2021 12U PGBA Austin Super Regional NIT (AAA)

Pitching Rules:  We are only going by outs (not pitch count)

Daily Limits
9U-10U: Daily max is 18 outs
11U-12U: Daily max is 18 outs
13U-14U: Daily max is 21 outs

Event Limits
9U-14U: Each Player is allowed 24 outs over a 3-day period.
If a player records more than 9 outs in a day, they are required 2 days rest.
Players can pitch in more than one game in a day if they do not exceed daily limits.
Schedule/Scores Event Info   Pool Standings
Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
12U BAMBINOS AAA (7-10-1 in 2021) 12AAA Kileen, TX Luis Carbajal
12U Wings (West) Black (3-5-1 in 2021) 12AAA Bertram, TX Mike Dalrymple
Austin Boom 12U Blue (9-9-0 in 2021) 12AAA Austin, TX Scott Leon
Balcones Thunderbirds 12U (7-4-0 in 2021) 12AAA Austin, TX Tom Franco
Canes Southwest 12U - Prime (6-11-1 in 2021) 12AAA Austin, TX Jonathan Paiz
CE Silverback Gorillas (16-13-0 in 2021) 12AAA Temple, TX Christopher Encarnacion
CPYL Austin United Tigers (9-10-1 in 2021) 12AAA Austin, TX Dustin Chandler
CPYL TX BREAKERS (19-10-2 in 2021) 12AAA Cedar Park, TX Paul Gonzales
GPS Legends - Richardson (14-7-1 in 2021) 12AAA Round Rock, TX Keith Richardson
Hooks 12U Sellers (14-6-1 in 2021) 12AAA San Marcos, TX Adam Couch
LBC South 12U Red (10-8-0 in 2021) 12AAA San Antonio, TX Niko Gonzalez
Texas Hustle 12u (6-6-1 in 2021) 12AAA Thorndale, TX Paxton Jordan
Texas Twelve Red (32-18-2 in 2021) 12AAA Corpus Christi, TX Kenneth Saenz
THZ Baseball - Blue (11-9-0 in 2021) 12AAA Round Rock, TX Bryan Edwards
Tier 1 Delta (8-7-0 in 2021) 12AAA Austin, TX Mamon Tucker
Triple Play 12u (11-15-1 in 2021) 12AAA Georgetown, TX Steve Swartz
Vipers (0-3-0 in 2021) 12AAA Georgetown, TX Tomas Montez
Waco Storm Yankees (0-0-0 in 2021) 12AAA Hewitt, TX Billy Brewer
WT ELITE-12U (1-3-0 in 2021) 12AAA San Angelo, TX Ronnie Gaines
ZT Elite - ATX (5-5-0 in 2021) 12AAA Austin, TX Joe Gonzalez

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend
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