Showcase Indoor Showcase
Mar 1 - 2, 2003 Perfect Game Indoor Facility - Cedar Rapids, IA  

2003 Top Prospects

Ryan Sweeney  - OF - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
Sweeney looked very good swinging the bat, as usual. On the mound he topped out at 90, but threw nearly every fastball 89 mph. His slider ranged anywhere from mid 70s up to 82. The changeup looked good too. Still hard to tell is he going to be drafted as a pitcher or an outfielder. Either way he should go very early. Signed with San Diego State.

Daniel Kapala  - RHP - 2003 - Royal Oak, MI - USA
Kapala has had no home visits yet and none are scheduled. That is the biggest surprise of all. He is still playing basketball, but came to the Indoor Showcase anyway. His first warm up pitch was 95 mph! He threw about 35-40 pitches mostly fastballs from 91 to 93. Low 3/4 arm angle, perfect body good high 70s slider and a plus change up at times. He's a high pick possibility and needs to be seen by Scouting Directors! Signed with Notre Dame.

Kaleb Hutchinson  - C - 2003 - Vancouver, WA - USA
Hutchinson is a legitimate high draft pick prospect. He's big and strong shows plus bat speed out of a well balanced slightly open approach. He gets unbelievable exit speed off the bat. He has a plus arm, even throwing high 80s off the mound. He's quick with good hands and feet. He's the real deal and needs to be followed very closely this spring! Verbally committed to Cornell of the Ivy League.

Adam Miller  - RHP - 2003 - Knoxville, IA - USA
Miller threw every fastball 88-89 in the Indoor Showcase. He usually throws in the 90s. His curve ball is a potential plus pitch, also. He's got a very strong, fast right arm. If he throws this Spring like he did in Jupiter last fall, scouts are going to get very very interested. Signed with Indian Hills CC.

Mike Kalina  - 3B - 2003 - Munster, IN - USA
Kalina is an infielder who can really run. He came to Cedar Rapids to hit and hit he did. Great swing with good bat speed. He hit the ball hard against some very good pitching. If he shows his reported 6.5 running speed along with the bat we saw, he will drum up some serious early draft interest. Signed with Northwestern U.

Brian Joynt  - OF - 2003 - Knoxville, IA - USA
Joynt is a multi talented athlete who throws high 80s from the mound, runs well, and shows big time power potential at the plate. He has a great baseball body, also. Should get some serious draft interest this spring. Signed with Indian Hills CC.

Travis Tolsma  - 3B - 2003 - Belvidere, IL - USA
Tolsma is a 3B/RHP with a strong body and a very good arm. He can hit, showing a good swing, keeping his hands inside the ball and some serious power potential. On the mound he showed 87 mph velocity and a very good upper 70s knuckle curve ball.

Mitch Walser  - OF - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
Walser is one of the better hitters in the midwest. He makes solid contact with very good bat speed off of the top pitchers. When he uses the whole field, he is extremely dangerous. He can hit em out to both fields and his best power is to straight away center.

Jason Kohl  - LHP - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
Kohl is an excellent college lefty prospect who could develop into a draft pick. He threw mid 80s with outstanding easy arm action. His breaking ball and change up are both Division One caliber pitches and his best pitch might be a hard knuckler. He's an outstanding 4 sport athlete who also plays the outfield.

Robbert Jensen  - RHP - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
Jenson has thrown high 80s and was 86-87 indoors in Cedar Rapids. He showed pretty good command of a very heavy fastball and a high 70s slider/slurve.The change up was good too. He's a big strong guy with a very good arm.

Tim Bouvine  - RHP - 2003 - Superior, WI - USA

Ryan Grant  - SS - 2003 - Center Point, IA - USA

Scott Mason  - C - 2003 - Hiawatha, IA - USA

T.C. Murray  - RHP - 2003 - St. Catharines, ON - CAN

Anthony Rust  - RHP - 2003 - Norway, IA - USA

Tommy Sadler  - OF - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA

James Wachendorf  - LHP - 2003 - Coralville, IA - USA

2004 Top Prospects

Will Jostock  - RHP - 2004 - Lapeer, MI - USA
Jostock needs to be followed like a hawk. He is a definite potential high pick pitcher. He's a tall, wiry guy with a real whip for an arm. He threw 89-91 in Cedar Rapids with a very good breaking ball and a potential plus change up. He also throws a good splitter. This kid is one of the best pitching prospects in the "04" class.

