FB Velocities

So Cal Cavs Dominic Smith L92
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Matt Fiedler R91
Pilots 18u Red Blaze Bohall R88
Capital City Select Clayton Gelfand R88
Pilots 18u Red Zach Johnston R88
Garciaparra Baseball Group Trevor Hall R87
So Cal Diplomats Riley Manquen R87
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Travis Neubeck R87
Illinois Indians TRIBE T.J. Case R86
Pilots 18u Red Nickolas Ortega R86
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Drew Sannes R86
Capital City Select Kaden Tomlinson R86
So Cal Cavs Khalil Denson R85
So Cal Diplomats Alex Hernandez R85
Illinois Indians TRIBE Keith Rogalla R85
Capital City Select Travis Sanders R85
Minnesota Blizzard Red Sam Sorenson R85
Garciaparra Baseball Group Calvin LeBrun L84
Pilots 18u Red Cameron Ming L84
So Cal Cavs Ryan Dobson R83
Minnesota Blizzard Blue TJ Graumann L83
Bluegrass Stars Ryan Hanson R83
Southern California Bombers Layne Henderson R83
Garciaparra Baseball Group Kevin Lewallyn L83
Capital City Select Jared Bell R82
Pilots 18u Red Jade Bilbrey R82
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Jack Fossand R82
So Cal Cavs Trent Hammond R82
Southern California Bombers James Mendez R82
Minnesota Blizzard Red Parker Moquist R82
Bluegrass Stars Pete Onan L82
Southern California Bombers David Orndorff R82
Bluegrass Stars Aaron Scilley R82
Bluegrass Stars Nathan Cracraft R81
CBA 17u Jeremy Gwinn R81
Minnesota Blizzard Red Hunter Hallock R81
CBA 17u Kyle Reisman R81
Minnesota Blizzard Red Aaron Rozek L81
Bluegrass Stars Trey Stapleton R81
Capital City Select Jordan Barchus R80
So Cal Diplomats Marco Briones L80
So Cal Cavs Vincent Buttler R80
Minnesota Blizzard Red Jacob Dzubay L80
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Kevin Kunik L80
Garciaparra Baseball Group YoungKyu Lee R80
CBA 17u Cam Cox R79
So Cal Diplomats Ricky Duenas R79
Southern California Bombers Jose Garcia R79
Illinois Indians TRIBE David Keaton L79
So Cal Diplomats Jacob Sanchez R79
Illinois Indians TRIBE Lorenzo Aguayo L78
Pilots 18u Red Dylan Begley L78
Garciaparra Baseball Group Andrew Geiger R78
Illinois Indians TRIBE Zac Miller R78
Illinois Indians TRIBE Jack Mueller R78
Bluegrass Stars Garrett Stephens L78
Illinois Indians TRIBE Jack Miller R77
Southern California Bombers Jackson Ramey R77
CBA 17u Christian Volcic R77
Southern California Bombers Kyle Hebert R76
Illinois Indians TRIBE Justin Reaves R76
CBA 17u Bryce Rone L76
CBA 17u Daniel Ciraula R75
Illinois Indians TRIBE Zach Koziol R75
Bluegrass Stars Logan Brown L74
Minnesota Blizzard Red Brandon Meyer R74
Illinois Indians TRIBE Tommy Simon R74
So Cal Diplomats Joseph Kanter R73
So Cal Cavs Hector Ramos R72
Garciaparra Baseball Group Dylan Gomm R71
Bluegrass Stars Isaac Taylor L71
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