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2001 Top Prospects

Dana Eveland  LHP - 2001 - Palmdale, CA   Hill College

Eveland was a giant surprise to us and the many scouts who saw him for the first time. In fact he caused quite a buzz among scouts wondering "where the hell did this guy come from and how could he possibly have gone undrafted last year". Eveland showed four, that's right, 4 average to plus pitches. All with outstanding command. His body does not remind you of major league baseball, but his arm sure does. Unless this kid gets hurt, he won't have to worry about getting his chance. Lefties throwing in the 90s with plus breaking balls, good slider and change and outstanding command are hard to find. We just found one from Texas, via California in the winter time in Florida!

Ruben Hernandez  C - 2001 - Wellington, FL   Uncommitted

2002 Top Prospects

Ryan Doherty  RHP - 2002 - Toms River, NJ   Notre Dame

7'1" is true. We measured him just to be sure. Doherty could possibly throw 100 mph someday. He shows some very good athleticism, rare in a young man his size and his arm works well without tension. Presently he has a few problems maintaining his release point, but has no problems throwing strikes. He shows the potential for a good breaking ball and change. The splitter could become an option and obviously he has the perfect hands to throw it. He struck out the side on about 11 fastballs 89 to mostly 91, but settled in at 88-89 in the second and third innings. His fastball explodes and has potential plus life. He has signed with Notre Dame, but his ceiling (no pun intended) is going to cause a lot of early draft interest. When he gets his release point out in front, getting good extension, it's a beautiful sight. And it (exaggerating) looks like he's handing it to the catcher. The sky is the limit and he appears to have the make up to reach the top.

Jhonathan Figueroa  LHP - 2002 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

We have seen Figueroa as much as anyone. He had one of his better performances in Ft Myers. In fact, he was the number one pitcher there. Lots of 90 to 92's, some guns even read 93's and 94's with plus life. If that wasn't enough he flashed a few plus curve balls and a good change up. His command was outstanding and he looked like a man among boys. Figueroa is 18 years old, 6'5 and left handed. We have had the opportunity to get to know him and he has championship caliber make up. Chances are he will be signing because he created some serious interest at the World Showcase. Some claim we have been too high on Figueroa. Time will answer that question, we expect to see him pitching in the Big Leagues.

Zack Greinke  RHP - 2002 - Apopka, FL   Clemson

Greinke does just about everything other than run at the major league level. He can hit, hit with power, field and he has one of the best arms in high school baseball. He spent some time behind the plate in Ft Myers and who knows, that could possibly be his future. Of course we have always been most interested in his arm and continue to see him as a big time pitching prospect. He tops out at 94, 95 on some guns and he displays outstanding pitching traits. He is a definite 2-way guy in college, but the question remains about just how high he might go in the draft. That arm especially will create a lot of interest, but he can really play the game.

Justin Gee  RHP - 2002 - Sarasota, FL   Louisiana State

Gee is going to be watched like a hawk this spring and for good reason. Already a top pitching prospect, if he were to bump up his velocity a notch or two, he should go very early. We like him a lot, he has outstanding arm action and we think he will throw three quality pitches. He was touching the 90s in Ft Myers with relative ease and he makes you feel like there's much more in him. He threw one slider (86 mph) in Ft Myers, that may have been the best single pitch in the event. Mark Justin Gee down as one of the top pitching prospects for the 02 draft.

Adam Elliott  RHP - 2002 - Concord, CA   UNLV

Elliott is one of our favorites. We have seen him good like he was in Ft Myers and we have seen him much better yet. He has thrown in the mid 90s, but was pretty much low 90s in Ft Myers. His breaking ball was good, but we've seen it devastating in the past. Nothing Elliott does would surprise us this spring and he has a chance to go real early in the draft. He is an outstanding baseball player as well, who can catch or play any position on the field. He's also an excellent hitter with power potential. Chances are he will be a 2-way guy at UNLV if he in fact ends up there.

