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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
BASEBALL STARZ 12U GREY (18-35-0 in 2023) 12AA HOUSTON, TX Coach Brian
Houston Hawks (12-14-0 in 2023) 12AA Houston, TX James Ware
Houston Thunder Baseball 12u (5-10-0 in 2023) 12AA houston, TX Eric Pizano
Legacy Baseball Club - Molder (10-13-0 in 2023) 12AA Houston, TX Chris Molder
M2 Baseball 11u Blue (12-13-1 in 2023) 11AAA Waller, TX Ronny Morgan
Magnolia Strikers 12 Red (3-17-1 in 2023) 12AA Magnolia, TX Ben Bagwell
MAMBAS (39-25-0 in 2023) 11AAA cypress, TX Marco Bustos
Mambas 12u (3-10-0 in 2023) 12AA houston , TX Cory Franklin
Missouri City Kaptins (1-2-0 in 2023) 12AA Missouri City, TX Frederick Sampson
Renegades Blue 12u (28-4-1 in 2023) 12AAA Spring, TX Carlos Acosta
Spartans 12U (18-14-0 in 2023) 12AA Houston, TX Spartans Baseball
Spring Branch Sluggers (33-13-0 in 2023) 12AA Houston, TX Matt Bray
Texas Bluechips 12u Navy (27-33-1 in 2023) 12AA Missouri City, TX Joshua Jones
Texas Red Wolves (11-28-0 in 2023) 12AA Katy, TX Jeremy Moore
WSL Storm (0-9-0 in 2023) 12AA Sugar Land, TX Donald Jones

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend