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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion 5 Star Carolina (9-3-0 in 2022) 14AAA Greensboro , NC Jeremy Neyra
Runner-Up Canes American 14U (11-5-0 in 2022) 14Major Fredericksburg, VA Dan Gitzen
Third Place A2K Baseball Bingham (10-5-1 in 2022) 14Major Fuquay-Varina, NC Zach Bingham
Third Place Red Clay Athletics (5-5-1 in 2022) 14Major Davidson, NC Mike Heis
  2026 On Deck Baseball - Black (2-1-0 in 2022) 14Major Pineville, NC Mark Mennitt
  2026 On Deck Baseball - Orange (2-1-0 in 2022) 14Major Pineville, NC Travis Hill
  5 Star Tasis (13-8-1 in 2022) 14Major Shaker Heights, OH Jonathan Tasis
  5 Star Vipers Smith (9-9-1 in 2022) 14AAA Waxhaw, NC Blaine Nichols
  American Dream (5-7-1 in 2022) 14Major Fuquay Varina, NC Paul Zehr
  Athlete's Lab 14U Scout (4-11-0 in 2022) 14Major Maiden, NC Cam Beard
  CBC Baseball Club (2-1-0 in 2022) 14Major Charlotte, NC Andrew Zike
  Chain Gang Black (10-11-0 in 2022) 14AAA Savannah, GA Joe Caracci
  D. A. Grinderz (9-3-0 in 2022) 14Major Elgin, SC David Abreu
  Dirtbags Virginia 14u Camo (5-7-0 in 2022) 14Major Danville, VA David Goulding
  Durham Blues (2-1-0 in 2022) 14Major Durham, NC Michael Prince
  Equip 14u (8-6-0 in 2022) 14AAA boone, NC Sean Burroughs
  Greenville Titans (1-1-1 in 2022) 14Major Greenville, SC Mason Edwards
  GTP Central 14u (3-3-0 in 2022) 14Major La Grange, NC Barry Whitmore
  Hawks Baseball (0-3-0 in 2022) 14AAA Fuquay Varina, NC Brent Paddack
  Mid-Atlantic Red Sox (7-6-0 in 2022) 14AAA Rocky Ridge, MD Ryan Ferrell
  Mission Baseball Schwartz (11-5-1 in 2022) 14Major Charlotte, NC Christian Schwartz
  NC Admirals Blue (4-5-0 in 2022) 14AA Durham, NC Jordan Toney
  NC Admirals Grey (1-6-0 in 2022) 14AA Durham, NC Jordan Toney
  Orange County Crushers 14U (1-4-1 in 2022) 14Major Chapel Hill, NC Schuyler Jones
  Powerhouse Baseball USA (3-6-0 in 2022) 14AA Belmont , NC Oscar Davila
  Queen City Corndogs 14U (1-5-0 in 2022) 14AA Charlotte, NC Eddie Hull
  Rawlings Prospects NC 2026 (0-3-0 in 2022) 14AAA Raleigh, NC Billy Aubut
  Riptide 14u (2-4-1 in 2022) 14Major Durham, NC Corey Gross
  Sand Spurs 2026 (3-3-0 in 2022) 14AAA Irmo, SC John Turner
  Sba Futures 14u (8-9-2 in 2022) 14AAA Charlotte, NC Jake Robbins
  Stampede Baseball Club - 14U/2026 (2-12-1 in 2022) 14AA Charlotte, NC Kayse Foor
  T24 2026 Garnet (8-18-0 in 2022) 14Major York, SC Noah Lindsey
  Upstate Mavericks Prospect (2-12-0 in 2022) 14Major Spartanburg, SC Christopher Nall
  USA Prime 14U Lineback (9-12-1 in 2022) 14Major Winston-Salem, NC Jordan Lineback
  USA Prime 14U White (4-6-1 in 2022) 14AAA CLEMMONS, NC Donnie White
  West Raleigh ELITE - 14u National (9-7-0 in 2022) 14Major Raleigh, NC Mack Jenkins

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend