Perfect Game Youth Pitching Rules

Each player shall receive 6 innings through the first four games. Starting with a team's 5th game played, every player will gain an additional inning of eligibility PER GAME thereafter (EX. 12U Player A has 4 innings through 4 games. During the 5th game, Player A would then be eligible to pitch 3 innings). No limit on the number of appearances per tournament, but please be mindful of your young arms.

An inning is added to a pitcher's total as soon as he/she has toed the rubber and throws one pitch (warm up or game). Each pitcher will receive 8 pitches to warm up at the beginning of the game or as they enter into the game, and five thereafter.

TeamPlayerInnings PitchedGames PlayedInning LimitMin Streak DateMax Streak DateConsecutive Days PitchedTotal PitchCountGame CountDays of Event#InningsPitch Game DateDays OFFNext Pitch DateNot Eligible
Alabama Sox 12u Brody Baker 2369/22/20199/22/20191262019/22/201909/23/2019
Alabama Sox 12u Shelton Darnell 136   281019/22/201909/23/2019
Alabama Sox 12u William Davis 2369/22/20199/22/20191381029/22/201909/23/2019
Alabama Sox 12u Jaden Eason 1369/22/20199/22/2019141019/22/201909/23/2019
Alabama Sox 12u Christopher Hardaway 2369/22/20199/22/20191281029/22/201909/23/2019
Alabama Sox 12u Hayden Jones 2369/22/20199/22/20191382019/22/201909/23/2019
Alabama Sox 12u Aiden Seeley 2369/22/20199/22/20191272019/22/201909/23/2019
Alabama Sox 12u Brock Whitt 1369/22/20199/22/20191131019/22/201909/23/2019
CABA Jays 12U Blue Bodi Brumfield 2369/22/20199/22/20191342019/22/201909/23/2019
CABA Jays 12U Blue Boyd Cooper 3369/22/20199/22/20191391039/22/201909/23/2019
CABA Jays 12U Blue Noah Crosby` 1369/22/20199/22/2019151019/22/201909/23/2019
CABA Jays 12U Blue J.B. Leatherwood 3369/22/20199/22/20191652029/22/201909/23/2019
CABA Jays 12U Blue Isaac Mastin 7369/22/20199/22/20191832059/22/201929/25/2019 X
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Garrett Barnes 2469/22/20199/22/20191421029/22/201909/23/2019
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Brayden Chastain 1469/22/20199/22/2019191019/22/201909/23/2019
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Aiden Craven 2469/22/20199/22/20191211029/22/201909/23/2019
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Grant Hill 4469/22/20199/22/20191642039/22/201909/23/2019
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Cade Kallaher 2469/22/20199/22/20191452019/22/201909/23/2019
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Luke Neill 2469/22/20199/22/20191342019/22/201909/23/2019
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Jackson Price 5469/22/20199/22/20191652049/22/201929/25/2019
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Parker Sisco 2469/22/20199/22/20191381029/22/201909/23/2019
Chelsea Baseball Club Kallaher Graham Steel 1469/22/20199/22/20191101019/22/201909/23/2019
Top Gun Baseball Bryson Bradford 2469/22/20199/22/20191442019/22/201909/23/2019
Top Gun Baseball Avery Haynes 3469/22/20199/22/20191521039/22/201909/23/2019
Top Gun Baseball Caleb Jenkins 3469/22/20199/22/20191703019/22/201909/23/2019
Top Gun Baseball Matthew Salmon 4469/22/20199/22/20191661049/22/201929/25/2019
Top Gun Baseball Morgan Turner 5469/22/20199/22/20191781059/22/201929/25/2019
Top Gun Baseball Canaan Whitman 2469/22/20199/22/20191451029/22/201909/23/2019
Z's Diamond Club Nolan Alexander 1469/22/20199/22/20191131019/22/201909/23/2019
Z's Diamond Club Brock Bradley 1469/22/20199/22/20191131019/22/201909/23/2019
Z's Diamond Club Brodie Bragg 2469/22/20199/22/20191451029/22/201909/23/2019
Z's Diamond Club Brayden Dockery 5469/22/20199/22/20191622049/22/201929/25/2019
Z's Diamond Club Benjamin Heath 2469/22/20199/22/20191221029/22/201909/23/2019
Z's Diamond Club Xander Hughes 4469/22/20199/22/20191471049/22/201929/25/2019
Z's Diamond Club Jonah Inman 1469/22/20199/22/20191361019/22/201909/23/2019
Z's Diamond Club Rhys Jones 3469/22/20199/22/20191312029/22/201909/23/2019
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