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2026 Top Prospects

Cole "CJ" Weinstein  2B - 2026 - Newport Beach, CA

Weinstein was impressive all weekend long and it's the overall feel for the game that stands out already. He's an excellent athlete and it allows him to find success in both the infield and outfield defensively while the left-handed swing and feel for the barrel was extremely impressive. He was on the barrel all weekend long with multiple extra-base hits and lots of impact that plays regularly in game action and there's no reason to believe the upside isn't extremely high.

Colten Springall  2B - 2026 - Las Vegas, NV

Springall was known to be one of the top players in attendance coming into the event and certainly didn't disappoint. He turned in the best run time in the 60 with a 6.99, took a good infield round with athletic actions and a solid arm and then proceeded to barrel just about every ball in batting practice before producing tons of loud impact in game, including multiple extra-base hits with hard impact to all parts of the field.

Deagan Rose  C - 2026 - Clovis, CA

Rose was one of the most physical players at the event and it's the physicality that sets the foundation for the profile. He's a primary catcher with sound fundamentals and a good arm behind the dish, which translates to the mound where he was up to 82 mph, and the strength/bat speed combination plays big in flashes at the dish when he runs into it.

Jacob Wicker  RHP - 2026 - Aliso Viejo, CA

Wicker was another really physical two-way prospect that stood out in a big way on both sides of the ball at this event. At 6-3/170 it's easy physical projection but strength shows already. He was up to 84 mph from the outfield on his throws before taking the mound and working in the 78-80 mph range with some feel for a low-70s breaker. What stood out the most was the bat as he created some loud contact during batting practice before translating it to game action where he just missed putting one out to left-center in a pretty deep part.

Justin Lopez  2B - 2026 - Chino Hills, CA

Lopez seemed to be rock solid all weekend long, especially at the shortstop position where his athleticism gives him tons of range to go with the really good hands he already shows and the upper-70s arm strength across that'll give him a chance to stick there. The approach offensively is a sound one with a balanced process, good bat speed and plenty of feel to impact the ball on a line to the middle and pull side with flashes of strength.

Drew Ward  3B - 2026 - Pasadena, CA

Ward looks every bit the part of a high-upside prospect at a long-limbed 6-1/160 and there's a foundation of projectable tools across the board. He moves well, running a 7.29 in the 60, receives it well in the infield with good third base defensive tools and showed a loose and well-connected swing with projectable bat speed, length and feel for the barrel with good power upside.

Dillon Booth  3B - 2026 - Rosamond, CA

Booth was one of the more all-around athletic players at the event and it's a quick-twitch profile across all facets. He's a solid runner which helps in how well he moves around the field defensively, giving him versatility, and there's plenty of bat speed as he found the barrel often and has enough impact strength to backspin balls to either gap.

Lincoln Evans  RHP - 2026 - Henderson, NV

Evans is on the physical end at 6-1/195 and he's got a full mix of pitches that certainly stood out as he mixed them all for strikes. Up to 79, he sank the fastball in the upper-70s with low spin and little effort to create it and while the secondaries are slightly behind the quality of the fastball, he's got healthy shape and spin on the breaking ball and sinks the changeup, both of which are pitches that'll project well with time.

Matthew Bias  LHP - 2026 - Huntington Beach, CA

Bias is a left-left prospect who showed out on in all facets this weekend. There's arm strength that showed during defensive drills but also on the mound as he was up to 81 mph with life out of an angled release and showed feel for both a well-tunneled changeup and softer breaking ball. He's also got some explosiveness in the stick and was consistent in getting to the barrel with projectable bat speed.

Gregory Ontiveros  RHP - 2026 - San Marcos, CA

Ontiveros is a young right-hander whose got some feel to pitch already. It's a three-pitch mix, all of which he throws for strikes, and the stuff projects well. He was up to 78 mph with the fastball from short and quick arm while also showing tons of action and depth on an upper-60s changeup as well as some established shape to the breaking ball he spins in.

Jackson Sola  SS - 2026 - Torrance, CA

Sola didn't necessarily post any loud tools at the event but it's a pretty well-rounded profile and he's got plenty to project on. He's got some athleticism on the defensive end which plays well but the stick stood out the most with quality present bat speed and consistency in how he backspins the baseball which projects well when he fills out physically.

Isaias Tirado  SS - 2026 - Sylmar, CA

Tirado is a good young athlete and his athleticism translates across the board and gives him a good foundation moving forward. He ran a 7.32 in the 60, moves around the infield and outfield well with arm strength up to 78 mph and has athletic movements in how he swings that bad with plenty of projectable components at present.

2027 Top Prospects

Colton Christman  LHP - 2027 - Las Vegas, NV

Christman was simply impressive in what he showed on the mound later on in the event. A long and projectable lefthander with high-end arm speed for the age, he worked up to 81 mph with the fastball from a lower angled slot that created a ton of running life to the pitch and made it really tough for opposing hitters. Mix in the fact that there's some sharpness and true depth to his breaking ball and he can tunnel a changeup with ease already and you've got the makings of a really talented young arm with big upside.

Luke Armijo  LHP - 2027 - Whittier, CA

Armijo was a really interesting young prospect who didn't look out of place at the event even though he's on the younger end of the group. At 5-11/180 he's already pretty strong and it translates as he worked up to 81 mph with the fastball and the angle he creates on his release makes it play even tougher at times. He sinks it a bit and has feel for two secondaries already with the breaking ball being a bigger sweeper that projects well and the changeup a pitch he can go to in flashes and get weak contact or the occasional swing and miss.

Vince Moore  3B - 2027 - San Diego, CA

Moore is another young prospect who didn't post overly loud tools but has plenty to like, fitting the mold of a talented young player. He's young defensively but offensively it's a really connected right-handed stroke with the makings of true bat speed and barrel whip while he can already use the whole field and has flashes of being able to impact the ball when really squared.

Andrew Costanzo  RHP - 2027 - Carlsbad, CA

Costanzo is pretty physical for the age at 6-1/160 and he's got a good foundation of things to build on on the mound. It's a balanced delivery, a clean arm and feel for 3 pitches already. He sank the fastball mostly in the 76-79 mph range early on, showed he could create good action on his changeup and although the breaking ball is a developing pitch, he's got an innate feel to go to it so it'll project with time.

Cooper Schlager  RHP - 2027 - Manhattan Beach, CA

Schlager got his turn on the mound later in the event and made the most of it as he worked mostly in the 72-75 mph range from a loose arm and a lower slot and while it's now an overpowering fastball, his pitch ability allows him to be successful. He's got some feel for a changeup but it was the feel to spin that especially stood out with great depth and some slurve-like spin that missed bats a good amount.

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