Please Note - Requesting an invite in no way signs you up or guarantees acceptance to an event. Requests for invites are reviewed on an individual basis by the event director.

If accepted, you will receive an official invite. Once that official invite is returned along with payment to our office, you will then receive a confirmation from our staff for that event. Until you receive that confirmation, your status for participating in our event is "unconfirmed".

Step 1 - Review Event Information
Event Name: 2014 WWBA 2015 Grads or 17u National Championship
Start Date: 7/4/2014
End Date: 7/11/2014
Event Fee: $2000

Step 2 - Enter Contact Information

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Contact First Name:
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Tournament Fee:
$ 2000
Sell Your Team, Who are your top players?, Major accomplishments, etc.
It is understood that Perfect Game, Inc., utilizes various sponsors, vendors and service providers in the course of its business. Perfect Game, Inc, its affiliates, dbas, aliases, subsidiaries, various sponsors, vendors and service providers; their staff members, associates, workers, and anyone associated with the event will be collectively referred to as “Perfect Game” throughout the remainder of this agreement.
Team expressly represents to “Perfect Game” that, to the best of knowledge available, its players and team members are in good health and physically capable of participating in any and all activities sponsored and associated with “Perfect Game”.
TEAM represents that each individual associated with TEAM has a signed participation release on file.
TEAM holds harmless “Perfect Game” for injury or damages, however caused, as a result of my team’s participation . TEAM agrees to waive subrogation rights against “Perfect Game” for any injury or all damages, however caused, resulting from TEAM participation in activities sponsored, promoted or authorized by “Perfect Game”. TEAM recognizes and agrees that sport activity of any kind or nature clearly involves the risk of injury or hazards to the participants and spectators and agrees to assume liability for all such risks when participation in activities sponsored, promoted or authorized by “Perfect Game” for the duration of the event - at the playing site or hotels where we will be staying.
It is understood that there will be no refund of tournament fees for any reason.
TEAM gives the right to “Perfect Game” to talk to or release information to any or all college programs, Major League teams/scouts, and to publish electronically or on paper information relating to TEAM.
For your team to be eligible to participate in this event, you must book your rooms through Experient, the official housing provider for all Perfect Game events at LakePoint Sports. All players on your roster are required to stay within the block. Failure to book rooms within the block will result in your team not being allowed to participate in the event.