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2019 Top Prospects

Finn Swafford  OF - 2019 - Stafford, VA

Swofford showed a lot of solid traits that coaches look for out of an uncommitted senior with good baseball feel in all facets and a swing that projects nicely. The swing is smooth and he gets out in front of the plate well to create contact to all fields and he has fluid actions in the outfield with arm strength recorded up to 82 mph.

2020 Top Prospects

Josh Moylan  1B - 2020 - Stoney Beach, MD
East Carolina

Moylan was a revelation over the weekend showing to be one of the more talented bats not only at the event but in the class. The East Carolina commit is an extremely physical 6-foot-5 and 225-pounds and uses that strength to create potential plus raw power to all fields. The power is just as impressive as is his feel to hit evidenced by his ability to smoke balls consistently in game action.

Kenneth Levari  SS - 2020 - Vineland, NJ
Old Dominion

Levari was a sensation over the course of the weekend as he does almost everything well on a baseball diamond. The Old Dominion commit showed off a plus arm across the diamond that recorded up to 94 mph with excellent carry. He swings it well from the left side with plenty of bat speed and is also pitcher where he can run up the velocity into the low-90s with a sharp breaking ball.

Will Vergantino  SS - 2020 - Lumberton, NJ

Already committed to Elon, Vergantino has very advanced actions in the infield with excellent footwork and glove hand transfers with a solid arm recorded up to 87 mph across. Offensively Vergantino whips the barrel hard and is able to loft the ball nicely to create well-struck backspun contact to both gaps with consistency.

Kenny Lombardo  OF - 2020 - Flemington, NJ

Lombardo showed off the strongest outfield arm at the event as his right arm is a true weapon and was recorded up to 90 mph into the infield. Lombardo is a strong kid as though his arm strength is his loudest tool his athleticism is evident from his 5.00 40-yard dash while he creates good bat speed from the right side of the plate.

Max Viera  SS - 2020 - Greenwood Lake, NY

Viera is a twitchy, athletic prospect who has big time arm strength and can also swing the stick well from both sides of the plate. The arm strength was the big tool for the uncommitted prospect over the weekend as he topped out at 89 mph while showing good bat speed from both sides of the plate as well as loft and a feel to hit.

Antonio Barranca  C - 2020 - York, PA
Gulf Coast CC

Barranca had a very good day at the showcase, showing off impressive catch-and-throw skills from behind the plate with 81 mph throws and a best recorded pop time of 1.96 seconds. Offensively he has impressive raw bat speed and is able to impact the ball with significant strength as evidenced by his 90 mph exit velocity.

Christopher Antonelli  RHP - 2020 - Yonkers, NY
Felician College

Antonelli was in control from the first pitch of his outing where he was dotting his fastball wherever he wanted to show off the command. Antonelli is a still-projectable righthander with a very good delivery with good direction and terrific command of his fastball that topped out at 85 mph, particularly to the glove side. He also showed a good breaking ball with good depth and late break to it.

Charlie Sanzio  3B - 2020 - Haddonfield, NJ
St. John's

Sanzio, a St. John's commit, put forth a solid performance over the weekend showing that he will be able to hit all while defending third base at an advanced rate at the next level. The athleticism, balance, and body control all plays well for third base as do his throws of up to 86 mph while his loose, clean swing projects for additional power with strength.

Christopher Ewing  SS - 2020 - New York, NY

Ewing showed very advanced defensive actions with good fluidity and a very accurate, easy release. He has good feel for the middle infield and will be an asset defensively. Offensively he has whippy fast hands with nice natural loft and a low effort swing that allows him to work on a gap to gap basis.

Bryant Skurbe  OF - 2020 - Monroe Township, NJ

Skurbe, an uncommitted junior, showed off one of the best arms of the weekend with excellent carry on throws that were recorded up to 88 mph into the infield. He leverages the ball nicely and and though the swing is mostly upper half dominant, he is strong enough to create significant impact off the barrel.

Edwin Delacruz  C - 2020 - Ridgewood, NY

Delacruz has a big and physical frame and that strength aids him on both sides of the ball. The catch and throw skills are evident with 76 mph throws down to the bag and a pop time of 1.99 seconds. He creates big leverage to pull with good jump off the barrel and the swing projects nicely as the power will play to pull.

Sawyer Duarte  RHP - 2020 - Sands Point, NY
Middlebury College

An uncommitted junior, Duarte has an athletic frame with loose limbs and physical projection to accompany his already impressive arsenal. His arm stroke has some whippiness to it while the fastball was run up to 84 mph with good arm side run. Duarte would put hitters away with his big breaking curveball that showed good spin and shape.

Jake Fullerton  RHP - 2020 - Huntington Station, NY
New Jersey Tech

Fullerton is a still-uncommitted junior prospect who impressed as a pitcher only over the course of the weekend by running his fastball into the mid-80s and showing a clean, compact delivery. He's a strong arm with some physical projection remaining with a good tempo, approach, and command to go along with a tight spinning curveball.

Jacob Gomez  LHP - 2020 - Rutherford, NJ
Old Dominion

Gomez, an Old Dominion commit, is a strong pitchability arm on the mound where he ran his fastball up to 85 mph from a loose, whippy arm stroke and showed excellent command of the fastball to the corners of the plate. He tunnels his big breaking ball very well with the fastball and he shows very good feel for all three pitches with command.

Stephen Harrington  OF - 2020 - Clark, NJ

Harrington showed out well as a lefthanded hitting, uncommitted junior shortstop. The arm strength plays well and was recorded up to 86 mph with good carry out of the hand while the actions play nicely on the left side of the dirt. Offensively he has a clean, controlled stroke with good leverage through the point of contact and finishes through the ball nicely.

Evan Haulik  RHP - 2020 - Bowie, MD

Haulik is a very impressive athlete, he turned in a sub-5.00 second 40-yard dash time, and is equally impressive on the mound where he topped out at 85 mph. Haulik projects for additional velocity due to his frame and impressive arm speed and he showed three pitches that he could command including a curveball with tight spin.

Calen Kampes  C - 2020 - Colora, MD

Kampes impressed over the weekend as an athletic, agile backstop with real offensive tools from the right side of the plate to project upon. Kampes is a vey flexible catcher with a best pop time of 1.94 seconds and from the right side he has impressive raw bat speed with a balanced stance and a clean swing path that projects for additional pop.

Christian Quinn  1B - 2020 - Wynnewood, PA

Quinn had an impressive showing during the weekend with arm strength recorded up to 83 mph across the diamond from first base and showing impressive physical strength from both sides of the plate. The bat speed and strength at impact graded out better from the right side with a low effort swing and a clean path to contact with some loft.

2021 Top Prospects

Luke Masiuk  OF - 2021 - Trumbull, CT

Masuik had an excellent weekend showcasing his strength throughout the event on Saturday. Masuik is an impressive physical prospect with good athleticism and excellent arm strength from the outfield recorded up to 90 mph. Offensively he is well-balanced with good bat speed and drives off his backside well to create power.

Dylan Hatfield  C - 2021 - Vinton, VA
Virginia Tech

Hatfield was remarkably impressive during the second day of the showcase as he displayed the best catch-and-throw skills of the event with throws recorded up to 78 mph with a best recorded pop time of 1.93 seconds. He creates a lot of strength off the barrel by whipping the bat hard and showed good loft and leverage to the pull side.

Tyler Leroy  C - 2021 - Delran, NJ

Leroy is a very strong kid and that showed up on both sides of the ball. He threw 80 mph from behind the plate and moves very quickly toward the target with clean receiving actions and quick transfers. Offensively he has impressive raw bat speed with tremendous jump off the barrel evidenced by his 92 mph exit velocity off the bat.

Harrison Feinberg  OF - 2021 - Greenwich, CT
Southern California

Feinberg impressed in nearly every metric that he recorded this weekend as his arm was up to 89 mph from the outfield, turned in a 5.00 second 40-yard dash, and had the second best exit velocity of the weekend at 95 mph off the tee. He swings very hard with evident power in the stroke and his strength is his biggest asset as a prospect.

Ben Wieman  3B - 2021 - Ellicott City, MD

Wieman's size and impressive hitting tools are the sell here as a power-hitting righthanded hitter with a frame that's going to allow for significant strength. Wieman whips the barrel hard from the right side as the hands work very easily into the swing to create loft and leverage to pull. He recorded throws up to 81 mph from third base and has some intrigue as a potential two-way player down the line.

Christopher Ho  RHP - 2021 - Westfield, NJ

Ho has an athletic build with a very good tempo and balanced delivery on the mound. The mechanics are very sound and clean as he maintains his momentum well through the finish. He was working in the low-80s consistently and topped out at 84 mph and both breaking balls show sharp break to it. He disrupts timing well and has good feel on the mound.

Josh Keevan  LHP - 2021 - Holden, MA

Keevan looks the part on the mound with a fluid, well-paced delivery and a fastball up to 81 mph with good life. He also showed a tight slider too that he had feel for and also flashed a changeup. That arm strength plays nicely from a two-way perspective as he threw up to 87 mph from the outfield and his mechanics and arm stroke on the mound both project exceptionally well.

