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2023 Top Prospects

Alex Wilson  OF - 2023 - Danville, CA

Wilson impressed in several facets, running a 6.93 and showing some serious intent that showed in game. Physical build with athletic traits, really explosive path that plays to the gaps. Strength and some carry off the bat and made some loud contact.

Maddox Thompson  OF - 2023 - San Rafael, CA

Thompson really stood out on both sides, running a 6.57 and stringing together hits over two games. Whippy barrel with athletic traits in the box. Some looseness and bat speed that plays to the gaps. Easy mover during drills, quick feet and arm strength with carry. Impressive display on both sides that stood out.

Gavin Mora  C - 2023 - Lodi, CA

Mora was a standout during drills and showcased those athletic traits in game. Shows god actions behind the dish and softer hands receives it well. Charges well, gains momentum and puts trust into his arm. At the plate, Mora has good intent in the path from a compact swing. Has power to the pull side and let's it get deep. Mora is an intriguing product.

Quincy Malbrough  OF - 2023 - Loomis, CA

Malbrough has an intriguing lean, athletic frame that bodes well for remaining projection. There's some strength in the levers that produce loud contact to both gaps. For a prospect at his size, the feel for the barrel is awfully impressive and it showed.

Logan Mikel  SS - 2023 - Chino, CA

Mikel is an enticing up-the-middle prospect with things to like on both sides. Ran a 6.94 60-yard dash along with a quality round from the outfield and infield. Quick, lateral range to either side and can pick it from either side. At the plate, Mikel uncoils with serious intent and creates a whippy barrel in the process. Steep barrel that found hard loud barrels.

Cody Collins  RHP - 2023 - Fortuna, CA

Collins showcased his intriguing two-way potential over two days. His outing on the mound impressed with a fastball up to 84 and holding low-80s for most of it. Also found some solid knocks through the right side. Impressive outfield and infield drills with arm strength that can impact a game in several facets. Easy hands create extension at the plate. Good athlete that performed awfully well over two days.

Tanishq Shinde  RHP - 2023 - Fremont, CA

Shinde has some untapped two-way potential. Has a lean, athletic build that can continue to fill out. Showed varying break to his fastball, good arm-side run in on the hands with a promising breaker. Also showed good intent and posture at the plate. Let's his physicality take over.

2024 Top Prospects

Vance Haskins  RHP - 2024 - Clements, CA

Haskins made a loud impression on the bump, running it up to 83 mph with arm-side run from a pronated fastball. Lower three-quarter slot produced traits of a sweeping slider. Good shape to it along with a quality changeup. Some traits on the mound that impressed.

Luke Leggitt  1B - 2024 - Woodbridge, CA

Leggitt was another big time two-way performer. Found a few loud barrels to the gaps and gets into his legs well to separate. Hopped on the bump and ran it up to 83 mph with feel for a solid breaker. Real two-way ability and conviction.

Bryce Berry  RHP - 2024 - Livermore, CA

Berry had himself an impressive outing on the hill with a potent two-pitch mix. Fastball topped 83 mph and was commanded well to all quadrants. Broke off a 12-6 curveball with two-plane depth to it, quite effective from a looser arm action. Creates some crossfire in the delivery, and brings more projection in a solid 6-foot-7 frame. Good upside.

Jadon Anderson  RHP - 2024 - San Jose, CA

Anderson was another solid two-way presence who made his presence felt on the bump. The right-hander has quality fastball command to all quadrants with feel for an effective 11-5 breaking ball. He also brings some upside with the stick, showing solid impact when timed.

JD Pearce  RHP - 2024 - Orinda, CA

Pearce was a loud performer in many facets and can impact a program at the next level. Really solid showing at shortstop with crisper actions on the dirt. Can hop on the bump showing lively stuff up to 84 with two distinct breakers in a curveball and slider. At the plate, loud right-handed swing with easy strength at impact. Manipulates the barrel and stays long through the zone. Big performer.

Michael Olsen  LHP - 2024 - Castro Valley, CA

Olsen had the loudest shot over two games, turning on a high fastball to right field that nearly left the yard, settling for a standup triple off the wall. Projects for power and shows enough quickness in the hands to turn it to the pull side. Loud impact off the bat, strong hands can meet the ball and shows big contact to that side. Name to keep an eye on.

Maximiliano Garcia  3B - 2024 - Hercules, CA

Garcia had some of the most consistent in-game contact. His right-handed swing is packed with strength in the hands, but has the ability to stay on plane for a long barrel through the zone. It's a physical frame with loud impact. The bat was impressive in several facets with more in store.

2025 Top Prospects

LT Lindsay  OF - 2025 - Roseville, CA

Lindsay made a loud impression with the stick as he was consistently on time and on the barrel. Quick hands can match plane and take it where it's given. Some separation when squared. Wiry, athletic build stands out with good speed and quickness in many facets. Has a good feel for the age and can hit some quality pitching. Defensive versatility with some feel at the plate.

Duncan Delange  RHP - 2025 - Gardnerville, NV

Delange showed out at the dish with a pair of loud knocks that screamed off the barrel. Can work both gaps for doubles and shows quickness on the turn. Minimal moving parts in the laod with good bat speed and explosiveness. Gets extended with good jump at impact. Delange was a loud bat that showed up.

Alex Escalante  SS - 2025 - Stockton, CA

Escalante brings a lot to the table. He's quick, rangy defender up the middle and has some feel for the leather at shortstop He can hop on the bump and feature a low-80s fastball along with a tight, late bitng slider from a lower three-quarter release. Escalante also has some feel for the barrel, getting those hands down to match plane and work all fields. He made a huge impact during games and is a name to watch closely.

Ethan Johnson  C - 2025 - San Jose, CA

Johnson has an intriguing, physical build with well-proportioned strength that showed in game. Strong left-handed stick on a well lofted path can produce some carry. Gets into the legs with more in store. He also showed a solid pop time and mobile hips behind the dish at catcher.