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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion BB Zone Bears (9-9-1 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Ben Bronson
Champion TD Edge 11u - Josefsen (11-1-0 in 2024) 11AAA Katy, TX Tyler Josefsen
Runner-Up Come and Take it 11U (4-9-2 in 2024) 11AA Onalaska, TX Kenny Brown
Runner-Up The Lions Den (26-9-0 in 2024) 11AAA Rosenberg , TX Eliseo Flores
  Banditos 11U Lasseter (6-3-1 in 2024) 11AA Magnolia, TX Zach Lasseter
  Batter's Box White (0-14-1 in 2024) 11AA Brenham, TX Clint Kuecker
  Bpt Hurricanes White (5-11-0 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Al Benjamin
  Fc Badgers (11-9-0 in 2024) 11AA Sugar Land, TX Christopher Reyes
  Houston Thunder 11u (0-6-0 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Jesse Espinoza
  Kba Elite 11u (4-4-0 in 2024) 11AA Humble, TX Chilo Lizalde
  Lbc Tigers (15-13-1 in 2024) 11AA Lake Jackson, TX Jacob Keith
  Lynx 11U Alan (6-13-1 in 2024) 11AA Spring, TX Lynx Baseball
  Magnolia Strikers 11 Blue (3-9-0 in 2024) 11AA Plantersville, TX Ben Bagwell
  Texas Slam Mcfarland 11u (8-2-0 in 2024) 11AA Livingston, TX Craig McFarland

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend