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2025 Top Prospects

Joseph Dusell  LHP - 2025 - Elgin, IL

Dusell was solid in all facets with a 6.90 60-yard dash, 92 mph throws from the outfield, and good swings during BP with a 100 mph exit velocity. Also got on the mound and was up to 88 mph from the left side with a full four-pitch arsenal to attack opposing hitters.

Jimmy Downs  3B - 2025 - Chicago, IL
Northern Illinois

Downs threw 85 mph across the infield, being tied for the highest infield velocity using his physicality well. Downs hit extremely well in BP with tons of bat speed and impact strength to produce a 97 mph exit velocity. Barreled the ball up every time he went to the plate in-game as well.

Wilson Wemhoff  OF - 2025 - Pingree Grove, IL

Wemhoff threw 91 mph from the outfield, showing off the arm speed and arm strength. Later got up on the mound, working up to 89 mph on his fastball with a good burst out of the hand. Swung the bat with strength as well, producing a 94 mph exit velocity during PG Tech testing.

Cole Obrien  RHP - 2025 - Kronenwetter, WI

O’Brien shined on the mound with a three-pitch mix that was able to outmatch and overpower hitters working 86-89 mph on the fastball. He also showed an 11-5 shaped curveball and fading changeup as he cruised through a crisp inning on the mound.

Seth Thompson  SS - 2025 - Northfield, MN

Thompson shined all over on Sunday, running a 6.99 60-yard dash and throwing 85 mph across the diamond. Took a good round of BP with some thump off the barrel from the left side — produced a 93 mph exit velocity during PG Tech testing.

Foti Rigopoulos  MIF - 2025 - Dubuque, IA

Rigopoulos ran a 6.88 60-yard dash (second-fastest) before shining during the workouts, throwing 86 mph from the outfield and 84 mph across the infield with clean actions. Quick hands and good bat speed shown during BP, producing an 85 mph exit velocity as well.

Clayton Kroschel  OF - 2025 - Beaver Dam, WI

Kroschel ran a 6.95 60-yard dash, showing off the wheels before throwing 90 mph from the outfield before showing off a clean stroke in the batters’ box. Produced an 86 mph exit velocity during PG Tech testing. Worked 82-84 mph on the mound with a feel for an 11-5 shaped curveball in the mix as well.

Mason Sequin  OF - 2025 - De Pere, WI

Sequin ran the fastest 60-yard dash with a 6.87 time before showing off his arm in the outfield with an 88 mph velocity on his throws with good pull-down strength. Took some good swings during BP with a direct path and 81 mph exit velocity during PG Tech testing.

J Owen Dobberstein  RHP - 2025 - Pewaukee, WI

Dobberstein showed off a fast arm on the mound, working 83-86 mph on the heater as part of a 3-pitch mix. Flashed a high-spin breaker in the mix as well, with a changeup as he attacked hitters and was able to use the fastball to induce the swing-and-miss.

Seth Myers  1B - 2025 - Verona, WI

Myers has a bigger frame and used the strength well, throwing 87 mph across the diamond from first base. Managed a 91 mph exit velocity during PG Tech testing and handled the bat well during BP, added a barrel in-game as well.

Levi Watts  OF - 2025 - Appleton, WI

Watts was good all over, running a 7.04 60-yard dash and showing off some twitch in the outfield with strong throws at 87 mph from the outfield. Handled the bat well during BP & in-game. Jumped on the mound, working up to 83 mph with a good 11-5 shape to it.

2026 Top Prospects

Josh Midanek  C - 2026 - Highland Park, IL

Midanek ran a 6.98 60-yard dash before showing off some serious arm strength from the outfield, throwing 87 mph during his round of throws. Produced a 76 mph velocity and 2.02 pop time working out of the crouch. Had success working pull-side during BP with an 86 mph exit velocity during PG Tech testing.

Casey Dresen  RHP - 2026 - Fennimore, WI

Dresen worked 83-86 mph on the fastball with an athletic delivery working downhill, showing a breaker with a healthy shape to it. Threw 85 mph across the diamond as well, with good strength through a three-quarters release.

Peyton Poker  C - 2026 - Baraboo, WI

Poker threw 85 mph from the outfield before throwing 75 mph down to second with a 2.05 pop time working out of the crouch. He had some good swings working gap-to-gap with an 84 mph exit velocity during PG Tech testing. Had an efficient outing on the mound as well.

Vince Bitter  RHP - 2026 - Brookfield, WI

Bitter jumped on the mound, working the low- to mid-80s with a good feel for the breaker showing an 11-5 shape to it. Changeup was in the mid-70s as well. He has some whip to the arm and good confidence in the breaker, which allowed him to cruise on the mound.

2027 Top Prospects

Dylan Schreiber  RHP - 2027 - Waukesha, WI

Schreiber had a phenomenal day overall. He threw 86 mph across the diamond from first base, using his long and projectable frame well. Swung it well during BP with a loose stroke from the left side, produced a 92 mph exit velocity during PG Tech testing. Showed a 3-pitch mix with the fastball up to 86 mph from a lower slot.

Haaken Hovestol  C - 2027 - Elkhorn, WI

Hovestol threw 72 mph and managed a 2.03 pop time working out of the crouch. Took some good swings during BP with an 82 mph exit velocity with a fluid and balanced operation to get the job done.