BCS Tournament 16U BCS Finals
Jul 20 - 25, 2010 Terry Park Sports Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Team Impact


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Team Schedule


Sammy Bozza 1B 2013FL 
Danny Brown RHP 3B, MIF, RHP 2011FL 
Elliot Gonzalez SS 3B, IF, OF 2013FL 
Jordan Jackson C 2013FL 
Jay Jenkins SS RHP 2013FLFlagler College
Tommy Klevenosky RHP 2012FL 
Nicholas Locascio RHP OF 2012FLMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael Murray OF 2013FL 
Jeffrey Ortiz RHP 3B, OF 2012FLBroward CC
Nicholas Ott C IF 2012FLHaverford College
Hayden Platt C 1B 2013FLUCF
Cristopher Price SS 2013FL 
Leo Rill 3B 2012FL 
Brett Scafidi RHP OF 2014FL 
Marshall Smith 2B OF 2014FLSan Diego State
Max Solow RHP 1B 2012FL 
Troy Thomas RHP 2013FL 
Austen Werab RHP 3B 2013FL 
Blake Werab C 2013FL 
Ryan Withstandley 1B OF 2012FLHillsborough CC

Pool Standings

Pool seeding tie breaker rules
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