WWBA Tournament WWBA Florida Qualifier
Sep 17 - 20, 2010 Terry Park Sports Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

SWFL Underclass


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Team Schedule

Gm# 43
9/18/2010    9:00 AM
Auxiliary @ City of Palms Park  
Gm# 64
9/18/2010    2:00 PM
Gm# 118
9/19/2010    2:00 PM


Will Anderson MIF 2011FL 
Brian Boocock RHP 2013FLSouth Carolina-Upstate
Sean Brady LHP OF 2013FLFlorida
Bobby Brennan SS 2B 2014FLMaine
Paul Bretton 3B C 2012FL 
Danny Brown RHP 3B, MIF, RHP 2011FL 
Walter Cleary RHP 2011FL 
Dylan Demarest RHP 3B 2011FLEmbry-Riddle
Nick DiBenedetto MIF 2012FL 
Scott Donaldson OF SS 2011FL 
Jeff Estevez 2B 2012FL 
John Michael Gant RHP 1B, OF 2011FLLIU Brooklyn
Zachary Giczewski MIF 2012FL 
Justin Gubelman RHP 1B 2011FLBethune-Cookman
Zach Haefeli 2B OF 2011FL 
Drew Jackson RHP 3B 2011FLStetson
Brandon Joyce C 2012FL 
Brad Kopole RHP 2011FL 
Nick Kranick 1B 2011FL 
Danny Lee OF 2013FL 
Nicholas Locascio RHP OF 2012FLMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Brandon Marshall 1B 2012FL 
Collin Martin RHP 2012FL 
Kyle Miller RHP SS 2012FLFlorida Atlantic
Jorge Pantoja RHP 2012FLAlabama State
Jeffrey Passantino RHP 1B 2014FLLipscomb
Matthew Pearce RHP OF 2012FLPolk State
Matthew Picucci LHP 1B 2011FLHillsborough CC
Steven Pietrzyt RHP 2014FL 
Justin Pinto 3B RHP 2012FL 
Dylan Pohle RHP 2011FL 
Anthony Prohaska C 2012FL 
Brian Pruett SS RHP 2011FLFlorida Gulf Coast
Aaron Rhodes RHP MIF 2011FL 
Frankie Romano C 2012FLStetson
Brendon Sanger SS 2B, RHP 2012FLFlorida Atlantic
Alex Santana 3B RHP 2011FLFlorida Atlantic
D.J. Schleicher RHP 3B 2011FL 
Chris Van Brandt OF 2011FL 
Ryan Withstandley 1B OF 2012FLHillsborough CC
Dylan Wyant 3B 1B, 2B 2011FLChipola College
Mike Young RHP 2012FL 

Pool Standings

Pool seeding tie breaker rules
Sarasota Baseball Club 1.000 3 0 0 5 10
Orlando Scorpions Black 0.667 2 1 0 6 10
The Naturals 0.333 1 2 0 11 10
SWFL Underclass 0.000 0 3 0 12 4
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