour L80
Ben Welch R80
Dakota Caldwell R79
Anthony Dodd R78
Andrew Howard R78
Cooper Wright R78
Joshua Crist R77
Camden Klein R77
Samuel Martin L77
Shunta Muto R77
Sage Roberts R77
Steven Valentine R77
Josh Sullivan R76
Sammy White L76
Trevor Jones R75
Kyle Link R74
Michael Templeton R74
Christian Torres R74
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