FB Velocities
Birmingham Birddogs Cj Richardson L79
Steel City Select 14U Garrison Kahn R78
Steel City Select 14U Sam Carter R76
Steel City Select 14U Tanner Waldrop R76
Birmingham Birddogs Bo Bachtel R74
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Matthew Cash R74
Total Baseball Timberwolves Carter Abrams R73
Steel City Select 14U Kaleb Hester R73
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Ashton McClendon R73
Vestavia Rebels Mason Perrigo R73
Bham Hooligans Channing Peoples R72
Birmingham Birddogs Kareem Keye R71
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Ty McGraw R71
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Colby Smith R70
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Brooks Tunnell R70
Steel City Select 14U Chase Williams R70
Steel City Select 14U Jackson Henderson R69
Bham Hooligans Ryan Vermillion R69
Total Baseball Timberwolves George Mange R68
Birmingham Birddogs Benjamin Payne R67
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Brady Smitherman L67
Vestavia Rebels Cannon Cherry R66
Bham Hooligans Andrew Pitts L66
Total Baseball Timberwolves Nolan Shaver R65
Bham Hooligans Jude Young L65
Steel City Select 14U Jackson Bradley R64
Vestavia Rebels Nate Dunn R64
Total Baseball Timberwolves Drew Helton L64
Birmingham Birddogs Jack Strawn R64
Vestavia Rebels Dean Walker R64
Birmingham Birddogs Tylan Amerson R63
Vestavia Rebels Carson Mann R63
Total Baseball Timberwolves Fletcher Neely R63
Birmingham Birddogs Caelan Phillips R63
Total Baseball Timberwolves Woodson Moss R62
Vestavia Rebels Sam Snowden R62
Vestavia Rebels Clark Dickerson R61
Birmingham Birddogs Alex Lloyd L60
Total Baseball Timberwolves Cameron Prosser L57
Bham Hooligans Kaman Rouse L57
Vestavia Rebels Jake Souders R57
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