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2005 Top Prospects

Jeremy Hellickson  RHP - 2005 - Des Moines, IA   Louisiana State

Jeremy Hellickson is a 6-0/175 RHP from Des Moines, IA, and an AFLAC All-American. Hellickson is in the middle of his basketball season, but did not disappoint anyone in attendance. The LSU recruit showed extreme pitchability with a 90 mph live fastball that he had complete command of. He also showed a hard biting curveball in the upper 70s and he had complete command of that pitch, too. Hellickson ranks as one of the top high school pitchers in the country and a potential very high draft pick next June.

Craig Herrforth  RHP - 2005 - Delafield, WI   Uncommitted

Craig Herrforth is a 6-1/190 RHP from Delafield, WI. He surprised everyone with a consistent 88-90 fastball topping out at 92. He gets very good life on his heater and the 92 mph fastballs had a lot of sinking action. His other pitches need some work, but he did throw one exceptionally lively changeup at 84 mph.

Christopher Novikoff  RHP - 2005 - Madisonville, TN   Uncommitted

Chris Novikoff is an extra tall 6-6/215 RHP from Madisonville, TN. He is extremely projectable and his best years are ahead of him. He topped out at 87 mph, but the sky is the limit for this young right-hander. Like Hellickson, Novikoff was also in the middle of his basketball season. He also got our attention with his power potential at the plate.

Bryn Henderson  RHP - 2005 - Mt. Pleasant, IA   Winthrop

Bryn Henderson is a 3B/C from Mt Pleasant, IA, who also pitched at the Indoor Showcase. He threw better than weve ever seen him throw, topping out at 88 mph and throwing a very good slider. Hendersons best tool is his bat, though. He is a good DI prospect and could convert to catching in the future.

Brandon Sears  C - 2005 - Papillion, NE   Uncommitted

Brandon Sears is a big strong catcher from Papillion, NE. He showed a very strong, quick arm and outstanding agility behind the plate. He looks like he will hit with power in the future.

Spencer Howard  RHP - 2005 - Lexington, KY   Uncommitted

Spencer Howard is a 6-3/200 RHP from Lexington, KY, who created a lot of interest. He threw in the mid 80s with a good low 70s curveball.

Vince Egyed  RHP - 2005 - Burleson, TX   Uncommitted

Vince Egyed is a 6-1/185 RHP/IF from Burleson, TX. He showed some of the best pitchability at the Showcase with a low 80s fastball and a very nice slider. Egyed also showed excellent ability with the bat.

Casey Keenan  OF - 2005 - Ann Arbor, MI   Uncommitted

Casey Keenan is a 6-0/180 OF/LHP from Ann Arbor, MI. He is definitely a DI level lefty. He threw in the low to mid 80s with his fastball and had good life, plus a nice curveball/change up combination. Casey plays on the outstanding Pioneer HS team with potential first round pick Zach Putnam and good 06 catching prospect Derek Mosher. Mosher attended this event as well and really opened some eyes.

John Trepel  RHP - 2005 - Channahan, IL   Uncommitted

John Trepel is a 2005 right handed pitcher from Channahan, Illinois, with a 6'1", 185 lb. frame. He uses a drop and drive delivery and really uses his legs well. Trepel's best pitch is his slider/cutter that is nasty at times, and we are not sure he means to throw it. Trepel's fastball topped out at 83 mph, and he should throw harder in the near future. He doesn't stay behind the pitch and gets to the side of the ball, and that is when he throws his slider/cutter. Just staying behind the ball better on his fastball should improve his velocity. He also mixes in a 10 to 4 breaking ball that would have to be called a slurve, and is a very good pitch. Trepel also has a solid change up at 75 mph. He has a great mix of pitches, and he throws them all for strikes.

Rich Mourer  RHP - 2005 - Colorado Springs, CO   Uncommitted

Rich Mourer is a 2005 RHP/1B from Colorado Springs, Colorado, with a 6'4", 225 lb. frame. He has a big and strong body with a low 3/4 release point. He throws a very heavy 82 mph fastball with good sinking action. His low release point makes it hard on the hitters because of the angle and movement on his pitches. Mourer's slider showed potential to be an out pitch at the next level. With his low release point and fastball/slider combination, he is a solid college follow.

2006 Top Prospects

Nicholas Kurash  RHP - 2006 - Hinsdale, IL   Miami (OH)

Nick Kurash is a 5-11/170 RHP from Hinsdale, IL. The first note one of the PG scouts wrote after 3 warm up pitches was potential college All-American. Kurash showed a consistent high 80s to 91 mph fastball with very good life. He also showed a very good sinker, and what really drew our attention was his knuckle curveball. The KCV was a filthy hard biting downer that is basically unhittable. He has the ability to pitch for any college program in America.

Glenn Gibson  LHP - 2006 - Center Moriches, NY   UCF

Glen Gibson is a 6-3/175 LHP from Center Moriches, NY (Long Island). His dad Paul is a long time former major league left handed pitcher. Glenn was consistently in the mid 80s, throwing several 86 mph fastballs with outstanding command. He also showed a very good changeup and a promising breaking ball. His mechanics are exactly what youd expect out of a Big League pitchers son. He projects off the charts.

Brad Altbach  RHP - 2006 - Northbrook, IL   Bradley

Brad Altbach is a 6-3/185 RHP from Northbrook, IL. He has a great projectable body and outstanding arm. He threw consistently in the mid to upper 80s with a top of 89. His breaking ball and change are both very promising pitches. The sky is the limit for this young RHP and we would expect him to be in the low 90s later this spring.

Derek Mosher  C - 2006 - Ann Arbor, MI   Uncommitted

Derek Mosher is an outstanding catching prospect from Ann Arbor, MI. He has great catch/throw skills and catlike actions behind the plate. He also hits from the left side, and was the only hitter to look comfortable against Jeremy Hellickson. Hes going to get bigger and stronger. Hes a player that needs to be followed very closely.

Jeremy Weih  C - 2006 - Wilton, IA   Uncommitted

Jeremy Weih is a strong 6-0/190 C from Wilton, IA. He has a very strong arm and developing catching skills. His big tool is the bat, he can hit, hit good pitching, and hit with serious power.

Chad McCann  RHP - 2006 - Chesterfield, MO   Uncommitted

Chad McCann is a 6-1/195 RHP from Chesterfield, MO. He throws in the mid 80s with very good life.

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