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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Canes 13U (9-3-0 in 2019) Fredricksburg, VA Thane Maness
Runner-Up 5 Star Vols 13U Black (4-1-0 in 2019) Mt Juliet, TN Mike Eakes
Third Place 5 Star National 13U Phoenix (3-1-0 in 2019) Lebanon, TN Jeremy Drennon
Third Place Diamond Gold (8-2-1 in 2019) Knoxville, TN Mike Ferguson
  643 DP Jaguars 13U (22-33-2 in 2019) Marietta, GA Kyle Dearing
  Alabama 9Spikes 13u Red (2-3-1 in 2019) Cordova, AL Brad Edwards
  Barrett Braves 13U (27-18-4 in 2019) milton, GA Bob Rech
  Bullpen Arsenal (9-11-1 in 2019) McDonough, GA Philip Culberson
  CABA Athletics (11-7-0 in 2019) Birmingham, AL Jody Gann
  CBC 13U Maulbetsch (15-15-0 in 2019) St. Johns, FL Kyle Maulbetsch
  Clarksville Orioles 13u Orange (2-2-0 in 2019) Clarksville, TN Brian Story
  Foundation Sports 13U Rodriguez (10-11-1 in 2019) Peachtree City, GA Steve Smeal
  Georgia Bombers 13U Gaines (37-12-1 in 2019) Alpharetta, GA Wesley Rynders
  Georgia Bombers 13U Neidigh (13-24-2 in 2019) Alpharetta, GA Wesley Rynders
  Grinders Baseball (10-12-0 in 2019) Mableton, GA Russ Jones
  Knoxville Tribe Baseball (0-4-0 in 2019) Knoxville, TN Steve Irwin
  Murfreesboro Blacksox (0-3-0 in 2019) Murfreesboro, TN Derrick Maddox
  RBI Royals (2-2-0 in 2019) johnson city, TN Stephen Moffitt
  Triton Rays Dingers 2024 (5-19-0 in 2019) Buford, GA Edward Kehren
  VBA 13U Red (5-5-0 in 2019) Huntsville, AL Josh Wright

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend
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