Mark Rosen  LHP - 2002 - Randolph, MA   Miami

Rosen is one of the top high school lefties entering this years draft. He was a bit rusty in the World Showcase, but still flashed low 90s and a top notch slider. We have seen him during the season stay in the 90s for a long time and touch mid 90s. He is very strong and very much the bull dog on the mound. He is pretty physically developed which makes it hard to project a lot of physical improvement, but how much more does he need. This kid is tough and he means business on the hill. He could go early, but if not watch for him at the U of Miami in the future.

Robert Andino  SS - 2002 - Miami, FL   Florida International

If Andino ran just a notch better we would guess first round. He is still an average runner 6.9, but 6.7 would make him a plus 4 tool guy with power potential. He and Gaby Sanchez have two of the best infield arms in the nation. Andino throws in the low 90s both off the mound and across the infield. He has outstanding actions and can really play the game. His bat is another plus. He has quick hands, a good approach and the ball jumps off his bat. The only question mark regarding first couple round chances is his running ability. Then again he runs better than another Miami shortstop who went in the first round two years ago. It will be very interesting to see what happens.

Adam Donachie  C - 2002 - Orlando, FL   UCF

We have been following Donachie for quite some time. He has always been a promising prospect, but now he is well, LEGIT! It is fun to watch kids grow and improve. Donachie has improved much more than we would have ever imagined. Sometimes we are wrong and Donachie has reminded us of that fact. This kid has a lot going for him, not the least of which is a big league make up and a big time pro potential body. His arm is a plus, he consistently pops in the 1.8s and 1.9s without cheating. His agility is a plus, he is a cat behind the plate. His bat is a potential plus and so is his power. In short Adam Donachie is a keeper and we believe the MLB scouts know it.

Gabriel Sanchez  SS - 2002 - Miami, FL   Miami

Sanchez is another guy we have liked and been following for the past few years. His body has improved a lot over the years and he has developed into a legitimate power threat at the plate. He and Andino have two of the strongest arms in all of high school baseball. He does not possess plus running speed, but he is far from a clogger. He probably projects as a third baseman right now, but you can't help wondering about a possible pro future behind the plate. The outstanding arm brings up some questions about a pitching future as well. Sanchez is yet another one of those kids with championship make up. He has no fear of showing up to play! He signed with powerhouse Miami, but we understand there is some serious draft interest.

Elijah Dukes  OF - 2002 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Dukes would probably been listed even higher, but he had to leave after the workout. He is every bit a man among boys. He is a plus runner who we have seen sparkle in the outfield. Perhaps the biggest problem is whether or not he has centerfield speed or if he projects strictly as a left fielder. He does not project at all as a right fielder due to a average at best arm. He threw poorly in Ft Myers because he had not touched a baseball for awhile. He showed us a playable CF arm earlier in the year. He did not disappoint in BP, where he showed a fast bat and hit several rockets. He projects to hit with plus power. Dukes is also a top football prospect, it will be interesting to see what happens in June for this outstanding, big, athlete.

Brent Benefield  RHP - 2002 - Columbus, GA   Uncommitted

Benefield should be followed closely. He was maybe a bit erratic in Ft Myers, but he has an extremely quick arm that gets it up there in the low 90s. We think some scouts are going to like him much better than others. Those with the best imagination will be very high on him. We think he is just scratching the surface. It will be an interesting spring in Columbus Georgia.

Tom Thornton  LHP - 2002 - Middleboro, MA   Uncommitted

Thornton topped out around 87-88, but it doesn't take a genius to see the immense potential he possesses. A smooth tall lefty who is surely going to end up throwing in the 90s with spinning ability and pitchability. The only question is whether he blossoms by this spring or reaches his potential at Notre Dame. It didn't take Notre Dame long to get interested after seeing him throw in Ft Myers. Could be that they lost a pitcher (Doherty) by his performance in Ft Myers and replaced him with Thornton.

Lance Broadway  RHP - 2002 - Waxahachie, TX   Uncommitted

Broadway is extremely interesting. Great projectable body, loose arm that is touching 90 in the middle of winter. Not to mention we even like his big league name! Broadway was hurt last time he was at one of the PG events, so we didn't get a good read on him. That changed in Ft Myers, we now know he is for real and projects in a big way. He is athletic and has that MLB look.

Christian Castorri  RHP - 2002 - Thomasville, GA   Uncommitted

Castorri is another guy that we got to see for the first time in Ft Myers. He really projects and we believe he created some very serious draft interest. His mid winter fastball stayed in the high 80s and he shows excellent arm action. He has a big but athletic looking body, in fact he showed some good athletic ability. We would love to have the chance to see him this spring. We think were going to hear his name a lot in the future. He and Jared Carter another good prospect who was in Ft Myers play on the same high school team in Georgia.

Jeremy Hunt  RHP - 2002 - Tampa, FL   Villanova

We have seen Hunt a few times and have always liked him. When he touched 90-91 on two consecutive pitches in his first inning of work, we liked him even more. He showed a very good breaking ball and that MLB look on the mound. If he bumps it up a notch and shows he can keep that velocity for a few innings, he is going to get some serious draft interest. If not we will be hearing a lot about him on the college baseball scene.

Derrick Smith  OF - 2002 - Vienna, GA   Uncommitted

Smith in our estimation was the best hitter in Ft Myers. Wide stance, great approach, super bat speed and plus raw power from the left side. This kid is a masher and does it under control. Florida State should be commended for finding and signing this outstanding hitting prospect. Now all they have to do is keep the pro scouts away. Smith's other tools are fringy, but very playable. He displays a love for the game and looks country strong. Don't be surprised if his bat doesn't create some big interest in this years draft. We have seen the top hitters in high school baseball and this kid is one of them.

Griffin Bailey  RHP - 2002 - Lexington, KY   Uncommitted

We owe Griffin Bailey an apology. We had no idea how good he is. He didn't get a fair shake with his playing time in Ft Myers and was one of the last pitchers to throw. Many scouts missed his performance. Here's what we saw: Bailey topped out in the high 80s, but looked like low 90s is a normal occurrence during the season. He showed the ability to throw three good pitches with command and he has one of the best pitchers bodies out of those attending the event. His arm works well and he is a must follow for this years draft. Obviously he has a bright future.

Devin Anderson  LHP - 2002 - Oldee, FL   Uncommitted

Anderson is a big lefty with a fast arm that we have seen up in the 90s. He was mostly high 80s with a couple touches at 90 in Ft Myers. We feel he is very projectable and could tone his body up a little and be a monster on the hill. He does flash breaking ball ability and should end up with a plus slider or curve ball. He is a top prospect who could still improve his stock even more this spring.

Josh Kauten  RHP - 2002 - Cedar Rapids, IA   Illinois State

Kauten is yet another unknown, or maybe we should say former unknown. This Juco right-hander has a very bright future. A former PG league player that we always liked, he has improved tremendously under the tutilage of former minor league pitching coach Jim VanScoyac at Kirkwood CC. Kauten was consistently in the 88-90 range (we've seen him a bit better) and his breaking ball was one of the best in Ft Myers. A sharp two-planer with serious down action in the mid to upper 70s. Kauten surely got himself on the draft lists of those that saw him in Ft Myers. Now the spring will tell just how high he might go.

Justin Meier  RHP - 2002 - Windermere, FL   Louisiana State

Meier is a RHP who consistently throws in the upper 80s touching 90 sometimes. That's nice, but it doesn't tell the story on the ability that will take him to national power LSU. Meier has one of the nations nastiest sliders. Top right hand hitters would choose him last when picking who they would prefer hitting against. It's hard to get a good read on how the draft looks for him, but we can say with all certainty that his future is bright.

Derek Bell  RHP - 2002 - Jupiter, FL   Uncommitted

Bell is one of the countries most intriguing prospects. He displays low 90s every time we see him on the mound. He is a plus MLB runner with a plus MLB arm and he can hit and play the outfield. He projects to throw even harder with his athetic but not so big body. It's real hard to get a good read on how others see him, but we can say in all honesty, he has a magical arm.

Chris Delaney  RHP - 2002 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Delaney is a big, strong right hander with 90 mph velocity that we have seen twice in the last couple of months. He has not become a household name with scouts yet, but he is on the radar screen and will be followed this spring. Don't be surprised if his name surfaces in a good draft position and for sure we are going to hear more about him.

George Pope  2B - 2002 - Decatur, GA   Savannah State

Pope was the top right hand hitter at this event. He absolutely crushed every pitcher he faced. He has MLB power potential and the ball sounds much different coming off his bat than the other hitters in Ft Myers. Pope has a large Kirby Puckett type body, but is athletic and graceful in his actions. He runs close to average and shows at least a MLB average arm. We couldn't help but wonder how he would be behind the dish. If Pope were a left-hand bat we think he could go early in the draft. Being right handed at the plate might take away some luster, but only until everyone has a chance to see him hit!

Randy Gattis  3B - 2002 - Dallas, TX   Uncommitted

Gattis is extremely interesting and projects off the chart. Right now the question is whether he is a better position prospect or if his future is on the mound. He is very graceful and athletic. He does everything well and it looks like he will do everything better in the future. He throws in the high 80s and he flashes outstanding hitting ability and power potential. We like him better on the hill, but won't rule him out of being drafted as a position player.

Blair Waggett  OF - 2002 - Wilmington, NC   Uncommitted

Waggett is the fastest high school player we have seen this year. He ran an electronically timed 6.35 in Ft Myers. For those of you who want to claim he cheated, he came back to run a 6.4 the second time with everyone watching. He was also the fastest runner in Jupiter and at the East Coast Pro in Wilmington. So you can argue the time, but you can't argue about who is the fastest. Waggett's other tools are playable but pale by comparison to his running ability. He does flash a fast bat and some power potential, but needs to learn a better approach. He throws OK, but does not stay behind the ball and drags his back leg and hips when throwing. Again with some instruction and some work he could end up with at least a MLB average arm. At any rate he is extremely interesting and athletic. It's just a matter of whether MLB scouts are going to pull the trigger this spring or watch him develop into a high pick in college.

Camilo Vasquez  LHP - 2002 - Hialeah, FL   Indian River State College

Vasquez didn't pitch in Ft Myers, if he would have there's little doubt he would be up near the top of this list. We saw him throw in the lower 90s earlier in the year and rank him right up there with the other top lefties in the country. Anyway, we put him on this list because he's really a good player who can really hit. The ball jumps off his bat and he can hit the long ball as well.

Jared Carter  RHP - 2002 - Boston, GA   Uncommitted

Carter is from the same school as Christian Castorri. Some could argue that he is as good or better than Castorri right now. He is very good! In Ft Myers he was consistently in the high 80s and showed a real fast arm. He also showed some good pitchability and a good breaking ball. He is athletic and has a bright future. He will be followed this spring as will Castorri. It will be interesting around their high school.

Glen Simon  RHP - 2002 - Lake Worth, FL   Uncommitted

Simon is yet another guy we have been following for quite awhile. We probably have him ranked too low right here, but he wasn't as sharp as we expected. Simon in the 90s is going to be a very good draft pick because he can pitch and he has the makings of a plus MLB breaking ball. He showed upper 80s in Ft Myers and really looked good, but it was a loaded field. This spring will tell the story, he didn't do anything to cause scouts to lose interest in Ft Myers. In fact he was very good!

Matt Cundiff  RHP - 2002 - Cooper City, FL   Uncommitted

Cundiff is another less than well known name in scouting circles. He impressed us so much in the October Jupiter tournament where he threw in the 90s with plus life, that we got him to Ft Myers. He wasn't quite as sharp in Ft Myers, but once again showed plus velocity and unlimited potential. This kid has an outstanding arm that scouts are going to have to follow this spring. Don't be surprised when you hear his name called in June.

Alexei Hernandez  RHP - 2002 - Guatemala City, GTM GTM   Uncommitted

Based on his ability Hernandez would be ranked right up near the top of this list. He has plus arm from the outfield, can hit, can run and can play. As a pitcher he has low 90's velocity and three quality pitches. Problem is his age, Hernandez is much older than most others at the World Showcase. Because of that it is hard to put him at the top of this list.

