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2023 Top Prospects

Zachary Slayden  RHP - 2023 - Tomball, TX

Slayden had the loudest outing of the event with the makings of some advanced stuff on display. He ran his fastball up to 89 with a clean delivery and low stress arm action with explosive life out the hand getting some angle from the downhill action. The feel to spin was mature with a good foundation on the breaking ball showing excellent late 12/6 action and flashing some advanced shaped and spin on it. A lot more to see from this promising right-hander with next level projection to build on.

Stephen Kaiser  SS - 2023 - El Paso, TX

Kaiser had the most advanced toolset in attendance. Very refined in the middle infield, the feel for the glove and mature actions stood out at the position alongside his hit tool producing in game as well. His dominant outing on the mound also intrigued plenty, running his fastball up to a lively 86 with hard run and an excellent feel to spin a quality breaking ball for a lot of uncomfortable at-bats. The athleticism seen in his two-way talent was immense also posting a 6.95 in the 60. Impressive showing of next-level tools and impact in each phase of the game.

Kai Langford  C - 2023 - Houston, TX

Langford is a well-rounded prospect projecting a lengthy 6-4,195 build that looked the part at first base and on the mound. He showed pitchability and feel for a strong three pitches working the zone. Efficient and athletic with more in the tank. The impact potential at the plate is promising as well with strength playing to both sides of the field. Checks off a lot boxes and competes.

Cameron Anderson  OF - 2023 - San Antonio, TX

Anderson has some tools at his disposal with being a good athlete as a 7.22 runner, arm strength up to 89 mph from the outfield and a clean swing with good handle of the barrel making him pretty well-rounded and a follow for coaches looking for someone with a foundation for becoming an impact prospect.

Jonathan Gomez  C - 2023 - Spring, TX

Gomez took a solid round of BP showing heavy hands and some explosiveness working the barrel through the zone and while it's not an overly strong arm behind the dish, he has good energy and efficient actions with an accurate arm that translates to game well.

Steven Mills  C - 2023 - Spring, TX

Mills is 6-3/190 with some strength to the profile which he showed in batting practice using a longer stroke to leverage the baseball a long way in flashes while also translating it into good arm strength behind the dish.

2024 Top Prospects

Patrick Lewis  SS - 2024 - Manvel, TX

Lewis is a highly projectable two-way standout with polished tools on both side of the game and an advanced feel to pitch. Game changing ability seen from Lewis with huge upside in the arm. Excellent range and sure glove skill fitting the left side of the infield with the ability to throw from any angle across the diamond, and extremely athletic with awareness for the outfield. His outing on the mound was also electric. High level athleticism seen impact multiple phases of the game with intent, certainly a name to know for an exciting uncommitted prospect.

Ryland Rangel  SS - 2024 - San Antonio, TX

Rangel opened eyes on the mound in a solid look at the 5-9, 160-pound right-hander. Quality athleticism in the delivery with efficient use of aggressive actions and showed an advanced feel to spin two breaking ball planes playing off serious life on the fastball generating hard spin and late run action. The command and fluid arm were intact, mixed with intent and missed a lot of barrels often. The jump out the hand was explosive with low stress arm and the quick twitch in the delivery was impressive. Still room to develop, the projection left to add to mound is enticing after the outing he had.

Tanner Fallwell  C - 2024 - Oklahoma City, OK

Fallwell looked the part at backstop and produced with sound actions and arm strength to project on also posting a 1.88 pop in workouts. Physical 6-1, 190-pound athlete showed a lot to like handling different arms with excellent receiving skills, mobility and awareness of the field. Strong and durable build flashed easy strength at the plate after a strong look with a loud BP round. The swing is simple and fluid with big impact potential on display running into hard barrels in game. Solid look on both sides and a 2024 catcher watch for.

Walker Shaw  RHP - 2024 - Mansfield, TX

Shaw showed some of the better potential on the mound to follow. The most effective pitch was the breaking ball landing at will with late horizontal action for several swing and miss. High spin and tight shape maintained arm speed showed a clear feel to spin it with intent. Does a great job killing the spin on the changeup offering with fade at the bottom of the zone, and the lively fastball peaked at 85 was explosive out the hand making him extremely difficult to square up throughout his outing. The 5-10, 170-pound right-hander is athletic with a talented arm flashing some next level pitching with plenty of room left to advance his promising look.

Raymundo Vazquez  RHP - 2024 - Friendswood, TX

Vazquez is a 6-3, 185 right-hander with things heading in the right direction on the mound. Showed pitchability working through his three innings in a great look at his feel for both the breaking ball and changeup. Creates some tough plane to hit as well and mixes with intent on both sides of the plate with a life on the low-80s fastball. There is a lot of room to develop the total look and given the great upside he has shown the potential in his stuff is interesting.

Nolan Roycraft  LHP - 2024 - The Woodlands, TX

Roycraft pieced together a solid outing. The projectable left-hander tossed an impressive three frames of work to strike out five. He worked the fastball up to 85 mixing a tight breaking ball with confidence. Roycraft has a lot left to see on the mound with plenty of projection to start to add to this effective left-hander’s craft.

Talon Kendrick  OF - 2024 - Stillwater, OK

Kendrick has some things to project on with both strength and athleticism to the profile. He ran a 7.14 and threw 84 from the outfield with clean actions and there's some real strength to the swing as he can get separated and leveraged well to get the ball in the air and carry it a good ways to the pull side.

2025 Top Prospects

Victor Coronado  SS - 2025 - Rosharon, TX

Coronado is an established prospect in the state who stands out in presence with a strong 6-3, 185-pound build and athleticism performing at high levels on the field. The defensive upside on the left side of the infield continues to separate itself displaying some of the most polished glove skill and feel for the position as well as the strongest arm tossing 90 across the diamond. Immense potential across his game showing early signs of top-tier talent ahead of him after another excellent look this weekend adding to the track record heading toward an exciting prep career.

Santiago Leija  RHP - 2025 - Houston, TX

Leija was outstanding on the mound with his impressive pitchability taking over throughout his outing. The 5-11, 170-pound right-hander topped his fastball at 86 with some sink and run on it at times and the explosive arm action and uptempo delivery causing issues for hitters. The active fastball was dominant missing barrels for a lot of swing and miss and soft contact with command, while the advanced breaking ball was sharp and effective complimenting the changeup. A lot to like about this arm to watch develop.

Damian Montanez  OF - 2025 - Killeen, TX

Montanez is explosive in each phase of his game. At the plate there were several flashes of the makings of an advanced hit tool with impressive bat speed finding some hard barrels in game play, and the 6.82 run tool transferring to the bases with impact. Also has a motor that covers a lot of ground with intent and showed off some quality arm strength up to 90 from the outfield complimenting his play making ability. Excellent use of quick twitch movements and athleticism across his tools with a strong 5-9, 160-pound build. Plenty to project on from this well-rounded prospect.

Ezequiel Ramirez  1B - 2025 - Pearland, TX

Ramirez is a physical 6-3, 205-pound build with some big impact potential at the plate catching attention. Aggressive approach and present strength at the plate were imposing for this class. Immense potential ahead of him as the left-handed swing matures. The defensive versatility and athleticism played around the field very well showing the upside in arm strength fitting the part in the corner infield and outfield with solid glove skill and easy actions for multiple positions.

Aiden Sanchez  LHP - 2025 - Houston, TX

Sanchez is an ultra-projectable 6-3, 195-pound build with huge two-way talent. On the mound the southpaw put up a solid outing showcasing a low-80s fastball creating tough plane to hit and was plenty athletic in his delivery utilizing the long levers downhill paired well his excellent feel for the secondary offering. Plenty to like about him at first base and the outfield with arm strength and true actions playing smoothly at each position. Physical switch-hitter showed strength and refined swings from both sides of the plate through one of the best BP rounds of the event. A lot of upside displayed and despite the developing build the athleticism and coordination is present suggesting power potential on the mound and with the bat as he continues to mature.

Jackson Beddoe  SS - 2025 - Sulphur, LA

Beddoe has well-rounded tools and was solid across the board at the event. He ran a 7.22 and was athletic on the dirt with arm strength up to 85 mph across the infield while showing a short quick stroke from the right side with real hand speed and some jump off the barrel for his size.

Donovan Arroyo  SS - 2025 - Houston, TX

Arroyo is another with some foundational tools that'll project well with time. He's a solid runner with arm strength in the low-80s across the diamond and he whips the barrel hard with quick hands and some really good flashes of impact to the middle of the field.

James Stoeckel  OF - 2025 - Friendswood, TX

Stoeckel is a lean and projectable athlete at 5-10/155 and took a very consistent round of BP showing a clean path with good hands and a consistent approach that allowed him to hit some hard liners to the middle of the field.

Jailen Monegan  MIF - 2025 - Humble, TX

Monegan is a loose and projectable athlete who showed some things to like in his BP round with good rhythm to work his weight through impact, heavier hands and the ability to work to both gaps with projectable strength.

Austin Reed  C - 2025 - Sugar Land, TX

Reed generates a good bit of impact from a smaller stature and the consistency he has with quickness in the bat and arm strength up to 83 from the outfield stood out.

2026 Top Prospects

Braxton Beaty  LHP - 2026 - Angleton, TX

Beaty was actively performing throughout the weekend showing signs of a two-way impact player. The 2026 left-hander held the most dominant outing of the event going three innings with nine strike outs. Beaty’s pitchability is outstanding. The fastball was up to 83 with impressive feel to spin two breaking ball planes that were dialed into the zone for a big outing.

Logan Shields  RHP - 2026 - Missouri City, TX

Shields struck out six through an impressive outing by the 2026 right-hander. His fastball and slider were an excellent two pitch mix working both sides of the zone. Both pitches looked developed for the class as well as his athleticism on the mound. He spun a firm low-80s fastball that runs hard and a lot of confidence in the sharp slider filling up the zone consistently missing barrels. The delivery is efficient, and the arm action works with an easy lower slot looking refined throughout. Really effective stuff now with plenty more in the tank as he matures.

Dylan Blomker  RHP - 2026 - Albuquerque, NM

Blomker was another impressive young two-way talent producing plenty with some advanced looks on both sides. The 6-2, 173 right-hander was solid cruising through two innings where he ran his fastball up to a firm 84 and showed feel for the breaking ball and changeup. The long levers are coordinated and athletic with the bat as well showing barrel skills and several good pieces of hitting after an intriguing BP round flashing impact potential in the physical upside.

Brady Brewer  C - 2026 - Pearland, TX

Brewer is a promising young backstop profile showing polished fundamentals and awareness for the position, but also very athletic with defensive versatility showing excellent arm strength and actions in the infield and outfield. Also got on the mound for an efficient couple innings of work attacking the zone effectively, and was outstanding with the bat where he was most productive in game play showing a refined swing and quality hit tool with several flashes of strong impact to like.

Joe Meloy  SS - 2026 - Houston, TX

Meloy was one of the best pure runners at the event, regardless of age, and it's a fundamentally sound swing with a compact path and consistent handle of the barrel while also showing low-80s arm strength across the diamond.

Case Crenshaw  3B - 2026 - Houston, TX

Crenshaw has some physicality in the young bat and he gets connected with the lower half well, getting into all of the strength in the profile right now while having the ability to separate and project to hit some balls a long way.

Logan Corley  LHP - 2026 - Lucas, TX

Corley is a long 6-1/175 with projection to the profile as he worked up to 82 from the left side while showing good feel to spin a pair of breaking balls already to go with good tempo and strikes.

Dawson Hinson  SS - 2026 - Friendswood, TX

Hinson is a great athlete, running a 7.09 already, and he's active on the dirt with a good arm clocked up to 83 mph and he swings with good intent already showing good bat speed and a good bit of impact off the barrel on a line already.