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2022 Class of 2025 All-American Games
***West vs Central will begin shortly after 3 pm

After numerous rain and lightning delays, everything has been moved inside for the day. We will have live ABs at the Marucci Performance Center. The game time for USA vs Southeast and West vs Central will be updated shortly.
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2025 Top Prospects

Jack Ruckert  SS - 2025 - Baton Rouge, LA
Louisiana State

Ruckert was one of, if not, the most impressive defensive performers, showcasing confident hands and smooth actions on the infield. Advanced bat speed and good leverage within the swing allows balls to be driven with authority on a consistent basis. Ruckert also showed some two-way ability, pounding the zone and generating weak contact with a solid fastball/curveball combination.

Hagen Wright  OF - 2025 - Mesa, AZ
Arizona State

Wright displayed some of the louder tools on both sides of the ball. A strong, physical frame gets used well at the plate, resulting in advanced power that plays to all fields. Arm strength was shown during outfield workouts, throwing 89 mph with good accuracy on most throws.

Mason Greenhouse  OF - 2025 - Riverside, CA

Greenhouse possesses one of the highest upside profiles at the event with plenty of tools present. An impressive arm creates easy carry on throws from the outfield, reaching 94 mph. A clean, lofted path produced massive pullside power during batting practice with more coming down the line. There is also some two-way potential as Greenhouse showcased a three-pitch mix with the ability to generate weak contact.

Brock Silvers  3B - 2025 - Middleton, ID

Silvers had an impressive event, showcasing a well-rounded profile with two-way potential. A strong build helped produce loud contact at the plate with advanced power that plays well to the pullside. A mid-80’s fastball showed the ability to generate whiffs when elevated, pairing well with a fading changeup that is tough to pick up out of the hand.

Mason Braun  1B - 2025 - South Bend, IN
Virginia Tech

Braun put together an impressive event showing strong tools on both sides of the ball. The left-handed hitter showcased advanced barrel accuracy with ability to drive balls with authority, resulting in a 95 mph exit velocity. Confident actions played defensively at first base with the ability to make plays constantly.

Gabe Boyd  SS - 2025 - Memphis, TN
Mississippi State

Boyd displayed intriguing tools with a high upside profile. The infielder showcased loose actions on the dirt with confident hands throughout workouts. Quick bat speed and feel for the barrel resulted in hard contact during batting practice and an exit velocity of 93 mph.

Evan Hankins  1B - 2025 - Bristol, VA

Hankins displayed loud two-way ability throughout the event. A strong, physical frame produces big left-handed power at the plate. Advanced arm strength plays from the outfield while clean, controlled actions were shown at first base. The arm strength translates to the mound resulting in a heavy fastball up to 87 mph. It paired well with a sweeping slider that made for an uncomfortable at-bat.

Jadyn Nunez  OF - 2025 - Miami, FL
North Carolina

Nunez has tools and athleticism that stands out on both sides of the ball. The outfielder displayed a strong arm during defensive workout, throwing 90 mph with accuracy. A clean, linear path resulted in one of the more consistent rounds of batting practice with frequent hard line drives back up the middle. The arm strength translates well to the mound where Nunez displayed legit two-way potential. A mid-80’s fastball was paired with a sharp slider showing late bite.

Troy Ford  OF - 2025 - Fayetteville, GA

Ford possesses intriguing athleticism and upside. The outfielder showed the ability to move with ease and create momentum into accurate throws with on-line carry. The switch-hitter possesses quick hands at the plate helping produce frequent hard hit line drives to all fields.

Evan Fernandez  3B - 2025 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Fernandez impressed at the plate, finding loads of barrels throughout the event. A strong frame and barrel accuracy helps generate advanced power that plays in-game regularly. Defensively, Fernandez showed a quality arm across the diamond, throwing 85 mph during workouts, and solid hands at third base.

Caleb Barnett  3B - 2025 - Mountain Brook, AL

Barnett showcased some of the biggest power in batting practice with the ability to get the bat head out front. A strong arm played across the diamond, throwing 86 mph during workouts, as well on the mound. A downhill plane on the fastball allowed the offering to work well at the bottom of the zone, pairing with a short breaking curveball showing late bite.

Samuel Harris  RHP - 2025 - Cary, NC
North Carolina State

Harris showcased an impressive three-pitch mix on the mound. The fastball topped out at 87 mph, while a heavy fading changeup and sharp slider missed bats often. The arm strength translated across the diamond during infielder workouts and a lofted path drove balls in the air with some authority throughout the event.

Josh Gibbs  SS - 2025 - Cumming, GA

Gibbs is a well-rounded prospect who shined on both sides of the ball at the event. It's compact swing that translates to a very consistent barrel rate while the bat speed allows him to generate pretty easy impact already. He also moves well on the dirt and has upper-80s arm strength across giving him a real chance to stick on the left side long term.

Zahir Barjam  SS - 2025 - Miami, FL

Barjam put together a strong showing at the plate and on the infield. Advanced athleticism allowed for clean actions on the dirt with confident hands. The arm plays from the left side, throwing 86 mph during workouts. A strong frame helped produce hard contact at the plate that plays gap to gap consistently.

