2011 NJ Pitcher/Catcher Indoor Showcase
  Saturday February 19th
Catchers/hitters report at 8:30am at the Hit Doctor Indoor Facility
Pitchers who are not hitting please report at least one hour ahead of your scheduled slot.
  Please know your first scheduled slot.
  8:30 AM Player Registration        
  9:15 AM Catchers Pop times        
  9:45 AM Batting Practice (Catchers)        
  10:15 AM Batting Practice (Pitchers who hit)        
Cage # 1 Cage # 1 Cage # 2 Cage # 2        
Pitcher Pen Catcher Bullpen Pitchers Live Catchers Live Hitter # 1 Hitter # 2 Hitter # 3 Hitter # 4
11:15 Balestrieri LaMarca Hakey Dedona Post Rickli Uliano Robinson
11:30 Brambilla LoDuca Balestrieri LaMarca Post Rickli Uliano Robinson
11:45 Gerard Mattison Brambilla LoDuca Post Rickli Uliano Robinson
12:00 Doheny McGee Gerard Mattison Post Rickli Uliano Robinson
12:15 Doherty Quintana Doheny McGee Rykarzewski Balestrieri Koplove Welsh
12:30 Dramis Dedona Doherty Quintana Rykarzewski Balestrieri Koplove Welsh
12:45 Forte LaMarca Dramis Dedona Rykarzewski Balestrieri Koplove Welsh
1:00 Holup LoDuca Forte LaMarca Brambilla Doheny Ogrady O'Reilly
1:15 Johnson Mattison Holup LoDuca Brambilla Doheny Ogrady O'Reilly
1:30 Keegan McGee Johnson Mattison Brambilla Doheny Ogrady O'Reilly
1:45 Koplove Dedona Keegan McGee Dramis Forte Pracher Scott
2:00 Legath Quintana Koplove Dedona Dramis Forte Pracher Scott
2:15 O'Grady Post Legath Quintana Dramis Forte Pracher Scott
2:30 O'Reilly Rickli O'Grady Post McGee Creighton Stinson Holquin
2:45 Potts Uliano O'Reilly Rickli McGee Creighton Stinson Holquin
3:00 Pracher Robinson Potts Uliano McGee Creighton Stinson Holquin
3:15 Scott Rykarzewski Pracher Robinson Holup Johnson Keegan Quintana
3:30 Simpkins Welsh Scott Rykarzewski Holup Johnson Keegan Quintana
3:45 Smallenbroek Post Simpkins Welsh Holup Johnson Keegan Quintana
4:00 Stinson Rickli Smallenbroek Post Dedona LaMarca LoDuca Mattison
4:15 Holquin Uliano Stinson Rickli Dedona LaMarca LoDuca Mattison
4:30 Creighton Robinson Holquin Uliano Dedona LaMarca LoDuca Mattison
4:00 Schurer Rykarzewski Creighton Robinson Potts Legath Simpkins Smallenbroek
4:15 Stancavage Welsh Schurer Rykarzewski Potts Legath Simpkins Smallenbroek
4:30 McGee Rickli Stancavage Welsh Potts Legath Simpkins Smallenbroek
4:45 XXXXX XXXXX McGee Rickli Potts Legath Simpkins Smallenbroek
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