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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
4Seam Academy (24-14-0 in 2023) 10AA Houston, TX Coach Gil
All Americans-Richards (17-20-1 in 2023) 10AA Katy, TX Derek Richards
Crosby Owlz (28-11-0 in 2023) 10AA Crosby, TX Jason McWhorter
Deer Park Spikes (35-17-1 in 2023) 10AA Deer Park, TX Tito Vela
First Colony Badgers (9-6-0 in 2023) 10AA Sugar Land, TX Christopher Reyes
Gulf Coast Mafia (6-18-1 in 2023) 10AA ANGLETON, TX Daniel Daniel Salazar
Houston Blast – 10U – Fortney (25-26-0 in 2023) 10AA Kingwood, TX Jason Fortney
Knights (0-11-0 in 2023) 10AA Houston, TX Jacob Martinez
Lumberjacks 10u Gold (2-12-0 in 2023) 10AA Baytown, TX Tyler Masterson
M2 Baseball 10u (23-11-1 in 2023) 10AA Waller, TX Ronny Morgan
Magnolia Strikers 10 Blue (8-16-0 in 2023) 10AA Magnolia, TX Ben Bagwell
Tejas Tornadoes (11-19-0 in 2023) 10AA Spring, TX Marshall Domeij
Texas Red Wolves (10-26-0 in 2023) 10AA Katy , TX Victor Bueno
Texas Sluggers 10U (8-14-1 in 2023) 10AA Katy, TX Joel Acosta
The Baseball Club - Wranglers (Wilcott) (5-6-1 in 2023) 10AA Houston, TX Brad Wilcott
Venados Baseball Brothers (35-25-0 in 2023) 10AA Baytown, TX Jorge Martinez

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend