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2018 Top Prospects

Luke Gutos  SS - 2018 - Moorestown, NJ   Massachusetts

Committed to the University of Massachusetts, Gutos has an array of tools he displayed this weekend including firing 89 mph across the infield. He also took a solid round of batting practice flashing bat speed and looseness to swing.

Anthony Donofrio  OF - 2018 - Massapequa, NY   Uncommitted

Arm strength and speed are the main tools Donofrio showed this weekend topping out at 89 from the outfield and running a 4.87 second 40 yard dash. The uncommitted outfielder also squared up multiple balls in batting practice that showed jump off of the barrel.

Daniel Fallacaro  C - 2018 - Fairfield, CT   Sacred Heart

Fallacaro has ability behind the plate that really stood out at Northeast Indoor. The Sacred Heart commit showcased an event best 1.87 pop that showed off his quick exchange and good arm strength

2019 Top Prospects

John Piacentino  OF - 2019 - Cherry Hill, NJ   Penn State

Piacentino had the best arm strength of the event both in the outfield where he tossed a 94 mph strike and on the mound where he topped out at 92 mph. The Penn State commit also has standout speed posting a 4.73 second 40 yard dash time as well.

Marcus Lee Sang  OF - 2019 - Owings, MD   St. John's

Marcus Lee Sang showed off tools in several areas at Northeast Indoor with his best being with his arm and bat. The St. Johns commit topped out at 90 mph from the outfield and provided a good round of batting practice. With the bat, Sang has present bat speed in his swing with strong hands resulting in high exit velocities with pop off of the barrel.

Zion Spearman  OF - 2019 - Philadelphia, PA   Pittsburgh

Already committed to Pitt, Spearman was one of the more physically impressive athletes at event with lots of strength on his 5-10/220 frame. After running a 4.94 40-yard, Spearman put his strength on display with the bat, creating big bat speed through the zone and leverage out front at the point of contact.

Elijah Dickerson  OF - 2019 - Mount Holly, NJ   La Salle

Dickerson gets extended well and the ball really jumps off of his bat. He produces raw bat speed and was able to repeat his swing well. The La Salle commit also showed off good arm strength in the outfield peaking at 89 mph in drills.

Clark Klitenic  LHP - 2019 - Bethesda, MD   Duke

Klitenic had one of the more impressive outings on the mound this weekend. The verbal commitment to Duke sat in the 85-88 mph range with his fastball. The lefthander has four pitches and gets outstanding usage from his lower half in his delivery.

Justin Looney  C - 2019 - Columbia, MD   Longwood

Looney produced the highest exit velocity of the event at 96 mph and has a simple, fluid swing. Behind the plate, the Longwood commit gains good ground into his throw downs popping a 1.88 second best pop time.

Parker Landwehr  C - 2019 - Baltimore, MD   Boston College

Loud contact and hard jump off of the barrel were what Landwehr showcased in his high level hit tool. He also posted an impressive 1.89 second pop time during catching workouts.

Sonny Fauci  RHP - 2019 - Old Bridge, NJ   St. John's

From the mound, the righthanded Fauci produced a fastball in the upper-80s with heavy life to armside. The St. Johns commit's fastball topped out at 89 mph with good feel for his offspeed pitches especially his tight 11-to-5 curveball.

Casey Takemura  C - 2019 - Edison, NJ   Uncommitted

The small 5-foot-9 155-pound Takemura popped a 1.88 second pop time with smooth actions behind the plate. He also took a solid round of batting practice displaying good barrel skills and generating back spin off of the bat.

Tristan Latham  C - 2019 - North Andover, MA   Pomona-Pitzer Colleges

Latham has a strong arm behind the plate and loud contact at the plate. Latham showed off that strong arm in catching workouts showcasing a 1.98 second best pop time. He later showed his loud contact skills by barreling a fastball in game that resulted in a pull side home run.

Zach Powers  RHP - 2019 - Centreville, MD   Navy

Powers has a projectable 6-foot-4 180-pound frame and ran his fastball up to 85 mph. The uncommitted righthander has a quick arm and generates life on his fastball to armside. Powers worked a quick two innings and located his fastball well to both sides of the plate.

Joe Skarad  C - 2019 - Stamford, CT   Uncommitted

Skarad has clean mechanics at the catching position that helped him post a 1.97 second pop time. The uncommitted prospect receives well out front with good catch and throw ability. Swinging the bat, Skarad has a righthanded swing with a full path and some strength at contact.

2020 Top Prospects

Josh Moylan  1B - 2020 - Stoney Beach, MD   East Carolina

After showing well defensively around the bag with athleticism and soft hands, Moylan impressed big time with his lefthanded stick, both during BP and in live action. Physically built for a sophomore, Moylan shows natural lift with separation out front and lots of hard, barreled contact throughout the day.

Jordan Peyton  SS - 2020 - Colonial Beach, VA   Radford

There's no doubting the arm strength of Peyton as he came out firing, throwing 93 mph from the outfield, 88 across the diamond and 87 on the mound with a hard slider, all with the same fast arm action. He also swung it well with a short, linear path with line drive contact coming off.

Will Vergantino  SS - 2020 - Lumberton, NJ   Elon

Vergantino impressed throughout the event on both sides of the ball and is physically built for a sophomore at 6-0/190. A primary shortstop, Vergantino showed soft hands out front and a compact arm action, as well as a strong righthanded stroke with leverage out front and hard jump off the barrel.

Shane Hickey  SS - 2020 - Jackson, NJ   Uncommitted

With a long and lean 6-1/158 frame, Hickey offers plenty of physical projection moving forward but already shows sound tools on both sides. As a lefthanded hitting shortstop, Hickey created steady line drive contact with backspin off the barrel along with balanced actions and soft hands out front.

Colin Ahearn  LHP - 2020 - Lakeville, MA   Tennessee

Though he's listed as a primary lefthanded pitcher, Ahearn also swung the bat well and shows nice two-way potential as he continues to grow. On the mound the young lefty was up to 84 mph with good angle while showing looseness to his hands and plenty of intent with hard jump off the barrel.

Luke Chenault  1B - 2020 - Lake Hopatcong, NJ   Penn State

Strongly built at 6-1/180, Chenault shows very interesting potential at the plate, especially as he continues to develop moving forward. A lefthanded batter, Chenault does a nice job of repeating his swing with big extension out front and separation at the point of contact, yielding big jump and loud contact off the barrel.

Anthony Marcano  3B - 2020 - Hyde Park, MA   Uncommitted

Marcano is a physical player at 6-foot-3 210-pounds and his hit tool is very raw. Marcano has power potential getting extended well with carry off of the barrel.

Robert Barrientos  C - 2020 - Pennsauken, NJ   Old Dominion

What stood out most for Barrientos during the event was his abilities behind the plate, both during drills and live action where he exhibited solid blocking skills. He popped at 1.95 down to second base and showed looseness to his wrists in his righthanded swing while working the middle/pull parts of the field.

Nate Beal  RHP - 2020 - Reisterstown, MD   Pennsylvania

A physical presence on the mound at 6-0/180, Beal used his lower half well to drive down the mound and showed quickness to his arm which helped run his fastball up to 85 mph. His heater showed nice life through the zone and also offered a tight slider up to 76 mph for strikes too.

Justin Cassella  SS - 2020 - Bernardsville, NJ   Elon

A primary shortstop, Cassella showed smooth actions defensively up the middle with soft hands and sound body control to go along with clean transfers out of the glove. Cassella also put his offensive tools on display with a natural feel for the barrel and hard jump coming off when squared.

Eddie Eisert  SS - 2020 - Fairfax Station, VA   North Carolina State

A primary shortstop, Eisert showed nice tools all over the diamond, from his 4.88 40-yard time to his strong arm up the middle which he also brought to the mound topping out at 83 mph. Offensively, he's a switch-hitter who shows nice extension out front from both sides and his best present contact from the left.

Haden Hoff  C - 2020 - Westminster, MD   Uncommitted

Hoff showed well on both sides of the ball throughout the event, beginning with his speed as he ran a 4.76 40-yard dash. Behind the dish he popped a 1.94 down to second base with a quick arm and showed carry off the barrel while staying short to the ball with his swing path.

Kyle Hoog  OF - 2020 - Jersey City, NJ   Northeastern

Hoog has nice tools in the lefthanded batter's box and they are tools that will only continue to be refined moving forward. After running a 4.73 40-yard dash, the 6-3/190 Hoog showed nice balance to his swing with nice pop off the barrel when extended out front and turning on the ball.

Evan Lewis  RHP - 2020 - Severna Park, MD   Uncommitted

Lewis, a primary righthanded pitcher, showed comfort in varying his tempo on the mound and ran his fastball up to 85 mph while living in the 82-84 mph range with occasional life. Along with the arm strength on the mound, Lewis showed pop off the barrel and projectable offensive tools.

Joseph Pence  OF - 2020 - Mount Laurel, NJ   Uncommitted

Pence showcased an impressive round of batting practice generating bat speed and the ability to drive the ball to all fields. The uncommitted outfielder has quick hands and the ball jumps off the barrel. He also showed solid arm strength topping out at 84 mph from the outfield.

Lorenzo Repack  OF - 2020 - Columbus, NJ   Uncommitted

Repack turned in the fastest 40-yard time of the event at 4.62 but he put more than just his big speed tool on display. He showed fluidity actions from the outfield (his primary position) and showed looseness to his swing with steady contact to his pull side while still projecting moving forward.

Caleb Rodriguez  SS - 2020 - North Brunswick, NJ   Uncommitted

An infielder from New Jersey, Rodriguez has tools to like both in the infield and swinging the bat. Rodriguez displayed clean hands and sound actions during infield workouts and good barrel control with line drive contact during batting practice.

Oscar Scott  OF - 2020 - Sea Bright, NJ   Uncommitted

Scott offers a long and projectable 6-3/170 frame and a loose right arm which he showed off both from the outfield (86 mph) and on the mound where he topped out at 84 mph. He also displayed a projectable swing from the right side with balance to his swing and feel for the barrel.

Christopher Sparber  C - 2020 - Lincroft, NJ   Uncommitted

Sparber is a young, strong catcher at 5-11/185 and showed nice tools behind the plate with a quick transfer and sound lower half mechanics as he popped a 1.94 and threw 74 mph down to second base. Offensively, he shows quickness to his hands with steady lift out front and extension at the point of contact.

Nathan Vermillion  RHP - 2020 - Davidsonville, MD   Uncommitted

Vermillion impressed with two-way potential on Sunday and though listed as a primary righthanded pitcher, he turned in his loudest performance with the bat. He showed interesting components to his swing with looseness to his hands and jump off the barrel and also topped out at 82 mph on the mound with good sinking life.

2021 Top Prospects

Michael Bello  OF - 2021 - Oak Ridge, NJ   Auburn

Bello came into the event ranked in the top 100 prospects for the class of 2021 and he continued to swing it well from the left side with impressive tools. A lefthanded bat, Bello shows quick hands with leverage out front and jump off the barrel. He also showed nice tools defensively with sound mechanics in the OF.

Christopher Ho  RHP - 2021 - Westfield, NJ   Uncommitted

Ho opened eyes during his time on the mound after throwing an impressive 88 mph from the outfield. On the bump the uncommitted righthanded showed a loose arm stroke which produced a fastball up to 85 mph, good tempo throughout his delivery and displayed the ability to pound the strike zone with a full four-pitch mix.

Sam Batis  RHP - 2021 - Clarksburg, MD   Uncommitted

With a strong 6-1/189 frame Batis impressed on the mound as he ran his fastball up to 81 mph, incorporating his physical strength well. He works with a deliberate delivery and did a nice job of spinning his curveball with 11-5 shape and also flashed pop with the bat offensively.

Harrison Feinberg  OF - 2021 - Greenwich, CT   Uncommitted

Feinberg topped out at 86 from the outfield with good balance for his young age. His swing produces some carry when squared up. Feinberg is an athletic righthanded outfielder to follow closely.

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