Chris Corchado  1B - 2021 - Manalapan, NJ

Corchado is a very athletic and physically advanced first baseman with arm strength recorded up to 82 mph and showed that he has the traits and instincts to potentially play in the outfield at the next level. The swing is fairly simple and he gets good jump off the barrel that plays nicely to both gaps as it's rare to see someone drive the ball to the opposite field with intent.

Benjamin Ribicoff  OF - 2021 - Maplewood, NJ

Ribicoff is an extremely strong and twitchy prospect with very enticing physical tools in the batter's box. He shows explosive hand speed with big bat speed through the swing and can get out in front of the plate to really work the ball hard to all fields. From the outfield he has throws up to 78 mph and the offensive tools show a lot to like.

Jake Bencivenga  2B - 2021 - Westfield, NJ

Bencivega is a throwback type of player as he's not overly strong or big but he plays the game hard and that shows in both his defensive actions and his approach at the plate. He's a smooth, agile defender that impressed on the left side of the infield with a compact, loose swing that drives the ball well from gap-to-gap.

Tyler Cox  OF - 2021 - Westbury, NY

Cox has a broad-shouldered frame with a physical build and impressed on both sides of the ball throughout the weekend. Cox had throws up to 85 mph from the outfield to go along with good actions and as a lefthanded hitter showed nice bat speed and extension on a leveraged stroke and a clean line drive swing plane.

Jackson Feinberg  1B - 2021 - Greenwich, CT

Feinberg has excellent size for an uncommitted sophomore at 6-foot-2 and 200-pounds with clean fielding actions over at first base and a really polished feel to hit. He creates natural leverage from the right side of the plate with excellent future power potential and hits the ball hard as evidenced by his 90 mph exit velocity.

Isaac Fix  LHP - 2021 - Vinton, VA

Fix is a bit of a funky lefthanded pitcher with a lower arm slot and a tough look on hitters to nicely complement his impressive three-pitch mix. He ran his fastball into the low-80s but really showed good feel for his slider that he could bury on the back foot of lefthanded hitters and has impressive command of his whole arsenal.

Jackson Merrill  SS - 2021 - Severna Park, MD

Merrill has a lean, athletic frame with lots of room to hold strength on and already has the tools to be successful at the dish as a lefthanded hitting infielder. He moves effortlessly on the left side of the infield with throws that show carry while offensively there is looseness and fluidity to his swing path with the natural loft and physical stature to project for future power.

2022 Top Prospects

Mason Morris  C - 2022 - Milford, DE
Coastal Carolina

Morris is very strong for an incoming freshman as he's listed at 6-foot, 185-pounds and creates serious jump off the barrel. The raw bat speed for such a young prospect is very impressive and he recorded a best exit velocity of 91 mph. The arm strength was recorded up to 76 mph and his athleticism was surprising as he recorded a sub-5.00 second 40-yard dash.

Cooper Athey  OF - 2022 - West Windsor, NJ

Athey is an athletic young prospect with good present size and a lot of room to fill out with strength. He recorded a sub-5.00 second 40-yard dash to go along with very good athletic actions in the outfield. Offensively he creates leverage and uses his leg lift properly to uncoil onto the baseball and create hard hit line drives to the pull side on a consistent basis.

Julian Buchman  OF - 2022 - Marlboro, NJ

Buchman has the size of a collegiate prospect with broad shoulders and a quick arm stroke that produced throws recorded up to 82 mph. He has good actions in the outfield too with some twitch and offensively the swing path is fluid and loose as the swing plane is clean and he really drives the ball while extended on a gap-to-gap basis.

Joe Cilea  C - 2022 - Marlboro, NJ

Cilea checks a lot of boxes that college coaches look for out of a young prospect as he's a switch-hitting catcher with a sub-2.00 pop time. The catch and throw skills were impressive as was his ability to handle the bat from both sides of the plate with a bit more natural swings from the left side and good power projection physically.

David McCann  C - 2022 - Easton, CT

McCann had a strong showing over the weekend with throws up to 76 mph from behind the dish to go along with an impressive 1.99 second pop time. The feel for his mechanics behind the plate is advanced as is his polished hit tool from an offensive perspective as he showed some bat control and drive from his lower half.

Joseph (Joe Joe) Cava  3B - 2022 - Collegeville, PA

Cava is physically advanced for a freshman in high school and that physicality shows itself is a strong righthanded swing and advanced catch and throw skills. He had throws behind the plate recorded up to 76 mph with a best pop time of 2.08 while showing some barrel skills and the ability to impact the ball over the inner third of the plate.

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