Karson Trichel  RHP - 2025 - Monroe, LA
Louisiana State

Trichel showcased impressive stuff on the mound capable of missing bats often. The fastball worked well when elevated, getting up to 86 mph with life through the zone. A short, tilting slider in the upper-70’s was tough to pick up out of the hand, resulting in frequently missed barrels.

William Hill  OF - 2025 - Humble, TX

Hill showcased an impressive offensive skill set throughout batting practice and in-game action. Quick, strong hands combine with advanced barrel accuracy to produce loud contact on a regular basis. Hill displayed power that plays well into both gaps. Athleticism was shown during outfield workouts with good actions into throws.

Malosi Mata'afa-Alferos  SS - 2025 - Ewa Beach, HI

Mata'afa-Alferos put together a strong event, showing athleticism and tools on both sides of the ball. The athleticism leads to advanced range on the infield with soft hands that work well through hops. A strong arm creates impressive carry, throwing 90 mph across the diamond. Advanced bat speed on a clean lofted path resulted in consistent barrels at the plate.

Jamir Holloway  3B - 2025 - Jonesboro, GA

Holloway displayed impressive power throughout batting practice. Strong hands and a lofted path allowed balls to be driven to the big part of the field with ease. Sound actions allow for plays to be made consistently at a corner spot on the infield with solid carry on throws across.

Drew Kindlon  RHP - 2025 - Slingerlands, NY

Kindlon was impressive on the mound, showcasing a dynamic fastball/slider combination that made hitters uncomfortable. The fastball got up to 86 mph with plenty of armside run. Tight spin and good tilt allowed the slider to miss bats often at 70-74 mph.

Ethan Adams  RHP - 2025 - Parker, CO

Adams showed an intriguing pitch mix on the mound. The fastball topped out at 89 mph while a sharp curveball missed bats often. There is also some feel for a fading changeup as well. The arm strength translated to the outfield, creating solid carry on accurate throws. Adams displayed the ability to use his strong frame to produce loud contact at the plate.

Nicholas Partida  SS - 2025 - Manvel, TX

Partida has a well-rounded performance, showing two-way potential throughout the event. The infielder showcased a strong arm across, reaching 90 mph during workouts. That arm strength translated well to the mound where the fastball got up to 87 mph. It was paired with an above-average changeup and curveball that were mixed well. At the plate, a short, simple swing produced consistent barrels.

Shelton Harville Jr  RHP - 2025 - Keithville, LA
Louisiana Tech

Harville Jr. was one of the more impressive arms to take the mound, showcasing feel for a quality three-pitch mix. The fastball got up to 87 mph, pairing with a sharp curveball and fading changeup. The arm strength also played from the outfield, throwing 87 mph during defensive work, while strong hands produced quality pullside power during batting practice.

Carter Kutz  C - 2025 - Hartford, WI

Kutz displayed strong two-way ability throughout the event. Quick bat speed produced frequent hard hit balls. Athleticism and arm strength played well behind the plate and on the infield, posting a 1.97 second pop time and throwing 86 mph across. A quality fastball/curveball combination missed bats often with the heater topping out at 87 mph.

Cristian De Los Santos  3B - 2025 - Miami, FL

De Los Santos utilized a strong, physical build to produce massive power potential that was shown in batting practice. There is plenty present with more coming down the line. Solid actions played both in the outfield and on the infield with arm strength showing from both spots.

Cameron Odom  RHP - 2025 - Marianna, FL
Florida State

Odom showcased some impressive stuff on the mound, running the fastball up to 87 mph and displaying feel for a sharp, tiling slider. Both pitches showed swing and miss ability. There is some two-way talent present. A strong frame helped drive balls with authority when on time, while the arm strength and athleticism showed well during infielder work.

Caeden Cloud  SS - 2025 - Nixa, MO

Cloud put together a well-rounded showing with intriguing tools present. Athleticism was shown both on the infield and in the outfield with controlled actions throughout defensive work. An accurate arm with solid carry played from both spots. A simple, direct path at the plate produced consistent quality contact throughout batting practice with solid power playing to the pullside.

Eddie Tanner  SS - 2025 - Hamilton, OH

Tanner was an intriguing arm that impressed on the mound. The righthander moved the fastball in and out well, reaching 86 mph with the offering. It paired well with a short breaking slider that showed out pitch potential. There is some two-way ability with the arm strength translating across the infield during defensive work and a direct path leading to consistent barrels at the plate.

John Phillip (JP) Abt  SS - 2025 - Brandon, MS

Abt used advanced athleticism throughout the event resulting in intriguing two-way potential. A strong arm was shown from both the outfield and across the infield while sound body control and actions allowed plays to be made at both spots. The ability to get the bat head out front resulted in hard pullside power during batting practice. The arm strength played on the mound where a mid-80’s fastball was paired with a sweeping slider and flashes of a fading changeup.

RJ Machado  SS - 2025 - Sunrise, FL
Florida State

Machado has the foundation of a high upside prospect as he's athletic on the dirt with a strong arm and the swing is a good one with bat speed, a heavy barrel and enough handle of it already to let the power play to the big part of the field.

John Loudon  OF - 2025 - Brookhaven, GA

Loudon took a really impressive round of batting practice and has a number of components to project big things on. It's a compact stroke with explosively fast hands and he's very accurate with the barrel sending some baseballs a good way to the pull side and most on a hard line.