2011 Pitcher/Catcher Indoor Showcase
Saturday February 12th
  Players need to report to Perfect Game Indoor Facility 
  at least one hour ahead of your scheduled slot.
    Please know your first scheduled slot.
Cage # 1 Cage # 1 Cage # 2 Cage # 2      
Pitcher Pen Catcher Bullpen Pitchers Live Catchers Live Hitter # 1 Hitter # 2 Hitter # 3
9:00 Engberg Bullpen Catcher Hanse Baker McMurray Hayworth Field
9:15 N. Peterson Bull  Engberg Baker McMurray Hayworth Field
9:30 Schlecht Bullpen Catcher N. Peterson Bull McMurray Hayworth Field
9:45 Rumpf Logan Schlecht Bull McMurray Hayworth Field
10:00 A. Gonzalez Bullpen Catcher Rumpf Logan McMurray Baker Schmidt
10:15 Fitch Hayworth A. Gonzalez Logan Schlect Baker Schmidt
10:30 Lombard Bullpen Catcher Fitch Hayworth Schlect Baker Schmidt
10:45 Mayer Field Lombard Hayworth Schlect Baker Schmidt
11:00 James Bullpen Catcher Mayer Field Schlect Logan Bull
11:15 L. Peterson Schmidt James Field Schlect Logan Bull
11:30 Hermeling Bullpen Catcher L. Peterson Schmidt Fitch Logan Bull
11:45 Brandys Schmiedt Hermeling Schmidt Fitch Logan Bull
12:00 Youngdahl Bullpen Catcher Brandys Schmiedt Fitch Logan Bull
12:15 Hayden McNabb Youngdahl Schmiedt Fitch Willner Mayer
12:30 Moe Bullpen Catcher Hayden McNabb L. Peterson Willner Mayer
12:45 Ulmer Fitch Moe McNabb L. Peterson Willner Schmiedt
1:00 Regan Bullpen Catcher Ulmer Fitch L. Peterson Willner Schmiedt
1:15 Feekin Bullpen Catcher Regan Fitch L. Peterson Hayden Mayer
1:30 Willner Baker Feekin Schmiedt McNabb Hayden Mayer
1:45 Pickell Bull Willner Baker McNabb Hayden Mayer
2:00 Lee Logan Pickell Bull McNabb Hayden Schmiedt
2:15 Diaz Field Lee Logan McNabb Hayden Schmiedt
2:30 Redman Hayworth Diaz Field Schmiedt Mattke McNabb
2:45 Flattery Schmidt Redman Hayworth Youngdahl Mattke Lee
3:00 Ghelfi McNabb Flattery Schmidt Youngdahl Mattke Lee
3:15 Schmiedt Fitch Ghelfi McNabb Youngdahl Mattke Lee
3:30 Logan Sole Schmiedt Fitch Youngdahl Mattke Lee
3:45 XXXXX XXXXX Logan Sole Youngdahl Mattke Lee
    Individual Batting Practice Cage # 3
    9:45   12:15 L. Peterson 2:45 Hayden
  10:00   12:30 Bull 3:00 Schmiedt
  10:15 Field 12:45 Schmidt 3:15  
  10:30 McMurray 1:00 Mayer 3:30  
  10:45 Logan 1:15 McNabb 3:45  
  11:00 Fitch 1:30 Mattke  4:00  
  11:15   1:45 Lee 4:15  
  11:30 Hayworth 2:00 Youngdahl 4:30  
  11:45 Baker 2:15 Willner 4:45  
  12:00 Schlect 2:30   5:00  
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