Perfect Game Youth Pitching Rules

Each player shall receive 6 innings through the first four games. Starting with a team's 5th game played, every player will gain an additional inning of eligibility PER GAME thereafter (EX. 12U Player A has 4 innings through 4 games. During the 5th game, Player A would then be eligible to pitch 3 innings). No limit on the number of appearances per tournament, but please be mindful of your young arms.

An inning is added to a pitcher's total as soon as he/she has toed the rubber and throws one pitch (warm up or game). Each pitcher will receive 8 pitches to warm up at the beginning of the game or as they enter into the game, and five thereafter.

TeamPlayerInnings PitchedGames PlayedInning LimitMin Streak DateMax Streak DateConsecutive Days PitchedTotal PitchCountGame CountDays of Event#InningsPitch Game DateDays OFFNext Pitch DateNot Eligible
643 DP Cougars 12U Samuel Binkley 1573/1/20193/1/20191221213/1/201903/2/2019
643 DP Cougars 12U Connor Carlson 4573/3/20193/3/20191692223/3/201903/4/2019
643 DP Cougars 12U Luke Fennelly 1573/1/20193/1/20191121213/1/201903/2/2019
643 DP Cougars 12U Mason Gazaway 1573/1/20193/1/20191211213/1/201903/2/2019
643 DP Cougars 12U Carson Hodges 2573/1/20193/1/20191231223/1/201903/2/2019
643 DP Cougars 12U Caden Marcos 2573/3/20193/3/20191341223/3/201903/4/2019
643 DP Cougars 12U Darrell McDowell 2573/1/20193/1/20191231223/1/201903/2/2019
643 DP Cougars 12U Cameron Novak 5573/1/20193/2/20192702243/2/201923/5/2019
643 DP Cougars 12U Jackson Rose 4573/1/20193/1/20191742223/3/201903/4/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Noah Brocklebank 2463/2/20193/2/20191441223/2/201903/3/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Will Chapman 3463/2/20193/2/20191411233/2/201903/3/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U William Crowell 3463/2/20193/2/20191431233/2/201903/3/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Keller Foster 1463/2/20193/2/20191151213/2/201903/3/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Gabriel Hester 3463/3/20193/3/20191441233/3/201903/4/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Grant Largen 3463/2/20193/2/20191411233/2/201903/3/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Jake Medley 2463/2/20193/2/20191301223/2/201903/3/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Pierce Rymut 3463/2/20193/2/20191531233/2/201903/3/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Jack Schwartz 1463/2/20193/2/20191391213/2/201903/3/2019
643 DP Jaguars 12U Matthew Walker 2463/3/20193/3/20191351223/3/201903/4/2019
Double PLAYS 12U Xaden Benson 7573/2/20193/3/201921252243/3/201923/6/2019 X
Double PLAYS 12U Michael Clay 4573/2/20193/2/20191701243/2/201923/5/2019
Double PLAYS 12U John De Foor, III 1573/3/20193/3/20191241213/3/201903/4/2019
Double PLAYS 12U Caleb Grubbs 3573/2/20193/2/20191461233/2/201903/3/2019
Double PLAYS 12U Bryan Hendricks 1573/2/20193/2/20191171213/2/201903/3/2019
Double PLAYS 12U Malachi Kemp 5573/2/20193/2/20191381213/2/201903/3/2019
Double PLAYS 12U Malik Kemp 2573/2/20193/2/20191381223/2/201903/3/2019
Double PLAYS 12U Mason Lynch 3573/2/20193/2/20191451233/2/201903/3/2019
Double PLAYS 12U Zayd Rogan 2573/3/20193/3/20191441223/3/201903/4/2019
