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5-Gray15Matthew Barnhorst
16-Royal47Dan Beistel
13-Black48JD Bogart
20-White35Patrick Boles
11-Royal15Reid Bowman
10-Red13Mark Branz
14-Gray54Ryan Brash
19-Gold23Andrew Bryant
11-Royal14Matthew Bryant
15-Columbia Blue47Andrew Burns
12-White14Logan Byerly
14-Gray47Peyton Carr
15-Columbia Blue39Campbell Cleveland
17-Green50Nathan Cmeyla
18-Red43John Combs II
12-White13Nicolas Crossing
17-Green48Corben Cuzzort
8-Orange14Mark DeCicco
17-Green47Israel Dixon
7-Navy20Adam Ebling
5-Gray11Frank Elissalt
6-Green13Daniel Elliott
6-Green12Jacob Ellis
10-Red11Ryan Feddersen
5-Gray10Rafael Ferrara
8-Orange13Jackson Ferrigno
7-Navy13Ryan Folts
14-Gray43Jorge Gonzalez
18-Red39Colby Gordon
20-White30Josh Gray
12-White11Harris Greenbaum
16-Royal50Ethan Grover
15-Columbia Blue36Alex Ha
13-Black45Jack Hanson
17-Green45Andrew Herrmann
12-White9Clayton Hildebrant
6-Green10William Hoch
10-Red8Chase Horst
11-Royal9Gabe Hunt
14-Gray40Shane Huntsberger
13-Black44Connor Lee Jackson
17-Green44Jacob Jackson
7-Navy11Brycen Jewell
13-Black43Matthew Johnston
12-White8Max Jones
13-Black40Edmund Kayhko
10-Red7Tommy Kelly
5-Gray20Nelson Klein
9-Purple20Ryan Kurth
12-White7William Lee
9-Purple8Ben Lepik
14-Gray38Tai Lizdas
11-Royal7Blake Mahmood
5-Gray7Zachary Mallia
14-Gray36Kyle Mann
11-Royal6Anthony Mannarino
10-Red20Andrew Manous
5-Gray6John Marant
20-White28Colby Masters
10-Red6Ben McDaniel
7-Navy8Zack Michael
15-Columbia Blue30Jeremiah Newman
8-Orange9Mason Nichols
5-Gray4Devon Patel
13-Black36Ryan Peterson
20-White26Peter Petracco
10-Red19James Reece
17-Green43Gavin Roberts
20-White24Jack Roode
18-Red49Jose G. Santiago-Rios
9-Purple6Jonathan Santucci
12-White3Abraham Sargent
19-Gold27Parker Serio
13-Black34Robert Mac Sims
10-Red5Joshua Sosa
11-Royal1Braydan "Gabe" Spedale
19-Gold26Charles Stephenson
8-Orange5William Stroud
12-White2Matthew Strzelecki
9-Purple4William Underwood
13-Black50PT Vercher
5-Gray2Cole Verret
7-Navy6Andrew Vogel
8-Orange2Benjamin Waybright
7-Navy19Holden Wilder
6-Green3Jake Wilhoit
18-Red50Preston Winget
6-Green2Tyler Young
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