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2004 Top Prospects

Tim Radmacher  RHP - 2004 - Rosemount, MN   Nebraska

Radmacher is an '04' RHP/OF from Minnesota. At 6'1/170 he has a good baseball body with lots of projection left. He's our #1 ranked guy in MN and for good reason. This kid can really pitch. He can pitch for any college in America and play a big role. We've seen him better, but he was still very good in CR. Fastball up to 90 mph with life. Breaking ball is exceptionally nasty at 79 mph. Good command with very fast arm. Good fielder, outstanding holding runners, the complete package. If he were a couple inches taller he would go very early in the June draft. He might anyway! Tim is a good student.

Daniel Bales  LHP - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA   Iowa

Same old Bales. As always he dominated hitters with mid 80s extra lively fastball and one of the best breaking balls in all of high school baseball. This kid can really pitch and if he stays healthy he is going to win big at the next level. Danny also showed some hitting ability by hitting one off the wall with a broken bat.

David Conroy  RHP - 2004 - Mt. Vernon, IA   Iowa

We've seen Conroy much better than he was in CR. In fact we've seen him touching 89-90 several times in the past. He's a big 6'4/180 athlete with a good fast arm. He has an excellent breaking ball. He should create some interest for next years draft, but he might be worth a small fortune after a solid college career. David is a very good student with the potential to pitch in the big leagues some day.

Steve Hornostaj  SS - 2004 - Waterloo, ON CAN   Uncommitted

Hornostaj is an "04" SS from Ontario who projects very nicely. At 6'2/180 he still looks very lanky with room for added strength. He runs close to ave. and his arm plays very well. He has excellent range and smooth actions with very good body control. His LH bat is a plus and projects power potential. He creates excellent bat speed in a controlled smooth swing. He punished some balls in CR and to all fields. He knows how to hit! Steve should get some serious draft interest. He can play at any college in the country. His best days are still to come.

Justin Spring  OF - 2004 - Toronto, ON CAN   Uncommitted

Spring is an "04" OF from Ontario. At 6'2/215 he looks big, strong and athletic. He has some serious muscle to work with. He runs well 6.98 in CR. He throws well, long strong arm with carry, nice arm action in the mid 80s velocity range. At the plate he showed long ball power with a nice simple power approach and a good power swing. He hit one or two out during BP. He has a bit of drag in his trigger, but once that bat goes it's a serious weapon. Justin is a guy that needs to be followed closely. He was just coming back from an injury and was one of the top prospects in Cedar Rapids this weekend.

Michael Harrington  OF - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA   College of Charleston

Harrington is an "04" OF from Cedar Rapids, IA. We've seen him a lot over the years so we can safely say, he can rake!. At 6'1/185 he is strong and his left handed swing creates serious bat speed. He has a habit of lunging during BP then timing things perfectly in the games. He has been one of the top hitters at every event he attends. He also has greatly improved his running and throwing ability. His arm is close to MLB ave. and he runs just a bit less than MLB ave. The one big tool is the bat! He can hit. Championship makeup and a great work ethic.

Zach Copeland  OF - 2004 - Dallas, TX   Uncommitted

Copeland is an "04" OF from TX. He was a big surprise in CR. Texas has so many outstanding players that sometimes excellent athletes like Copeland get lost between the cracks. At 5'11/170 he has an athletic lean body with room for additional strength gain. He runs close to MLB ave. 7 flat, but looks much quicker than that. He displayed a good long arm from the OF with real nice actions. His arm is at least MLB average and very accurate. And his best tool is the bat! He has a nice smooth swing that hits line drives. He flashes power potential too. Zach is an excellent student who can make a big contribution to a good college program.

Travis Sweet  RHP - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA   Iowa

Sweet is an "04" RHP/INF from Cedar Rapids. At 5'10/170 he has a strong athletic build. We've seen him many times over the years as he's always been an excellent player and athlete. Over the last couple years his arm has become the major feature to his game. In CR he was touching 90 mph with consistent high 80 readings. His curveball around 74 mph is a quality pitch. He also showed a real good 79 mph slider. Travis is a very good all around player and not just a pitcher. With his ability on the mound he's going to pitch in college. If he were a few inches taller he would be a good draft pick. Travis is a very good student.

