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2024 Top Prospects

Gavin Short  3B - 2024 - Phoenix, AZ

Short was impressive, recording 85 mph from the outfield and 82 mph from the infield with sound defensive actions to match. He hopped on the bump and topped low-80’s from an efficient slot and quick stroke. He's got good feel for the barrel with jump to the pull-side gap and makings to be an impact two-way player.

Jack Ohman  2B - 2024 - Mesa, AZ

Ohman brings a ton of upside in a loud showing on the bump. Ran it up to 89 mph with good life and jump out of hand. Developing feel to spin two potential breakers in a curve and slider. Missed bats and big athletic traits and arm strength showed, 85 mph from the infield and big carry to the bag in looks.

Gunnar Penzkover  OF - 2024 - Phoenix, AZ

Penzkover was 90 mph from the outfield with confident charges into his throws, showing good carry to the bag. He's an athletic swinger with a loose, easy path and lots to work with. Penzkover is a name to keep an eye on.

Jack Hanna  RHP - 2024 - Mill Valley, CA

Hanna is a physical two-way product who produced frequent loud barrels to the gaps in-game. A solid BP showed up in a big way and the physicality shows. He also was 84 mph from first base and topped 85 mph on the hill with a late biting slider. Traits are there to hone in on both sides.

Jax Copeland  2B - 2024 - Litchfield Park, AZ

Copeland was a standout in game with good instincts and plenty of defensive versatility. Fundamental all over the dirt with sound hands and transfers along with bat-to-ball skills to match. High level performer in game.

2025 Top Prospects

Davis Perkins  SS - 2025 - Southlake, TX

Perkins is a big upside follow moving forward. It's a lean, athletic build and two-way ability. Good extension and some quickness in the hands with projectable strength in store. On the mound, his arm talent stood out. Fastball topped 85 mph with a high spin slider that has good traits at the next level. Very impressive performance.

Noah Massey  C - 2025 - Albuquerque, NM

Massey put together a good showing on both sides. He's a versatile defender with a bit of athleticism in the profile. His BP showing stood out and showed in game with good feel from both sides and quick hands that shoot through the zone. He listed 88 and 83 mph from the outfield and infield along with a 2.03 pop time. On the mound, Massey is a comfortable and free easy mover with some cutting action to his fastball.

Preston Armstrong  C - 2025 - Goodyear, AZ

Armstrong has a mature, athletic frame with high-waisted, muscular lower half. He performed well throughout workout, recording an exit velo of 87 mph and a pop time of 1.97 seconds. Armstrong is a versatile defender and switch hitter with big bat speed and strength to pull. There are physical tools present, making him a name to watch.

James J (JJ) Chrobocinski  RHP - 2025 - Phoenix, AZ

Chrobocinski showed well on the mound, mixing tempos from a fastball/curveball combination and cutting action to his heat in the low-80’s. He also has some potential in the stick as he physically fills out his long frame.

Ryan Oh  OF - 2025 - Stevenson Ranch, CA

Oh ran a 7.05 60-yard dash and was 83 mph from the outfield in a strong showing. He later hopped on the mound and showed a solid fastball and real fading changeup. Makes for good contact at the plate, present things to work with.

Adolfo Pacheco  C - 2025 - Laveen, AZ

Pacheco recorded a 1.94 pop and stood out defensively at catcher and first base. There are solid catch-and-throw skills to build upon with some mobile hips behind the dish. Good strength at the plate that can develop.

Jonah Knuth  RHP - 2025 - Sioux Falls, SD

Knuth recorded 81 mph from the outfield and 83 mph from the infield with solid arm talent. High spin offerings in a lively fastball and late slider that tunneled for whiffs. Lots to like on the mound.

2026 Top Prospects

Tait Reynolds  OF - 2026 - Queen Creek, AZ
Arizona State

Reynolds possesses loud tools across the board. Ran a 6.46 sixty and showed some of the hardest contact in game following a loud BP. He was also 82 from the outfield with real range. Advanced hand speed at the plate with big projectable power. Took strong at-bats and really looks the part.

Grady Pratt  3B - 2026 - Gilbert, AZ

Pratt was another solid two-way in the class. Recorded 86 and 85 mph from the infield and outfield, big carry across. Made consistent loud contact at the plate and ran it up to 83 mph on the hill while showing a three-pitch mix.

Kale Thorson  SS - 2026 - Queen Creek, AZ

Thorson stood out in game with his two-way ability. He was 84 mph and 82 mph from the outfield and infield, showing the arm talent on the bump as well running it up to 81 mph with a promising slider. Quick path that matches plane well with a good set of hands. Has the makings of a solid product as he develops.

Ryan Hubbard  C - 2026 - El Dorado Hills, CA

Hubbard put together quality in-game swings with good bat speed. It comes off the barrel awfully well at an exit velocity of 89 mph, and there's a lot to build upon in his physical build for his age.