WWBA Tournament WWBA Underclass World Championship
Oct 10 - 14, 2013 Terry Park Sports Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Next Level Titans '15s


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Team Schedule

Gm# 37
10/11/2013    8:30 AM
Std @ City of Palms Park  
Gm# 277
10/12/2013    4:00 PM
Gm# 313
10/13/2013    8:30 AM
Playoffs Round 1


Robert Aromiskis MIF 3B 2015NY 
Matthew Bartnik 1B LHP 2015NYNYIT
Anthony Chiodi OF 1B 2015NYFordham
Joseph Flynn 3B 1B, RHP 2015NYPrinceton
Sal Fradella RHP 1B, OF 2015NYVillanova
Edward Fred RHP 3B, MIF 2015NY 
Matthew Glubiak SS RHP 2015NY 
Andrew Misiaszek LHP 2015NYNortheastern
Gehrig Montoro OF 2B 2015NY 
Andrew Mundy RHP 2015NYHofstra
Beau O'Connell 3B 1B, RHP 2015NYUNC-Wilmington
Kevin O'Connor SS 2015NY 
Anthony Papa RHP 1B, OF 2015NYC.W. Post Campus/LIU
Marcos Perez C 1B 2015FLPalm Beach Atlantic
Joe Piscitelli OF 2015NYC.W. Post Campus/LIU
Straton Podaras C 3B 2016NYRadford
Frank Sommers RHP UT 2015NYHoly Cross
Michael Varrone OF MIF 2015NY 

Pool Standings

Pool seeding tie breaker rules
Next Level Titans '15s 0.833 2 0 1 7 18
Beyel Brothers Bulldogs 0.500 1 1 1 8 11
Yak (East) 0.500 1 1 1 15 6
Chicago White Sox ACE 0.167 0 2 1 14 9
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