BCS Tournament 16U BCS Finals
Jul 22 - 26, 2009 Terry Park Sports Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Illinois Sparks 16U


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Team Schedule

Gm# 37
7/23/2009    9:00 AM
Stadium @ City of Palms Park  
Gm# 49
7/23/2009    11:30 AM
Stadium @ City of Palms Park  
Gm# 105
7/25/2009    9:00 AM
Auxiliary @ City of Palms Park  
Gm# 128
7/25/2009    5:30 PM


Joey Ceja RHP 2011ILLouisville
Michael Chimera 3B RHP 2011IL 
Karl Ehlers LHP 2011IL 
Jayson Gorski SS 3B, OF 2011IL 
Jim Hinkleman RHP 3B 2011IN 
Joseph Houlihan MIF IF 2011ILCentral Michigan
Eric Jacobson MIF RHP 2011ILMichigan
John Keefe 1B 2011IL 
Brandon Magallones RHP OF 2011ILNorthwestern
Michael Malfeo 3B 2011IL 
Collin McEnery LHP 1B 2011ILIndiana
A. J. Neufeld C 2011IL 
Frank Picchiotti OF 2011IL 
Jack Picchiotti C OF 2012ILPurdue
Daniel Potempa C 1B, 3B 2011ILIowa Central CC
Bob Sheppard MIF 2011IL 
Mason Snyder SS RHP 2011ILLouisville
Alex Sroka RHP 2B, 3B 2010IL 
Christopher Sujka OF 2011IL 
Sam Travis 3B 1B, RHP 2011ILIndiana
Matt Trowbridge LHP OF 2011ILCentral Michigan
Cody Vogler RHP 1B 2011ILEastern Illinois
Kyle Wood LHP OF 2011ILPurdue

Pool Standings

Pool seeding tie breaker rules
Dallas Yankees 0.800 4 1 0 9 51
Florida Mustangs 0.800 4 1 0 17 30
Palm Beach County Grays 0.800 4 1 0 27 25
Orlando Scorpions 16U Purple 0.300 1 3 1 45 19
Illinois Sparks 16U 0.200 1 4 0 26 23
Upstate Mavericks 16u 0.100 0 4 1 41 17
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