Saturday February 8th Schedule

ALL PLAYERS report to Perfect Game at least one hour prior to scheduled individual workout time.

Please know your first scheduled slot.

Cage # 1 Cage # 1 Cage # 2 Cage # 2        
Pitcher Pen Catcher Bullpen Pitchers Live Catchers Live Hitter # 1 Hitter # 2 Hitter # 3 Hitter # 4
9:00 Corson Kistaitis Franklin Gidley Lockwood-Powell West Isaacson Bonk
9:15 Bund Dunham Corson Kistaitis Lockwood-Powell West Isaacson Bonk
9:30 Mudge Gidley Bund Dunham Lockwood-Powell West Isaacson Bonk
9:45 Guest Kistaitis Mudge Gidley Lockwood-Powell West Isaacson Bonk
10:00 Tudhope Dunham Guest Kistaitis Lockwood-Powell West Isaacson Vierling
10:15 Hoppock Isaacson Tudhope Dunham Blomgren Gidley Wade Vierling
10:30 Castillo West Hoppock Isaacson Blomgren Gidley Wade Vierling
10:45 Koeckritz Lockwood-Powell Castillo West Blomgren Gidley Wade Vierling
11:00 Schomers Isaacson Koeckritz Lockwood-Powell Blomgren Gidley Wade Westphal
11:15 Baumgart West Schomers Isaacson Blomgren Gidley Wade Westphal
11:30 Novak Lockwood-Powell Baumgart West Schwulst Kistaitis Dunham Westphal
11:45 Alarid Blomgren Novak Lockwood-Powell Schwulst Kistaitis Dunham Westphal
12:00 Antonides Wade Alarid Blomgren Schwulst Kistaitis Dunham Westphal
12:15 Neuhaus C. Johnson Antonides Wade Schwulst Kistaitis Dunham Schomers
12:30 Westphal Blomgren Neuhaus C. Johnson Schwulst Kistaitis Dunham Schomers
12:45 Hasper Peterson Westphal Blomgren Solinski Stolzman Ugolini Schomers
1:00 Holubecki Wade Hasper Peterson Solinski Stolzman Ugolini Schomers
1:15 Pagnozzi C. Johnson Holubecki Wade Solinski Stolzman Ugolini McCay
1:30 Harpenau Peterson Pagnozzi C. Johnson Solinski Stolzman Ugolini McCay
1:45 Davenport Sheldon Harpenau Peterson Solinski Stolzman Ugolini McCay
2:00 Vierling Solinski Davenport Sheldon C.Johnson Schomers Bonk McCay
2:15 Schwulst Stolzman Vierling Solinski C.Johnson Davenport Bonk McCay
2:30 Proctor Sheldon Schwulst Stolzman C.Johnson Davenport Bonk Cook
2:45 Reindl Solinski Proctor Sheldon C.Johnson Davenport Bonk Cook
3:00 J. Thompson Schwulst Reindl Solinski Sheldon Davenport Zagozda Cook
3:15 Seipenko McCay J. Thompson Schwulst Sheldon Peterson Zagozda Cook
3:30 Herbst Ugolini Seipenko McCay Sheldon Peterson Zagozda Cook
3:45 Lambert Schwulst Herbst Ugolini Sheldon Peterson Zagozda C.Johnson
4:00 Cook Stolzman Lambert Schwulst Sheldon Peterson Zagozda Reindl
4:15 Zagozda McCay Cook Stolzman Herbst J. Thompson Bonk Reindl
4:30 C. Johnson Ugolini Zagozda McCay Herbst J. Thompson Bonk Reindl
4:45 McCay Sheldon C. Johnson Ugolini Herbst J. Thompson Bonk Reindl
5:00 XXXXX XXXXX McCay Sheldon Herbst J. Thompson Bonk Reindl

Individual Batting Practice Cage # 3
8:40 West 11:20 Castillo 1:30 Schomers
9:30 Wade 11:30 Hoppock 1:40 Pagnozzi
9:40 Vierling 11:40 C. Johnson 1:50 Antonides
9:50 Corson 11:50 Isaacson 2:00 Cook
10:00 Bund 12:00 Gidley 2:20 Peterson
10:10   12:10 Solinski 2:50 Zagozda
10:20 Lockwood-Powell 12:20 Stolzman 3:00 Herbst
10:30 Westphal 12:30 Ugolini 3:10 Davenport
10:40 Kistaitis 12:40 Koeckritz 3:20 Messier
10:50 Mudge 12:50 McCay 3:30 Bonk
11:00 Schwulst 1:10 Blomgren 3:40 Reindl
11:10 Dunham 1:20 Sheldon 4:00 J. Thompson
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