Thomas Arpino  C - 2002 - Brooklyn, NY   Uncommitted

Jon Banner  C - 2002 - Boca Raton, FL   Uncommitted

Kevin Benton  1B - 2002 - Suwanee, GA   Uncommitted

David Bernat  RHP - 2002 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Ronnie Blomstrom  SS - 2002 - Crosby, TX   Uncommitted

Omar Borges  OF - 2002 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Javier Brito  OF - 2002 - **, VE VEN   Uncommitted

Tyler Bullock  C - 2002 - Fort Worth, TX   Baylor

Mike Buss  RHP - 2002 - Wellington, FL   Uncommitted

Brook Cross  OF - 2002 - Jupiter, FL   Uncommitted

Rodney Fernandez  RHP - 2002 - Cuba, CUB CUB   Uncommitted

Javier Fiallo  RHP - 2002 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Isaias Garcia  2B - 2002 - Houston, TX   Houston

Michael Golom  SS - 2002 - Bradenton, FL   Uncommitted

Chris Goodwin  LHP - 2002 - W. Farmington, ME   Uncommitted

Neil Gross  RHP - 2002 - Willowbrook, IL   Uncommitted

Andy Hawranick  C - 2002 - Uniontown, OH   Georgia Tech

Yukihiro Kamikawa  RHP - 2002 - Hashimagun Gifu, JPN JPN   Uncommitted

Lukas Kidd  SS - 2002 - Michigan City, IN   Uncommitted

Orioni Lopez  RHP - 2002 - West Palm Beach, FL   Uncommitted

Blake Marston  SS - 2002 - Bedford, NH   Uncommitted

Jon McLean  3B - 2002 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Calvin Medlock  RHP - 2002 - Houston, TX   Uncommitted

Steve Mena  SS - 2002 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Kyohei Miyazaki  C - 2002 - Fukuoka, JPN JPN   Uncommitted

Mitch Moses  RHP - 2002 - Richmond, VA   Uncommitted

Aaron Moulton  RHP - 2002 - Benton, AR   Uncommitted

Chris Munn  RHP - 2002 - Cooper City, FL   Uncommitted

Matt Nelson  OF - 2002 - Roswell, GA   Uncommitted

Gabriel Nunez  RHP - 2002 - **, FL   Uncommitted

Marc Nunez  RHP - 2002 - Palm Harbor, FL   Uncommitted

Julio Otero  OF - 2002 - **, VE VEN   Uncommitted

Josh Petersen  1B - 2002 - Jupiter, FL   Uncommitted

Hugo Pivaral  RHP - 2002 - Guatemala City, CUB CUB   Uncommitted

Lee Rattigan  OF - 2002 - Bedford, NH   Uncommitted

Nick Roxby  SS - 2002 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Kevin Sevigny  OF - 2002 - Springvale, ME   Uncommitted

Jason Short  RHP - 2002 - Naples, FL   Florida Gulf Coast

Rafael Sierra  C - 2002 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Chad Spann  3B - 2002 - Buena Vista, GA   Uncommitted

Quinn Stewart  OF - 2002 - Rowlett, TX   Uncommitted

Craig Stinson  C - 2002 - Cranston, RI   Uncommitted

Justin Stiver  RHP - 2002 - Englewood, FL   Florida Gulf Coast

Chance Stroot  3B - 2002 - Mansfield, TX   Uncommitted

Ben Thorpe  RHP - 2002 - Reynoldsburg, OH   Uncommitted

Thomas Troxler  RHP - 2002 - Bradenton, FL   Uncommitted

2003 Top Prospects

Lastings Milledge  OF - 2003 - Palmetto, FL   Uncommitted

Milledge ran a 6.62, was clocked at 93 mph from the OF, had Major League bat speed and showed his power with a long HR. He looked every bit of the # 1 player in his class. There are not many like him in any class.

Andy D'Alessio  1B - 2003 - Naples, FL   Clemson

Really puts a charge in the ball with a beautiful left-handed swing and level plane. D'Alessio was arguably the best hitter at the event. He has plus hitting ability and power right now. He can play 3B with a slightly below average Major League arm but his bat will put him across the diamond if need be.

Sean Rodriguez  SS - 2003 - Miami, FL   Florida International

Excellent player with the ability to hit for average and power. Has a plus arm… one of the best in the "03" class! outstanding actions in the field and at the plate. Good tools across the board except a bit below average foot-speed. We think he could play many positions maybe even be a premier catcher someday.

Xavier Paul  OF - 2003 - Slidell, LA   Tulane

Xavier has a very fast arm that produces 90+ velocity every time we see him. He lives in the 90's with an ever-improving 80 mph lively change-up. And he has much more. He hits well, runs a 6.8 and can play OF with of course a plus arm there.

Chris Lubanski  OF - 2003 - Schwenksville, PA   Florida State

We have seen Chris several times in the past two years. He was a top prospect when we first saw him and he has done nothing but improve in all areas, especially with wood. He ran a 6.65, shown improved arm strength and his left-handed bat shows big power potential.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia  C - 2003 - West Palm Beach, FL   Florida State

Salty is a switch hitting catcher with power from both sides, plus body and a plus arm. If his hitting ability continues to improve, he could end up with 4 plus tools and might have scouts comparing him to some of the best.

Robert Valido  SS - 2003 - Miami, FL   Florida International

Valido is one of the best defensive SS we have seen. He has outstanding actions. and a plus arm. He doesn't have sprinter speed but ran a 6.93 and has instincts that allow him to make the tough plays. He flashes good hitting ability and as he gets stronger he should improve his bat-speed.

David Cash  SS - 2003 - Odessa, FL   South Carolina

Cash has a Big League aura about him. As he gains size and strength he could become extra special. He has a plus, athletic body and does everything well. Ran a sub-7, Looks like he will hit for ave. and power. He gets it done at SS, only time will tell if that's where he ends up. Dad had a long Major League career.

Chris Perez  RHP - 2003 - Holmes Beach, FL   Miami

Perez is a big-bodied power pitcher who threw 91 mph fastballs with good run to it and flashes a good curve at times. The ball comes out of his hand fast and he throws downhill with ease. He has "great" arm action! He has some athletic ability for his size.

Omar Arif  LHP - 2003 - Mesquite, TX   Long Beach State

Arif is a very smooth looking lefty pitcher who showed an 85-87 mph fastball that had excellent life, good biting curve and a nice change-up with sink. Plus body and will throw harder. We heard he has thrown 90 mph and it's easy to vision after watching him and his exceptionally fast arm.

Robert Scott Leffler  C - 2003 - St. Petersburg, FL   Tampa

Leffler displayed one of the strongest arms in the event. He receives well and has improved his bat-speed and hitting ability. He could have the quickest arm in the Nation from behind the plate. He has a strong body and flashed some power potential. One of the better catch/throw guys in his class.

Daniel Bajger  RHP - 2003 - Boca Raton, FL   Uncommitted

Bajger had a fastball that topped out at 89 mph that we have seen at 90 plus before. He has a tight curve and a fast arm with good mechanics. Every time we've seen him his command has been sharp. He looks like a bulldog on the hill.

Darin Downs  LHP - 2003 - Boynton Beach, FL   South Carolina

Downs has always been one of our favorites. He is a smooth lefty with a projectable body and 3 pitches. He had an 86 mph fastball and really knows how to pitch. We think he will be throwing in the 90s real soon. A definite prospect!

Michael McCallister  1B - 2003 - Green Cove Springs, FL   Uncommitted

McCallister has excellent bat-speed, power and a big strong body. We've seen him hit better and run better than he did in Ft Myers but those hitting tools are there and he has some playable outfield tools too.

Chris Fournier  3B - 2003 - Fairfield, CT   Notre Dame

Fournier can flat out hit. He has plus bat-speed and some big power. He was one of the top hitters at this event. He plays the game well but needs to improve his running speed or change positions for the highest levels of college or pro ball.

