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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Canes Elite (38-15-1 in 2024) 13Major Hialeah, FL Luis Ochoa
  Bad News Bears Elite (20-21-0 in 2024) 13Major Miami, FL Jose Cueto
  Fort Lauderdale Wahoos (10-16-0 in 2024) 13AAA Fort Lauderdale, FL Kyle Beard
  FTB Nationals Scout Team (13-9-2 in 2024) 13Major Palm Beach Gardens, FL Nick Tiano
  FTB Team Blanco 13U Select (21-13-1 in 2024) 13Major Doral, FL Gregor Blanco
  LHB (28-26-1 in 2024) 13Major Hialeah,, FL Livan Hernandez
  Original Florida Pokers / BID Sandoval (41-12-2 in 2024) 13Major Coral springs / Parkland, FL Michael Sandoval
  Parkland Pokers (3-3-0 in 2024) 13Major Parkland, FL Juan Rincon
  PB Locals (3-4-0 in 2024) 13AA Jupiter, FL Freddy Chesney
  Scorpions South Florida (32-19-2 in 2024) 13Major Fort Lauderdale, FL Ernie Gonzalez
  South Florida Burn (15-11-2 in 2024) 13Major Plantation, FL Bobby Curtis
  Storm Baseball (12-9-0 in 2024) 13Major Doral, FL Fernando Moros
  TBT Joros 2029 (5-9-1 in 2024) 13Major West Palm Beach, FL Brian Joros
  Vaughn Sports Academy All Florida (22-10-1 in 2024) 13Major Boca Raton, FL Robert Weihs
  WTB HAWKS RED 13U (3-12-0 in 2024) 13AAA Weston, FL Danny Comer

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend