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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Chandler Baseball (8-1-0 in 2021) West Palm Beach, FL Luis Saillant
Runner-Up Phipps Select (4-1-0 in 2021) 11Major West Palm Beach, FL Brad Cubbage
Third Place Tampa Tanks - Camwood (3-1-0 in 2021) 11Major Tampa, FL Travis Hafner
Third Place Team Orlando 11u (7-12-0 in 2021) 11Major Winter Garden, FL Jesse Marlo
  5 Star Stingers 11U (2-1-0 in 2021) Trinity, FL Joe Conti
  Ballers Baseball (0-3-0 in 2021) Celebration, FL Steven Castaneda
  Blue Collar - Dawgs - 11u (25-7-1 in 2021) 11Major Winter Park, FL Tim Hammons
  CFL Pride (2-4-1 in 2021) 11AAA Sanford, FL Chad Lee
  Chet Lemons Juice 11U (22-7-0 in 2021) 11Major Tavares, FL Chet Lemon
  DeLand Jr Suns 11U (1-5-0 in 2021) 11AAA DeLand, FL Trevor Stultz
  Florida Dbacks (8-7-0 in 2021) 11Major Orlando, FL Edwin Rolon
  FS Baseball Academy (0-13-0 in 2021) 11Major Miami, FL Freddy Salazar
  Miami Yankees (3-4-0 in 2021) Miami, FL Venus Hourruitiner
  Miracles 11U (1-2-0 in 2021) 11Major Plant City, FL Mark Persails
  Ormond Bach Golden Spikes 11u (1-2-0 in 2021) 11Major Ormond Beach, FL Kevin Korey
  Pba Legends (15-5-1 in 2021) Inverness, FL Rj Pollard
  Prime Baseball 11U - Fossick (1-2-0 in 2021) 11Major Sarasota, FL Ron Filipkowski
  Scrappers (8-8-1 in 2021) Longwood, FL Steve Braz
  TBT Ballers National (20-10-0 in 2021) Boca Raton, FL Brian Rosenberg
  Wesley Chapel Storm 11U (0-2-1 in 2021) 11AAA Wesley Chapel, FL A Como
  WS Raptors (1-4-2 in 2021) 11AA Winter Springs, FL Mark Perry

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend
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