Double PLAYS 12U Jordan Strange 1573/3/20193/3/20191111213/3/201903/4/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Navy Hunter Atkins 4363/2/20193/2/20191461243/2/201923/5/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Navy Terrance Bowen 1363/2/20193/2/20191171213/2/201903/3/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Navy Josh Gibbs 1363/2/20193/2/20191141213/2/201903/3/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Navy William Hamacher 4363/2/20193/2/20191       
East Cobb Astros 12U Navy Griffin Latimer 2363/2/20193/2/20191331223/2/201903/3/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Navy Drake Luckie 3363/2/20193/2/20191381233/2/201903/3/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Navy Jack Turner 3363/2/20193/2/20191581233/2/201903/3/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Orange Charles Ashe 2573/2/20193/2/20191251223/2/201903/3/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Orange Jax Bishop 6573/2/20193/2/20191692243/2/201923/5/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Orange Thomas Ferland 2573/3/20193/3/20191181223/3/201903/4/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Orange Jin Kasuya 4573/2/20193/3/20192532223/3/201903/4/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Orange Ethan Murray 1573/2/20193/2/20191241213/2/201903/3/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Orange Jay O'Neal 5573/2/20193/3/20192902233/3/201903/4/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Orange Jackson Taylor 1573/2/20193/2/20191131213/2/201903/3/2019
East Cobb Astros 12U Orange Colin White 6573/2/20193/2/20191521243/2/201923/5/2019
East Side Rawlings Southeast Hyland Brown 3363/2/20193/2/20191521233/2/201903/3/2019
East Side Rawlings Southeast Bryce Chapin 4363/3/20193/3/20191731243/3/201923/6/2019
East Side Rawlings Southeast Parker Dastou 3363/2/20193/2/20191421233/2/201903/3/2019
East Side Rawlings Southeast Kaeden Gilstrap 2363/2/20193/2/20191531223/2/201903/3/2019
East Side Rawlings Southeast Matthew Haber 2363/2/20193/2/20191281223/2/201903/3/2019
East Side Rawlings Southeast Tanner Morneau 2363/2/20193/3/20192102213/3/201903/4/2019
East Side Rawlings Southeast Kieran Smith 1363/3/20193/3/20191161213/3/201903/4/2019
Excel Blue Wave Hudson Franks 1463/2/20193/2/2019181213/2/201903/3/2019
Excel Blue Wave Mason Mims 4463/2/20193/3/20192572213/3/201903/4/2019
Excel Blue Wave Aiden Price 4463/2/20193/3/20192722213/3/201903/4/2019
Excel Blue Wave Nick Richardson 4463/3/20193/3/20191671243/3/201923/6/2019
Excel Blue Wave Carson Tittle 3463/2/20193/3/20192462213/3/201903/4/2019
Excel Blue Wave Haldyn Williams 6463/2/20193/2/20191751263/2/201923/5/2019 X
GA Power Baseball 12U Fussell Landon Day 1463/3/20193/3/2019171213/3/201903/4/2019
GA Power Baseball 12U Fussell Sammy Ericson 6463/1/20193/1/20191982233/3/201903/4/2019 X
GA Power Baseball 12U Fussell Colton Etter 2463/2/20193/2/20191361223/2/201903/3/2019
GA Power Baseball 12U Fussell JJ Gallagher 4463/2/20193/3/20192462233/3/201903/4/2019
GA Power Baseball 12U Fussell Bryce Lucas 1463/1/20193/1/20191161213/1/201903/2/2019
GA Power Baseball 12U Fussell Vinny Pacini 1463/2/20193/2/20191271213/2/201903/3/2019
GA Power Baseball 12U Fussell Tanner Savasir 5463/2/20193/3/20192832223/3/201903/4/2019
GA Power Baseball 12U Fussell Jackson Stanley 5463/1/20193/1/20191632223/3/201903/4/2019
MC Mariners Gavin Barr 3463/2/20193/2/20191271233/2/201903/3/2019
MC Mariners Pslams Dee 5463/2/20193/3/20192592233/3/201903/4/2019
