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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Athletes Lab Navy 10U (10-3-1 in 2024) 10Major Maiden, NC Grant Rembert
Runner-Up SBA Bolts 10U (14-3-0 in 2024) 10Major Matthews, NC Jake Robbins
Third Place Carolina Force (3-2-0 in 2024) 10AAA Florence, SC John Chase
Third Place Mission Saints 10U (6-2-0 in 2024) 10Major Charlotte, NC Keith Olmo
  Canes Carolinas (2-2-0 in 2024) 10Major Lake Waccamaw, NC Justin White
  Canes SC Lake Murray 10U (3-4-0 in 2024) 10AAA Chapin, SC Jason Coakley
  Carolina Rockies Black Marucci 10U (5-2-0 in 2024) 10Major Winston-Salem, NC Zach Nichols
  Defenders 10U (2-2-0 in 2024) 10AAA Charlotte, NC Brandon Banister
  Fury Baseball (1-3-0 in 2024) 10AA Forest City , NC Drew Christopher
  Mara Lightning (2-4-0 in 2024) 10Major INDIAN TRAIL, NC Chris Nieder
  Palmetto Diamond Prospects (1-3-0 in 2024) 10AAA Boiling Springs, SC Johnathan Parham
  Rawlings Tigers Fayetteville (0-3-0 in 2024) 10AAA Fayetteville, NC Hector Gonzalez
  SBA Futures 9U (5-1-1 in 2024) 9Major Charlotte, NC Jake Robbins
  SBA Nationals 10U (2-5-0 in 2024) 10Major Matthews, NC Jake Robbins
  TR Rockies 10U (0-3-0 in 2024) 10AA Greenville, SC Brad Pochard

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend