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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Backyard Ballers Black (36-22-2 in 2022) 11AAA Montgomery, TX Kassi Foster
Derby City Baseball Club (1-4-1 in 2022) 11AAA Jeffersontown, KY Robert Ruckriegel
DME Academy 11u (16-18-1 in 2022) 11AA Orange City, FL Michael Main
Ironbridge 11U Nationals (6-3-0 in 2022) 11AA Chester, VA Ryan Crabtree
Memorial Falcons (31-21-1 in 2022) 11AAA Houston, TX Nolan Davis
Montgomery Bullets (15-26-1 in 2022) 11AAA Montgomery, TX Jeff Coughlin
NTX Elite Gutierrez (1-5-0 in 2022) 11AA Nevada, TX Ozzie Gutierrez
NTX PIRATES (4-5-0 in 2022) 11AA Grand Prairie, TX Carlos Tijerina
OKC Sandlot - Morton (4-3-0 in 2022) 11AAA Edmond, OK Brian Morton
OKC Sandlot 11u Mayhew (7-2-0 in 2022) 11AAA Oklahoma City, OK Matt Mayhew
Oklahoma Nationals (4-3-0 in 2022) 11AAA Norman, OK Chris Franke
Powerhouse (2-6-0 in 2022) 11AAA Laplace, LA Jordan Poirrier
Tennessee Naturals (6-7-0 in 2022) 11AAA Franklin, TN Thomas Gaffney
Texas Blue Jays (11-15-1 in 2022) 11AA Richwood, TX Kris Quiller
Texas Nighthawks (3-4-0 in 2022) 11AA Breckenridge, TX James Escalon
Tier 1 North- Orange Squadron (34-31-1 in 2022) 11AAA Leander, TX Mamon Tucker
TR Baseball 11u (4-2-0 in 2022) 11AAA Knoxville, TN Richie Dabney

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend