Showcase Northeast Top Prospect Showcase
Aug 17 - 19, 2001 Clem Spillane Field - Wareham, MA  

Top Prospects

Mike Baxter  - SS - - Whitestone, NY - USA
Baxter was a pleasant surprise. This kid has some serious tools. He ran a 6.56-60, with a playable arm and he can swing the bat. He does have a tendency to pull everything right now.

2001 Top Prospects

Chris Lambert  - SS - 2001 - Manchester, NH - USA
Easy #1, 91-94 fastball explodes, 77 slurve is a plus pitch. He didn? pitch much in high school, so he went undrafted and unrecruited. Lambert was an 01 grad who was going to go to prep school, now everybody wants him. After offers to sign a pro contract or go to schools like LSU and Clemson, he settled on a scholarship offer from Boston College.

2002 Top Prospects

Jhonathan Figueroa  - LHP - 2002 - Tampa, FL - USA
Figueroa? velocity was down a bit in Wareham. He still touched 90 and his breaking ball was the best we have seen him throw. It? now a plus pitch.

Mark Rosen  - LHP - 2002 - Randolph, MA - USA
Rosen was his typical 90-92 with a very hard high 70s slider. He is an attacker and is very muscular for a pitcher. He don? mess around.

Chris Emanuel  - OF - 2002 - Mississauga, ON - CAN
Unquestionably the top performer of all position players in Wareham. After a lackluster Area Codes, he really turned it on here. He ran a 6.63, threw 88 from the outfield, ran a 4.2 home to first and was the top hitter at the showcase. He even displayed some good power as he hit one out in the first game.

Daniel Christensen  - LHP - 2002 - Brooklyn, NY - USA
Christensen stayed in the 87-88 range, touching 89. He flashes a good breaking ball and can really pitch. If he were to get a bit more out of his hips, watchout!

Marvin Urdaneta  - OF - 2002 - Tampa, FL - USA
One of the fastest players out there anywhere. Urdaneta ran 6.5 twice and was timed 4.05 home to first from the right side. He has playable arm strength and a fast bat. All he needs to do is make more consistant hard contact and he has it all.

Wesley Cosgriff  - LHP - 2002 - Allendale, NJ - USA
Cosgriff really projects! His arm works good and he throws downhill. He? mid to upper 80s right now, with the makings of a good breaking ball. He can also swing the bat.

David Davidson  - LHP - 2002 - Thorold, ON - CAN
Davidson was a bit ill in Wareham. Probably based on his performance, he shouldn? be ranked this high. He did throw mid 80s and we know how good he is, so we ranked him right up there.

Kevin Sevigny  - OF - 2002 - Springvale, ME - USA
Sevigny is another player we have seen a little better in the past. But he still showed a 6.86-60, an 88 mph arm from the outfield and a lot of bat speed. He has a very strong baseball body.

Robert Bland  - RHP - 2002 - North Bay, ON - CAN
Bland was 87-89 and a few guns had him touching 90. He has a chance to become a big time power pitcher down the road.

Christopher Leroux  - C - 2002 - Mississauga, ON - CAN
Easily the #1 defensive catcher in Wareham. Moves like a big cat and throws 1.89 pop times. His bat is a bit slow, if he improves it, you have a good draft pick.

Timothy Sabo  - RHP - 2002 - Suffern, NY - USA
Sabo has a chance to be real good. He has a good pitchers body and threw in the high 80s at Wareham. He has a good feel for the mound.

Joshua Klimkiewicz  - SS - 2002 - Lexington, MA - USA
Klim. Can hit and with some power too. The ball jumps off his bat! He has a playable arm and seems to make all the plays at short and third. He ran a 7.14, so 3B is probably in the future.

Eric Wolfe  - 1B - 2002 - Willowdale, ON - CAN
Wolfe can flat out rake. He will hit with power and for average down the road. He runs close to average and is a very good defensive 1B, aside from a below average arm.

Stephen Hook  - 1B - 2002 - Langhorne, PA - USA
Power is Hooks game, he can mash and he did in Wareham. He? a good defensive first baseman. His only drawback is a lack of running speed, but it? his bat that draws the most attention. He hit some long ones in Wareham!

U Chan Yi  - RHP - 2002 - Windsor Locks, CT - USA
Yi? future is on the hill. He can pitch and showed high 80s velocity in Wareham. We like the way he works quickly and his feel for pitching.

Zachary Farkes  - 2B - 2002 - Boston, MA - USA
Farkes is a good baseball player whose best tools are his bat and his arm. He showed 400·wood bat power in BP and threw 87 across the infield. A 7 flat runner, he looks quicker than that on the bases. He has good infield actions.

Joseph Udine  - RHP - 2002 - Voorhees, NJ - USA
Udine is a guy we would like to see again. He ran a 7.1- 60 and threw 89 from the outfield. He also smoked a few balls in the games and in BP.

Matthew Reynolds  - OF - 2002 - Miami, FL - USA
Reynolds played very well in Wareham. His tools are fairly average across the board, but he plays and hits better than the tools would dictate. He plays hard and plays smart.

Matthew McColgan  - C - 2002 - La Canada, CA - USA
We have seen McColgan better before. He still showed enough, especially with the bat, to be considered a top level college prospect. His pop times were in the 1.9s, but he didn? really look comfortable doing it.

Nicholas Tift  - 1B - 2002 - North Kingstown, RI - USA
Ran a 6.8, has a good arm and a major league body. Keep an eye on him.

Blake Marston  - SS - 2002 - Bedford, NH - USA
Marston can hit and play. He has a major league body!

Lee Rattigan  - OF - 2002 - Bedford, NH - USA
Ran a 6.61- 60 and has a playable arm. Started hitting the ball hard as time went on.

David Fretwell  - OF - 2002 - N. Chelmsford, MA - USA
Ran a 6.81 and has a playable arm. Can hit good pitching.

Jason Gotwalt  - 3B - 2002 - Mississauga, ON - CAN
Gotwalt has a strong plus body and a good arm. His #1 tool is his bat, he can play.

Rocky Collis  - RHP - 2002 - Santa Monica, CA - USA
Collis throws mid 80s, but it looks like 90 with the explosive life he gets. A 74 curve ball is his best pitch. He can also hit and play.

Matthew York  - SS - 2002 - Newton Square, PA - USA
York is another guy with MLB average tools across the board. He has real good infield actions and can hit.

Matthew Johnson  - OF - 2002 - Hagerstown, MD - USA
Johnson proved he can hit the best pitching and he ran a 6.85. He? a good player.

Richard Russell  - C - 2002 - North York, ON - CAN
A good catcher, 1.96 pop, who? #1 tool is his bat and power potential.

Eric Anderson  - 2B - 2002 - Rochester, MN - USA

Thomas Arpino  - C - 2002 - Brooklyn, NY - USA

Chris Bowser  - RHP - 2002 - Danvers, MA - USA

Jeffrey Brown  - 1B - 2002 - Wilton, CT - USA

Ryan Edell  - LHP - 2002 - Lexington, MA - USA

James Gillin  - C - 2002 - Broomall, PA - USA

Kevin MacIlvane Jr.  - C - 2002 - Windsor, CT - USA

Brett Maloley  - C - 2002 - Needham, MA - USA

Josh Nestor  - C - 2002 - Nashua, NH - USA

James Pappadopoulos  - SS - 2002 - Chelmsford, MA - USA

Nathan Penrose  - LHP - 2002 - Burlington, ON - CAN

Thomas Potvin  - OF - 2002 - Worcester, MA - USA

Mark Shorey  - LHP - 2002 - Peabody, MA - USA

Joshua Stern  - SS - 2002 - Millwood, NY - USA

Matthew Tosoni  - LHP - 2002 - Whitby, ON - CAN

Mark Tourangeau  - OF - 2002 - Oakville, ON - CAN

Ian Wight  - RHP - 2002 - Ajax, ON - CAN

Joshua Zabar  - OF - 2002 - Swampscott, MA - USA

2003 Top Prospects

Jeff Allison  - RHP - 2003 - Peabody, MA - USA
Allison is one of the nations top 03 prospects. In Wareham he threw 90-92 with a killer 80 mph slider. He is extremely athletic and has one of the quickest arms in the country. He does seem to recoil a bit on the fastball, but finishes up well on the breaking ball. This is one very rare, magical arm!

Eric Grabowski  - OF - 2003 - Spencer, MA - USA
This was one of the biggest surprises of the year so far. Grabowski is a potential high draft prospect in 03. He ran a hand held 6.55 ·60 and swings the bat with authority. He has a MLB body and outstanding athleticism. Oh yeah! He also threw an inning or two at 88-89 with a killer breaking ball.

William Muldowney  - 3B - 2003 - West Chester, PA - USA
Muldowney is a guy we have heard amazing stories about. It? fun when those stories turn out to be the truth. He has a strong mature type body and swings a big bat. He hit a home run and a double and it looks easy. On the mound he threw 87-89, touching 90 a couple times with a plus MLB curveball.

Lance Zawadzki  - MIF - 2003 - Ashland, MA - USA
Maybe the top infielder, any class, in Wareham. Outstanding actions and an 86 mph across the inf. Arm. He also ran a 6.77 and hit one out in BP. He creates outstanding bat speed and maybe over attacks a bit.

Chris Lubanski  - OF - 2003 - Schwenksville, PA - USA
Lubanski is very athletic. He played on the Youth National Team that won the gold medal this summer. He has had a long tiring journey, but still managed to run a 6.75 60 and play real well in Wareham.

Matt Antonelli  - SS - 2003 - Peabody, MA - USA
Antonelli remember his name! There? not much he can? do on a baseball field. He ran a 6.79 and a 4.19 H-1. He has an MLB average arm and good actions in the infield. He? a good hitter with power potential. And he threw 85-87 off the mound with a sharp 74 mph breaking ball.

Adjatay Nyadjroh  - OF - 2003 - Somerville, MA - USA
Very athletic looking player. He ran a 6.9, but looks much faster than that. He has a better than average arm and some outstanding hitting ability.

Ryan Williams  - 3B - 2003 - Lynnfield, MA - USA
Williams is yet another good athlete who projects nicely. He has a quick bat and a good arm. He could become special as he gets stronger.

Matt Linder  - RHP - 2003 - Thunder Bay, ON - CAN
Linder projects very well. He has that long lean body and his arm works great. He throws mid 80s now, but he has a big future ahead of him.

Larry Day  - C - 2003 - Amesbury, MA - USA
He loves the game and plays for keeps! One of the most enjoyable players we have had at our events. He is a pretty good catcher, but he is a top level hitting prospect. He can hit and hit with power. Hit a couple good ones including a HR in the games.

Michael Roeder  - OF - 2003 - Waterloo, ON - CAN
He is an interesting 03 prospect who ran a 6.85 and threw 88 from the outfield.

JP Alvarez  - 2B - 2003 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - USA
Alvarez is someone to keep an eye on. His skills are not fully developed, but he flashes some outstanding ability at times. He has fast, soft hands, both in the field and at the plate.

Dan Gulino  - RHP - 2003 - Alexandria, VA - USA
Gulino has a mid 80s arm and can hit. He should be watched closely.

Michael Cart  - 3B - 2003 - King City, ON - CAN
Cart projects very well. He has an outstanding baseball body and ability.

Marc Besteman  - SS - 2003 - Bradford, ON - CAN

Nicholas DeVito  - 1B - 2003 - Hingham, MA - USA

James Wilson  - IF - 2003 - Billerica, MA - USA

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