Brandon Hall  - C - 2004 - Milwaukee, WI - USA
Hall is a big strong catcher with a strong arm and excellent receiving ability. He is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery performed last August. He's a big time receiver, but his best tool is the bat. He jumps on fastballs with quick hands and plus bat speed. Big time power potential with the wood. He could end up being one of the top hitters in the "04" class.

Daniel Bales  - LHP - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
Bales has thrown harder than the 86 he threw Indoors. His curveball is a plus pitch and he features a very good changeup. His arm is exceptionally quick and he gets both good running and sinking action on the heater. Hitters just don't look very good against him. A top "04" lefty!

Connor Graham  - RHP - 2004 - Bowling Green, OH - USA
Graham was a pleasant surprise. He's a very big RHP with a quick loose arm. His fastball was 86-89 with life. His breaking ball is a sharp downer curve that is a possible plus pitch. His change up is OK. Excellent arm action and he still has room for improvement.

Tim Stringer  - RHP - 2004 - Annandale, NJ - USA
Stringer is a good, though not big, athlete with a big time arm. He showed excellent hitting ability at the indoor workout. On the mound he was 87-89, several 89s with a real good sharp 76 mph breaking ball. He's a big time DI pitching prospect with outstanding arm action.

BJ Underkofler  - C - 2004 - Helena, MT - USA
Underkofler is very interesting. He caught and pitched in Cedar Rapids. He threw 83-84 with a real effortless arm action and good mechanics. More importantly he showed a real live bat and some outstanding receiving ability. He projects very well and is going to be an outstanding prospect.

Drew Bignall  - 3B - 2004 - Wayzata, MN - USA
We've seen Bignall many times. He always shows a good strong mid 80s arm from the mound. We like his potential with the bat the most. He can really swing it. Line drives leave his bat in a big hurry.

Leif Bergquist  - 3B - 2004 - Brookfield, WI - USA
Bergquist is a big strong guy who looks like he can hit for power. On the mound he showed upper 80s velocity and a good 73 mph curve ball. The change up looks promising too.

Josh Gow  - RHP - 2004 - Duluth, MN - USA
Gow is an athletic looking P/SS who shows good bat speed and hitting ability. On the mound he was mid to upper 80s with a very nice change up and good rotation on the breaking ball.

Blake Anderson  - RHP - 2004 - Dalton City, IL - USA

Ryan Arp  - C - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA

Jason Belk  - C - 2004 - Davenport, IA - USA

Christopher Charvat  - RHP - 2004 - Omaha, NE - USA

Kris Clark  - C - 2004 - Farmington Hills, MI - USA

Daniel Cohen  - RHP - 2004 - Cambridge, MA - USA

Michael Diehl  - C - 2004 - Clive, IA - USA

Vincent DiFazio  - C - 2004 - Hampton, NJ - USA

Charlie Eastlund  - C - 2004 - Boone, IA - USA

Ben Geelan  - C - 2004 - Algona, IA - USA

Phil Gnacinski  - RHP - 2004 - Racine, WI - USA

Dan Marko  - RHP - 2004 - Savage, MN - USA

Gregory Robins  - C - 2004 - Westford, MA - USA

Joe Sigfrinius  - RHP - 2004 - Plymouth, MN - USA

Brandon Skelton  - C - 2004 - Bellevue, NE - USA

Vincent Zwilling  - RHP - 2004 - O'Fallon, MO - USA

2005 Top Prospects

Miles Clauss  - RHP - 2005 - Wilmette, IL - USA
Clauss is a big strong RHP who is only an "05". He threw 85-88 in Cedar Rapids with a good spinning breaking ball. He doesn't always get on top of the curve ball, but there is a real good one in him. Could be a top "05" prospect.

2006 Top Prospects

Alan Oaks  - OF - 2006 - White Lake, MI - USA

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