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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Bull Shark Baseball (16-14-1 in 2024) 14AAA Houston, TX Wilmy Marrero
Champion HBC (16-3-0 in 2024) 14AA Cypress, TX Clint Everts
Runner-Up Batter's Box Black (8-8-0 in 2024) 14AAA Brenham, TX Clint Kuecker
Runner-Up Prospect United Houston - Garza (6-11-0 in 2024) 14AA Houston, TX Brian Fisher
  BPT Hurricanes (9-17-3 in 2024) 14AAA Houston, TX Al Benjamin
  CRUSH BSBL WHITE (10-13-1 in 2024) 14AAA Spring, TX Rene Garcia
  DP - Texas Rebels (Blue) (3-11-0 in 2024) 14AAA Bryan, TX Christian Johnson
  Houston Nationals - Townsell (15-12-0 in 2024) 14AAA Cypress, TX Zach Townsell
  Legacy Baseball Club - Kilpatrick (5-14-4 in 2024) 14AA Huffman, TX Jamie Kilpatrick
  Liberty County Heat (8-10-0 in 2024) 14AAA Hardin, TX Melton Bishop
  Magnolia Strikers 14 Red (5-11-0 in 2024) 14AAA Platersville, TX Mike Bostic
  New Waverly Bulldogs (8-7-3 in 2024) 14AAA New Waverly, TX Jonathan Nunez
  Premier Bohanon 14 (5-18-0 in 2024) 14AAA Tomball, TX Brian Bohanon
  Premier Futures Beverding (5-13-1 in 2024) 14AAA Tomball, TX Kyle Beverding
  Premier Hamilton 14u (12-10-0 in 2024) 14AAA Cypress , TX Wes Hamilton
  Scorpions Team EASTON (Texas) (3-11-2 in 2024) 14AAA Spring, TX Christian Caudle
  Team Houston (9-15-2 in 2024) 14AAA Kingwood/ Spring, TX Earl "Lucky" Luckett
  Texas Bluechips 14u (17-14-0 in 2024) 14AA Houston, TX Josh Jones
  Wow Factor Southwest 2028 (25-7-1 in 2024) 14AAA Humble, TX Michael Gerica

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend