WWBA Tournament WWBA Florida Qualifier
Oct 4 - 7, 2013 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

- Terry Park  
  3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- JetBlue Player Development Complex  
  Power Alley Fort Myers, FL 33913 Map   

- South High School  
  14020 Plantation Rd. Fort Myers, FL 33912 Map   

- Dunbar High School  
  3960 Canal St Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- CenturyLink Sports Complex (Twins)  
  14100 Ben C. Pratt/Six Mile Cypress Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33912 Map   

- City of Palms Park  
  2201 Edison Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33901 Map   

- 5-Plex - Player Development Complex  
  4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

Team Prospects International



Edgar Abreu RHP 2014FL 
Angel Adames RHP 2015DR 
Oscar Bernard RHP 2014DR 
Jesus Castro RHP 2016VE 
Carlos Centeno C 2015VE 
Bryan Ciriaco 3B 2016DR 
Juan DeLeon OF 2015DR 
Luis Ramón Guzmán SS 2015FL 
Jesus Hernandez RHP 2014DR 
Marlon Jansen RHP 2014DR 
Hugo Jiménez RHP 2013FL 
Dogla Lauza 3B 2018VE 
Luis Lopez 1B 2016VE 
Priamo Lozada-Gonzalez 1B 3B, RHP 2015FL 
Andriu Marin RHP 2016FL 
Jose Marquez C 2016VE 
Danny Perez 2B 2015FL 
Luis Perez RHP 2015DR 
Francisco Rodriguez RHP 2014DR 
Michael Rosario 3B OF 2015FL 
David Sacarias OF 2014VI 
Yeifry Salvador C 2016DR 
Randy Severino OF 2014DR 
William Tavares SS 2014DR 

Pool Standings

Pool seeding tie breaker rules
Ostingers Baseball Academy Select 1.000 4 0 0 5 18
Orlando Scorpions '15 Purple 0.500 2 2 0 7 16
SF Huskies Carolina 0.500 2 2 0 22 22
Central Florida Prospects 0.250 1 3 0 18 9
Team Prospects International 0.250 1 3 0 19 6
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