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2022 Top Prospects

Jean Santos  2B - 2022 - Kissimmee, FL

Santos showed excellent insincts and natural actions in the infield. He also ran a 7.03 60-yard dash and used the entire field during his round of batting practice.

2023 Top Prospects

Simon Scharff  C - 2023 - Lake Wales, FL

Scharff displayed good actions behind the dish, popping a 1.93 with quick feet and an accurate arm. The primary catcher also worked in the outfield and reached 87 mph on throws. Scharff has potential with the bat as well, showing some pop.

Zach Alt  OF - 2023 - Westlake, TX

Alt showed quality athleticism, running a 6.88 60-yard dash. He worked with clean actions in the outifeld and reached 81 mph with carry on his throws. The right-handed hitter also showed good strength out front with the bat.

Jonathan Rivero  SS - 2023 - Miami, FL

Rivero ran a 6.85 and has carry on the throws across the diamond. He is athletic enough to stay on the left side and the swing is compact on the offensive side.

2024 Top Prospects

Noah Alvarez  1B - 2024 - Miami, FL

Alvarez projects very well offensively and offers presnt impact. The hand speed is explosive and he barreled the ball loudly often.

Sandy Rosario  OF - 2024 - West Palm Beach, FL

Rosario showcased lots to like with the bat. The right-handed stick is physical and gets into it plenty. He produced loud barrels with juice to the middle of the field.

Clark Corlew  OF - 2024 - Lake Worth, FL

Corlew posseses a combination excellent bat speed as well as strength. He showed arm strength in the outifeld in addition to running a 6.89 60-yard dash.

Ethan Wells  OF - 2024 - Coral Springs, FL

Wells is a good athlete and possesses a very solid all around tool set. He worked the middle of the field often during his round and employed quick feet in the outfield.

JD Rojas  SS - 2024 - Altamonte Springs, FL

Rojas used long strides in the dirt and a showed a strong arm across, reaching 86 mph. He utilized a smooth and loose stroke while finding barrels on a frequent basis.

Marco Gonzalez  3B - 2024 - Winter Springs, FL

Gonzalez looked the part both defensively and offensively. He showed good bat speed and torqued his hips well in addition to his confident actions in the outfield.

2025 Top Prospects

Alejandro Abreut  1B - 2025 - Miami, FL

Abreut put on a display of some very impressive tools. Running a 6.93 60-yard dash, he used fluid actions in the outfield and solid arm strength. The left-handed bat showed quick hands and good power projection.

Dallas Rasmussen  SS - 2025 - Casselberry, FL

Rasmussen showed tremendous actions both in the infield and outfield, reaching 84 mph from the outfield with real carry. He used a level path with the bat with the making sof solid bat-to-ball.

Jeuri La Rosa  OF - 2025 - Hialeah, FL

La Rosa stood out on both sides of the ball. Showing good intent in the outifeld, he reached 87 mph on throws. He turned the barrel over well and worked both gaps during his round.

Ray Yero  SS - 2025 - Miami, FL

Yero produced hard hit balls to the middle of the field and showcased an accurate barrel. He used quick feet in the dirt and moved well laterally.

Xavier Ahr  1B - 2025 - St Augustine, FL

Ahr stood out during his round of batting practice, using an accurate barrel with carry to the middle of the field. The bat stays on a level plan and should translate to in-game.

Cody Palacios  OF - 2025 - Magnolia, TX

Palacios displayed quick feet in the outifeld along with an excellent arm, reaching 89 mph on throws. He also drove some balls hard to the pull side during his round.

2026 Top Prospects

Ethan Rathmann  OF - 2026 - Windermere, FL

Rathmann ran a 6.40 in the sixty and threw 86 mph from the outfield during workouts. He is explosive and it showed during batting practice, as well. This was an impressive performance.

Ethan Dejesus  MIF - 2026 - Riverview, FL

Dejesus has really good athleticism and twitch to his game. In addition to running a 6.91 60-yard dash, he used quick feet in the outfield along with an accurate arm. He utilized an inside path while working the pull side.

Free Agents Top Prospects

Max Gomez  2B - Free Agents - Nassau, NW BHS

Gomez ran a 6.81 and showed solid bat speed to go with quality fundamentals on the diamond. He impressed during all drills.

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