MC Mariners Tyler Dunn 1463/2/20193/2/20191411213/2/201903/3/2019
MC Mariners Malachi Ferrin 5463/3/20193/3/20191481253/3/201923/6/2019
MC Mariners Elias Holmes 1463/3/20193/3/2019191213/3/201903/4/2019
MC Mariners Josh Kendrick 5463/2/20193/3/20192712233/3/201903/4/2019
MC Mariners Logan Leonard 1463/2/20193/2/20191321213/2/201903/3/2019
MC Mariners Elijah Peavy 1463/2/20193/2/20191141213/2/201903/3/2019
Meridian Panthers Porter Berryman 5463/2/20193/3/20192912233/3/201903/4/2019
Meridian Panthers Mason Davis 4463/2/20193/2/20191822233/2/201903/3/2019
Meridian Panthers Adrian Jimenez 8463/2/20193/3/201921233243/3/201923/6/2019 X
Meridian Panthers Joshua Layton 2463/2/20193/3/20192202213/3/201903/4/2019
Meridian Panthers Smith McGarvey 2463/2/20193/2/20191171223/2/201903/3/2019
Meridian Panthers Elijah Miller 1463/3/20193/3/2019161213/3/201903/4/2019
Meridian Panthers Landon Roldan 2463/2/20193/2/20191231223/2/201903/3/2019
Meridian Panthers Blake Russell 1463/2/20193/2/20191151213/2/201903/3/2019
Ocee Orioles 12U Ben Brown 2363/2/20193/2/20191301223/2/201903/3/2019
Ocee Orioles 12U Logan Brown 3363/2/20193/2/20191361233/2/201903/3/2019
Ocee Orioles 12U Nathan Kindland 2363/2/20193/2/20191511223/2/201903/3/2019
Ocee Orioles 12U Matt Lucas 1363/2/20193/2/20191181213/2/201903/3/2019
Ocee Orioles 12U Colin Manning 1363/2/20193/2/20191251213/2/201903/3/2019
Ocee Orioles 12U Matthew Richards 2363/2/20193/2/20191401223/2/201903/3/2019
Ocee Orioles 12U Gates York 4363/2/20193/2/20191501243/2/201923/5/2019
Ohio Spiders 12U Karson Chamberlin 2363/2/20193/2/20191221223/2/201903/3/2019
Ohio Spiders 12U Quincy Dillon 4363/2/20193/2/20191711243/2/201923/5/2019
Ohio Spiders 12U Antonio Fawcett 2363/2/20193/2/20191251223/2/201903/3/2019
Ohio Spiders 12U Andrew Karhoff 6363/2/20193/2/20191961253/2/201923/5/2019 X
Ohio Spiders 12U Layne Keller 1363/2/20193/2/20191131213/2/201903/3/2019
Ohio Spiders 12U Beckett Khoury 2363/2/20193/2/20191192213/2/201903/3/2019
Ohio Spiders 12U Hunter Peterson 3363/2/20193/2/20191471233/2/201903/3/2019
Service Baseball 12U Green Berets Nathan Barden 4363/2/20193/2/20191661243/2/201923/5/2019
Service Baseball 12U Green Berets Talan Born 1363/2/20193/2/20191111213/2/201903/3/2019
Service Baseball 12U Green Berets Hunter Green 5363/2/20193/2/20191871253/2/201923/5/2019
Service Baseball 12U Green Berets Logan Shirley 2363/2/20193/2/20191481223/2/201903/3/2019
Service Baseball 12U Green Berets Seaver Smolin 4363/2/20193/2/20191711243/2/201923/5/2019
Signature Park Bears Brice Brady Holbrook 4363/2/20193/2/20191762213/2/201903/3/2019
Signature Park Bears Brice Dean Livingston 3363/2/20193/2/20191581233/2/201903/3/2019
Signature Park Bears Brice Karson McBrayer 3363/2/20193/2/20191611233/2/201903/3/2019
Signature Park Bears Brice Jack Sparks 3363/2/20193/2/20191461233/2/201903/3/2019
Signature Park Bears Brice Michael "Hunter" Stonecipher 4363/2/20193/2/20191661243/2/201923/5/2019
Yankees Tyler Comai 4363/1/20193/1/20191471243/1/201923/4/2019
Yankees Mason Gotsch 3363/2/20193/2/20191391233/2/201903/3/2019
Yankees Brayden Loquasto 2363/2/20193/2/20191291223/2/201903/3/2019
Yankees Matt Luigs 2363/2/20193/2/20191241223/2/201903/3/2019
Yankees Cameron Stabile 5363/2/20193/2/20191982233/2/201903/3/2019
Yankees Caleb Woodruff 2363/1/20193/1/20191491223/1/201903/2/2019
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