Showcase National Underclass Session 3
Jan 5 - 6, 2007 Terry Park Sports Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

*College commitment information is submitted by players and college coaches

2009 Top Prospects

Stephen Seger  OF - 2009 - Houston, TX   Southern Miss

Lean and athletic 2009 outfielder. Seger has serious arm strength and the bat projects power. Big follow for this class.

Brooks Oursler  RHP - 2009 - Franklin, TN   Mississippi

Very large 6’7” frame with great projection. Hits from slightly open stance, serious power projection, ball jumps now. Great target at 1B with very good arm strength across. High 3/4 arm slot on mound, arm works easy. Heavy FB with ASR, shows feel for CH and fills up zone. Excellent student.

Chase Graskewicz  C - 2009 - Hudson, WI   Kansas State

Hard worker behind the plate with very good catch and throw skills. Arm is accurate with carry through the bag at second. Also a capable switch hitter with good batspeed both ways, puts the ball in play. Good student.

Paul Baggett  RHP - 2009 - Jay, FL   Tallahassee CC

Tall athletic frame, durable body with present strength. High 3/4 arm slot on mound, arm works loose and easy, gets good cut action FB and he will vary his arm slot. Has feel for secondary stuff. Flashes lift and pop with bat, power potential, excellent student.

Tyler Rocklein  OF - 2009 - Bradenton, FL   State College of Florida

Projectable body, slender, lanky, long limbs, sloped shoulders. Good instincts in OF, covers a lot of ground, good read off bat, tracks well, takes feet to ball, has good arm strength, accurate throws with carry. Square stance, crouched with wide base, has pop, uses all fields, good exit, loads well, shows opposite field pop, balanced, good recognition, some lift in swing, excellent student.

Gabriel Babineaux  OF - 2009 - Missouri City, TX   Uncommitted

Very athletic look, slender lean build, good projection frame. 3/4 arm slot on mound, loose easy arm, SL breaks 2-8, shows sink FB, velo projects. Feet work to ball in OF, shows arm strength, comes through well on throws. Upright stance in box with good batspeed, ball jumps, good student.

Travis Reboulet  3B - 2009 - Fishers, IN   Vincennes University

Reboulet has a very good frame, very wide sloped shoulders, and present strength throughout. Hands and feet work well on IF, quick transfer and release, makes plays. Slightly closed stance at plate, aggressive early in count, has batspeed and good hand strength, hard contact to all fields. Can run with instincts on bases, gets out of box, good student.

Robert Cossey  OF - 2009 - Fresno, TX   Uncommitted

Very lean athletic frame, slender build with room to go. Moves well in OF, hands and feet work, throws show carry, accurate arm. Square stance at plate and shows batspeed, wants to pull. Line drive hitting approach, quick hands, projectable frame, good student.

Luis Pla  C - 2009 - Guaynabo, PR   Uncommitted

Good C frame, lean strength throughout, wide shoulders. Good setup behind plate and very active. Blocks, hands and feet work. Athletic in box, good batspeed, line drive swing plane and creates good leverage - big power potential. Capable runner, good student.

Michael Clark  LHP - 2009 - Ft Lauderdale, FL   Uncommitted

Clark is a very good athlete with a slender build. Shows batspeed at plate with a pull approach, good sound off bat. Feet work well in OF and he has speed to cover ground. High 3/4 arm slot on mound and has arm speed, good velo with more to come, late break SL with good feel, good student.

Shane Ammon  OF - 2009 - North Richland Hills, TX   Grayson County College

Lean athletic frame, room to add, good trigger at plate, good batspeed, solid line drive swing path, stays short to ball, easy swing, quiet approach, hands stay inside ball, very good speed on bases and in outfield, shows carry on throws, high 3/4 arm slot on mound, FB shows arm side run, good presence on mound, sweeping CB with feel, good student.

Logan Fiasco  OF - 2009 - Pace, FL   Louisiana-Monroe

Fiasco has a lean, projectable body with room for development. He is athletic in the outfield aggressive to the ball, and gets solid reads off the bat. He hits with a line drive swing plane and demonstrates a willingness to use the opposite field. Also looked good on mound, he knows how to pitch, and has sound mechanics.

2010 Top Prospects

Hayden Jordan  RHP - 2010 - Peachtree City, GA   Tallahassee CC

Big strong frame, young with wide sloped shoulders, present strength throughout. High 3/4 arm slot on mound and arm works loose, FB has ASR, ball is heavy and he has feel for offspeed and when to throw it. Slightly open stance at plate, narrow base, batspeed with good exit, gap level power now, good student.

Jonathan Davis  C - 2010 - Missouri City, TX   Arkansas

Very athletic frame with present strength throughout, toned lower half. Athletic catcher that moves well and has good arm strength, versatile player. 6.95 runner with instincts on bases, high energy player. Square stance with slight crouch at plate, aggressive approach, stays inside with batspeed, power to come.

Zacary Hawkins  OF - 2010 - Mandeville, LA   Louisiana State University-Eunice

Hawkins comes from a mid 3/4 arm slot on mound, quick tempo with armspeed, CB 1-7 with good depth - solid arm action. Athlete on mound. Moves well around first base, soft hands, very good arm strength. Flat swing plane, good pop and lift in swing, ball comes off well, very good pullside contact, good student.

Connor McDonald  MIF - 2010 - Beaumont, TX   Uncommitted

Slender athletic frame with room. Very quick and his hands and feet work with relative ease on the infield, and he makes accurate throws that show carry. Hits from a wide base with a rotational, no-stride approach with a line drive swing plane. He does well staying inside the ball, and possesses some developing power.

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