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2013 Pitcher/Cathcer Indoor Showcase

Saturday February 9th Schedule

ALL PLAYERS report to Perfect Game 1.5 hour prior to scheduled individual workout time.

Cage #1
Pitcher Pen
Cage #1
Catcher Bullpen
Cage #2
Pitchers Live
Cage #2
Catchers Live
Hitter # 1 Hitter # 2 Hitter # 3 Hitter # 4
9:00 Buzick Wade Ruden Green Spanberger Douglas Henzman Jackson
9:15 J. Jacobson Monasmith Buzick Wade Spanberger Douglas Henzman Jackson
9:30 Plebani Green J. Jacobson Monasmith Spanberger Douglas Henzman Jackson
9:45 Rynard Gragg Plebani Green Spanberger Douglas Henzman Jackson
10:00 Fiedler Spanberger Rynard Gragg Scieszinski Lee Ruden Buzick
10:15 Bruss Herrera Fiedler Spanberger Scieszinski Lee Ruden Buzick
10:30 Landon Wade Bruss Monasmith Scieszinski Lee Ruden Buzick
10:45 D. Williams Gragg Landon Wade Scieszinski Lee Ruden Buzick
11:00 Henzman Jackson D. Williams Gragg Puk Wade Fiedler Buzick
11:15 Brentz Spanberger Henzman Jackson Puk Wade Fiedler Osinski
11:30 Hecht Scieszinski Brentz Spanberger Puk Wade Fiedler Osinski
11:45 Lange Wolanski Hecht Scieszinski Puk Wade Fiedler Osinski
12:00 Hollon Jackson Lange Wolanski Puk Brentz Monasmith Osinski
12:15 Douglas Spanberger Hollon Jackson Gragg Brentz Monasmith Weber
12:30 Dunlap Sole Douglas Spanberger Gragg Brentz Monasmith Weber
12:45 Miller Wolanski Dunlap Sole Gragg Brentz Monasmith Weber
1:00 Dorau Osinski Miller Wolanski Gragg B. Jacobson Olson Weber
1:15 Neff Bullpen Catcher Dorau Osinski Gragg B. Jacobson Olson Weber
1:30 Lee Weber Neff Wade Green B. Jacobson Olson Gavin
1:45 Bogert Scieszinski Lee Weber Green B. Jacobson Olson Gavin
2:00 Rutscher Osinski Bogert Scieszinski Green Wolanski Olson Gavin
2:15 Denkinger Olson Rutscher Osinski Green Wolanski Monasmith Gavin
2:30 T. West Weber Denkinger Olson Green Wolanski Monasmith Gavin
2:45 Howell Bullpen Catcher West Weber Douglas Wolanski Wade Sole
3:00 Scieszinski Gavin Howell Olson Douglas Wolanski Wade Sole
3:15 Osinski Bullpen Catcher Scieszinski Gavin Rutscher Denkinger Wade Douglas
3:30 B. Jacobson Bullpen Catcher Osinski Monasmith Rutscher Denkinger Dorau Douglas
3:45 Sutherland Gavin B. Jacobson Wolanski Rutscher Denkinger Dorau Osinski
4:00 Whiteman Olson Sutherland Gavin Rutscher Denkinger Dorau Douglas
4:15 Weber Bullpen Catcher Whiteman Olson Rutscher Denkinger Dorau Douglas
4:30 XXXXX XXXXX Weber Gavin Rutscher Denkinger Dorau Douglas

Individual Batting Practice Cage # 3
9:30 Scieszinski
9:40 Ruden
9:50 Buzick
10:00 Brentz
10:10 R. Jackson
10:20 Henzman
10:30 Spanberger
10:40 Fiedler
10:50 Osinski
11:00 Bruss
11:10 Monasmith
11:20 Wade
11:30 Gragg
11:40 Weber
11:50 Olson
12:00 Gavin
12:10 Douglas
12:20 Lee
12:30 B. Jacobson
1:00 Green
1:10 Wolanski
1:20 T. West
1:30 Puk
1:40 Howell
2:30 Dorau
2:40 Rutscher
3:00 Denkinger
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