Gib Hobson  RHP - 2003 - Pfafftown, NC   Uncommitted

Hobson is a good looking fastball-curveball pitcher with excellent arm strength, good mechanics and a feel for the mound. He showed 87 mph velocity and projects well.

Arik Hempy  OF - 2003 - Raleigh, NC   South Carolina

Hempy is a 6-4 lefty pitcher with a strong upper body that produced a live mid 80's fastball for strikes. Coming from a high angle he could have a good 12-6 curve with work. He is very big and has an easy working arm action.

Roland Rodriguez  RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Rodriguez pitches from a lower, deceptive angle and kept hitters off balance with 87 mph velocity and a plus 2-plane curve ball. If he smooths out his mechanics a bit he will have a bright future.

Derek Abriola  RHP - 2003 - Orlando, FL   UCF

Abriola has a solid body and easy working arm. If he can increase the spin on his curve and slider, and get the fastball moving he will be a very good prospect. He has a nice delivery and already has consistent high 80's velocity.

Felix Martinez  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Broward CC

Good looking player with some wood power, ran a 6.93 and threw 88mph from the OF. Has defensive fielding ability, near-average speed and a playable arm in the OF. He has an outstanding baseball body.

Daniel Latham  RHP - 2003 - Covington, LA   Tulane

Good tall and thin projectable pitchers body with broad shoulders. He showed good command of an 85 mph fastball and a live change-up. He also showed a 12-6 curve with a nice late break.

Alex Burruezo  RHP - 2003 - Windermere, FL   Uncommitted

Burruezo is a sharp pitcher who showed an 84-87 mph fastball and a very good 73 mph slider. He gets enough movement to keep hitters away from the sweet spot. He looks very athletic and maybe he could be a position prospect as well.

Matt Moses  MIF - 2003 - Richmond, VA   Clemson

Moses is a strong switch-hitting SS with a level swing and good bat-speed. His bat might put him at 1B in the future. Showed a good change-up and decent velocity on the mound.

Andre Caldwell  OF - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Caldwell is a very athletic outfielder with 6.6 speed, good arm and good defensive instincts. If he learns how to hit he will be an outstanding all-around player.

Todd Redmond  RHP - 2003 - St. Petersburg, FL   St. Petersburg College

Redmond had a mid 80's fastball that he was able to locate well and a potential plus change-up with sink. His arm is a loose and he projects to throw in the 90s.

Gary Arndt  SS - 2003 - Racine, WI   Uncommitted

Brian Chambers  RHP - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Florida State

Manuel Ferrer  SS - 2003 - Tampa, VE VEN   Uncommitted

Jhonny Garcia  C - 2003 - **, VE VEN   Uncommitted

Jeff Goodall  RHP - 2003 - Poway, CA   Uncommitted

Jason Kleiss  LHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Brian Leclerc  OF - 2003 - Clearwater, FL   Florida

Xerxes Martin  LHP - 2003 - Dallas, TX   Uncommitted

Wilson Matos  SS - 2003 - New York, NY   Uncommitted

Edgar Molina  OF - 2003 - Levittown Sta., PR   Uncommitted

Bill Musselman  C - 2003 - Lockport, IL   Uncommitted

Juan Ojeda  SS - 2003 - Winter Park, FL   Rollins College

Braedyn Pruitt  3B - 2003 - W. Palm Beach, FL   Stetson

Chris Rini  RHP - 2003 - Flemington, NJ   Uncommitted

Kris Rochelle  C - 2003 - Richmond, VA   UNC-Charlotte

Tommy Sadler  OF - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA   Mesa CC

Joshua Smith  RHP - 2003 - Spring Hill, FL   Uncommitted

Adam Tindle  OF - 2003 - Longwood, FL   Uncommitted

Andrew Tomlin  RHP - 2003 - Cape Coral, FL   Uncommitted

Justin Valdes  RHP - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Louisville

2004 Top Prospects

Ryan Petrulis  SS - 2004 - Tinley Park, IL   Princeton

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