FB Velocities

Jonathan Teaney R90
Jared Janczak R89
Jordan Pearce R89
Grant Fennell R88
Andrew Shaps L87
Kevin (Alex) Shelton R86
Zach Taylor R85
Carter Owens R84
Rayn Robinson R84
Michael Macove R83
Matt Roll R83
Harrison McElroy R82
Tyson Quolas L82
Walker Reese L82
Tanner Gilmore R81
Braden Pearson L81
Andrew Rosenzweig L81
Tommy West L81
Sean Williams R81
Matt Lloyd R80
Mathew Munden R80
Isaiah Deutsch L79
Austin Zwart R79
Parker Johnson R78
Mike Munden R78
Nick Vickers L78
Matthew Lillard L77
Hector Ponce R77
Brett Schweitzer R77
Dane Tofteland R77
Daniel Buratto L76
Dylan Cooley R75
Jairus Richards R75
Christian Sanchez R75
Henry Sandland R75
Joshua Scivally R75
Cole Biesterfeld R74
Tanner Thomas R74
Roger Varela R73
Chase Robinson R71
Diaz Saunderson L71
Austin Bandemer R70
Jorge Hidalgo R69
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