Josh Wheatley  RHP - 2004 - Palmer, IA   Iowa

Wheatley is an "04" RHP from Iowa. At 6'1/190 he is solidly built and looks strong. He showed athletic ability by running a 6.88 - 60. On the mound he opened the doors for college recruiters. He put on a good show including high 80s fastball with good life. With a bit more extension he will become an easy 90+ guy. Perhaps even better than the heater was the sharp biting breaking ball he thows out of a high 3/4 slot. That breaking ball is MLB quality and the fastball is close too. Josh is going to be a real good high level college pitcher with a possible pro future down the road.

Kevin Campbell  OF - 2004 - Mississauga, ON CAN   Uncommitted

Campbell is a not so big, but very talented OF from Ontario. He ran an excellent 6.7 in the 60 and actually looks even faster than that. He showed at least MLB average arm from the OF during the workouts. He has outstanding outfield actions with excellent body control and instincts. While he is not the biggest strongest guy, he shows excellent bat speed and attacks the ball. We would like to see him spread out his stance a bit, but he looks good presently. He battles at the plate. Overall a high level player who could benefit most any college program in America.

James O'Donnell  OF - 2004 - Millville, NJ   High Point

O'Donnell is an OF/RHP from New Jersey. At 6'0/170 he is lean and athletic with lots of room to get bigger and stronger. He ran a 7.18 - 60 in CR but he has run better. He threw 90 mph from the outfield and 88 mph across the infield. We've seen O'Donnell many times and he always impresses. He shows bat speed and aggressive hitting ability. He does overswing at times though. On the mound he threw mid 80s with a 74 mph curve and a 77 mph slider. We have seen him better. He will end up throwing 90 + before long. James is an aggressive talented player/pitcher with a very bright future.

Stevie Lewis  OF - 2004 - Markham, ON CAN   Southern Nazarene University

Lewis is an "04" outfielder from Ontario. At 6'1/185 he looks very athletic and strong. He ran a good 6.84 - 60 in CR. His arm action is a bit stiff, but he still threw with 84 mph velocity from the OF. His arm is fast and with some work on technique he might end up with a + MLB arm. He's just a bit raw as a hitter, but with big time hitting potential. He shows bat speed and balance. He uses a middle field approach, but we think he might hit with a lot of power at the next level.

Ben Geelan  C - 2004 - Algona, IA   Iowa

Geelan is an "04" C/RHP that we’ve watched a lot over the past few years. At 6'0/177 he is getting stronger, but there's plenty of room for more. He has an exceptional arm from behind the plate. In CR he popped 1.9 with very good 80 mph velocity. He keeps getting better and better as a receiver and that won't stop soon. He's mostly a pull hitter with a good swing and serious bat speed. He plays hard and has championship type makeup. On the mound he threw mid 80s with a decent breaking ball. Ben's got a chance to be very good at the next level.

T.J. (Tyler) Cataldo  MIF - 2004 - Carlisle, IA   Iowa

Cataldo is an "04" INF that we have followed for the past three years. He does everything fairly well, but it's his bat that really stands out. He has a beautiful LH swing and can flat out hit. He creates serious bat speed and the ball jumps off the wood. He's going to be a top college hitter and he's a winning type player. TJ could end up being a very nice draft pick out of college, he's definitely a highest level hitter.

Nick DeSanctis  MIF - 2004 - Maple, ON CAN   Uncommitted

DeSanctis is an "04" Middle infielder who can really play. At 5'10/160 he has a medium athletic type build. He runs well, but not burner speed. He is very quick and reacts very well. He has a good accurate arm, but not a cannon. He does have excellent actions and real nice hands. His instincts and body control are plus. He can hit, doesn't show a lot of wood bat power yet, but hits line drives to all fields. Nice quiet approach and he gets after it. Best years are yet to come. Nick is a player capable of helping a high level college program.

Jason Smith  C - 2004 - Sioux Falls, SD   Northern Iowa

Smith is an "04" catcher from South Dakota. At 6'3/175 he has a good projectable body. His father was a former Div I head coach and he's been taught the right way. In CR he popped a 1.9 with good 77 mph velocity. He looked very quick behind the plate and there's more than 77 mph velocity in his arm. We've watched him grow over the past few years and he just keeps getting better. At the plate he has a real nice swing short to the ball with quick hands. He does a nice job of keeping his hands inside the ball and shows good straight away power potential with wood. Jason is a very good student who's best years are still ahead of him. He's capable of producing at a very high level. College first, possible pro career later on.

Clay Caulfield  RHP - 2004 - Toronto, ON CAN   College of Charleston

Caufield is an "04"3B/SS from Ontario. He has a good athletic looking 6'2/175 body that projects to get stronger. He runs well and throws well. He shows smooth actions and good body control. He shows strength and bat speed, but could get more weight transfer into his swing. Also he could get more extension into the finish of his swing. It's possible that Caufield will hit with excellent power down the road. He's a good looking athlete with close to ave. MLB tools.

Eitan Barbalat  RHP - 2004 - Thornhill, ON CAN   Uncommitted

Barbalat is a good looking RHP from Ontario. We've seen him a few times and he always looks very good. In CR he threw mid 80s with life, out of good mechanical delivery and nice arm action. At 6'2/170 he will get bigger and stronger. He has a good slider/slurve in the 76 mph range a nice changeup in the mid 70s. Eitan is a very good student and could be extra special at the next level.

Phil Gnacinski  RHP - 2004 - Racine, WI   Uncommitted

Gnacinski is an "04" RHP/Inf from Wisconsin. At 6'0/165 he projects very nicely. He has smooth inf actions and a strong quick arm. He really surprised us with the bat. Nice swing, excellent bat speed, out of a well balanced power position. He smoked several balls and showed power potential. On the mound he threw mid 80s that looked even better. This kid can play and it's real obvious that he loves the game. Some college is going to get a real good player with great makeup. Phil is an excellent student too.

Brad May  1B - 2004 - Lemont, IL   Uncommitted

May is an "04" 1B/3B from Illinois. At 6'0/175 he looks evenly distributed and athletic. The first day he showed excellent defensive 1B ability. In BP he showed an opposite field approach with a real nice LH swing. On the last day including the indoor session, Brad put on a hitting show. The swing kept looking better and he smoked about everything hard to all fields. He can really hit and that swing will end up hitting for power. Brad is a very good student.

2005 Top Prospects

Jeremy Hellickson  RHP - 2005 - Des Moines, IA   Louisiana State

Hellickson is an "05" RHP/SS from Iowa. At 6'0/165 he has lots of room for projection (his dad is a good 6'3 or taller). What needs little projection is Hellickson's ability. He's fast becoming recognized as one of the top pitchers in the country. When he pitches you're going to see 90-92 nearly everytime. The only exception is when he's having a good day and the velocity will go a bit higher. He has a very good breaking ball that he will throw in nearly any count, for a strike or to get a hitter to chase. He's also a very good athlete and shortstop, but the arm is so special it's hard to think of him as anything but a pitcher. Jeremy has a very bright future and is one of the top prospects in the "05" class. He's a natural with an extra gear in his right arm. If you watch him from the side you will see that extra gear. It's from the wrist to the finger tips. This is just one of many reports coming on this kid.

David DiNatale  OF - 2005 - Parkland, FL   Miami

DiNatale is a "05" OF from Florida with some serious tools. At 6'1/180 he is strong and uses his strength very well. He did not run the 60 in CR because of a ham string problem. He is a plus runner though as witnessed on some extra base hits during the games. He has a plus MLB arm from the outfield. Good carry and accurate registering 90 mph on the gun. He has very good outfield actions and does everything well defensively. Even with plus running, fielding and throwing tools, the bat might be his best tool. He can really swing it, probably the best bat speed at this event. He attacks under control with a nice swing and shows power potential to all fields with wood. David has 5 very interesting tools and he's an excellent student. Definitely one of the top "05s" in the country. Big time prospect that needs to be followed by all 30 MLB clubs. Can play at any college in America.

Wesley Freie  IF - 2005 - Wilton, IA   Iowa

Freie is an "05" 3B/RHP from Iowa with a great future. At 6'2/200 he has that big league look about him. He actually looks bigger than 6'2 for some reason. He doesn't run exceptionally fast, but everything else is there. He has a very strong arm, with outstanding natural arm action. Freie is very much a big time hitting and pitching prospect. His swing presently is a bit long, but he creates MLB bat speed and he can flat out mash the ball. Ultimately his future may end up on the hill. In CR he threw consistently mid 80s with a real good mid 70s breaking ball. He's going to end up throwing in the 90s if he sticks with pitching. Right now he's a national level 2-way prospect for "05".

Sam Newton  RHP - 2005 - Joplin, MO   Paris Junior College

Newton is an "05" RHP/OF from Missouri. At 6'2/180 he is very strong and looks athletic. He didn't show a lot of outstanding hitting ability in CR, but this kid could end up being a top level DI or draft pick pitcher. In CR he showed an easy 86 mph fastball out of a smooth 3/4 delivery. He uses his body very well. He threw an extremely promising breaking ball in the "upper 70s". He also showed a decent 76 mph change up. He had good command and looks like a potential big time pitching prospect as he's only a junior. Sam is a good student and needs to be followed closely

David Clark  RHP - 2005 - Toronto, ON CAN   Uncommitted

Clark is an "05" RHP from Ontario who needs to be added to scouting follow lists. At 6'3/170 he's very interesting. In CR his fastball was up to 85 mph, he will throw better. He varied the tilt on his breaking ball and threw it anywhere from 69 to 75. It's a late biting good breaking ball that works very well. He has a controlled mechanically sound delivery that produced very good command of all his pitches. This kid can pitch and could have a very bright future.

Kyle Wilson  MIF - 2005 - Lake in the Hills, IL   Uncommitted

Wilson is an "05" middle infielder from Illinois. At 5'11/160 he is lean and athletic with lots of room for additional strength. He runs very well (6.9) and he has good feet and quick hands with a OK throwing arm that should get better as he grows. He's a switch hitter who looks good both ways. He shows a bit better bat speed and power from the right side but he smoked some linedrives with a good LH swing. He's going to be a player, one to watch closely over the next year. Kyle is a good student.

Travis Carney  C - 2005 - Overland Park, KS   Uncommitted

Carney is an "05" C/1B from Kansas. At 6'3/195 he really looks the part. He threw 1.96 pop time with good 77 mph velocity. He moves well behind the plate. He showed a lot of promise as a hitter. Displayed big power potential with wood. His swing is a bit long and he he has a tendency to bar his front arm, but the hitting ability is obvious. He's definitely an "05" to watch. Travis is a good student.

Justin Worby  C - 2005 - Acton, ON CAN   Uncommitted

Worby is an "05" catcher from Ontario. At 5'11/180 he looks solid and strong. He showed good catch and throw skills with a 1.9 pop and 74 mph velocity. He has a nice RH under control swing and uses the whole field to hit line drives. He showed the ability to hit both fastball and breaking balls in the games. He can hit! Justin is a junior to keep a close eye on over the next year.

2006 Top Prospects

Nick Nordgren  OF - 2006 - Norway, IA   Creighton

Nordgren is an '05' LHP/OF from Iowa. At 6'2/160 he is lean, athletic and extremely projectable. He does everything near MLB average already and he's going to get much better as he grows. His overall running, throwing, and body type remind you of 2nd rounder Ryan Sweeney at the same age. He hits and he hits with power. He throws left and hits right, but he's a natural LH hitter who will probably end up switch hitting. While he may not be as far developed on the mound, that may be his future. His arm action and overall pitching ability are outstanding. We fully expect him to throw upper 80s before very long. Nick is a big time prospect who will continue getting better and better because of both his physical ability and championship makeup.

Grant Simotes  SS - 2006 - Minooka, IL   Western Michigan

Simotes is an "06" SS/P from Illinois. At 6'1/160 and just turning 16 he is extremely projectable. He runs fairly well and throws well, he will improve even more in these areas. He has nice hands but needs to work just a bit on his footwork. At the plate he showed a nice swing on a level plane. He made consistent hard contact and showed some bat speed. He doesn't get much body into his swing so he lacks some power with the wood. Overall he is a top "06" who needs to be followed closely. He might end up being a very special player and a good pro prospect. Grant is a good student.

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