Showcase Caribbean Underclass Showcase
Nov 18 - 20, 2016 Hiram Bithorn Stadium - San Juan, PR  

2018 Top Prospects

Kevin Vargas  - SS - 2018 - Las Mareas de Salinas, PR - USA
Vargas already has a commitment to Florida International and it's easy to see why. He has a pro type 6-2/172 projectable build and all the tools you'd want to see in a young 2018 player.

Ezequiel Pagan  - OF - 2018 - Guayanilla, PR - USA
Pagan is a very interesting player who the scouts are going to really look at hard. He runs a 6.6, threw 95 mph from the outfield and has present bat speed with more to come as he gets stronger.

Francisco Ruiz  - C - 2018 - Vega Alta, PR - USA
Ruiz has a different build than most of the young Puerto Rican players at a solid 6-1/190 and has lots of tools to go with it. The ball comes off his bat differently than most players and he has a mature and consistent approach at the plate.

Alejandro Rodriguez  - C - 2018 - Cidra, PR - USA
Rodriguez really stood out for his skills and tools across the board. In addition to be an athletic catcher defensively, he's s legit switch-hitter with bat speed from both sides of the plate.

Alexander Del Rio  - OF - 2018 - Toa Alta, PR - USA
Del Rio has a sound and simple approach at the plate with some bat speed and made consistent hard contact. His best raw tool is his running speed; he ran a 6.48 in the sixty.

Dyan R. Rodriguez  - SS - 2018 - Juncos, PR - USA
Rodriguez has very good barrel skills at the plate and swings hard and squares up the ball. He's a 6.8 runner with very good infield arm strength.

Jeanluis Torres  - OF - 2018 - Gurabo, PR - USA
Torres is very loose and athletic for someone 6-2/215. He threw 93 mph from the outfield with a loose and fast arm and it would be fun to see him on the mound.

Gabriel Arroyo  - OF - 2018 - Arecibo, PR - USA
Arroyo's 6.44 speed stood out, plus he's a switch-hitter who took good aggressive game swings with some bat speed.

Wilmer Martinez  - C - 2018 - Ponce, PR - USA
Martinez is another athletic catcher with a middle infielder's build and quickness who can play defense. He has a high contact pull oriented swing that will improve with additional strength.

Jeremy Rivera  - LHP - 2018 - Vega Baja, PR - USA
Rivera is a very polished pitcher with a very repeatable delivery and just chewed through hitters with his 81-83 mph fastball and tight 71 mph slider.

Jan Lopez  - RHP - 2018 - Rio Grandes, PR - USA
Lopez is a polished pitcher with a nice delivery and the ability to spot his pitches around the zone. He worked up to 83 mph with his fastball with a true 72 mph slider.

Ian Ortiz  - SS - 2018 - Dorado, PR - USA
Marrero is another athlete with present middle infield tools and a projectable body who swung the bat well in games with good bat speed.

Kenen Irizarry  - SS - 2018 - Guanica, PR - USA
Irizarry has lots of potential with the bat and swings with intent from the left side with good bat speed. He's also a 6.8 runner with very good arm strength.

Ricardo Rivera  - LHP - 2018 - San Juan, PR - USA
Rivera only topped out at 80 mph but he did everything else well, including spin the ball, throw strikes and make hitters uncomfortable. He's 6-2/150 and will throw harder with more strength.

Angel Guzman Del Rio  - C - 2018 - Mayaguez, PR - USA
Del Rio still has work to do defensively but he has all the tools to be a very good defensive catcher at the next level.

2019 Top Prospects

Daniel Maldonado  - OF - 2019 - Camuy, PR - USA
Maldonado catches your eye with his long and lean 6-3/175 build and keeps it with his easy stride and 6.5 speed. He also showed nice present bat speed from the right side.

Sebastian Nunez  - C - 2019 - Manati, PR - USA
Nunez showed nice tools and athleticism as a catcher, running a 6.7 and throwing a 1.90 pop in drills but was just as interesting for his aggressive right handed swing that produced lots of hard mid field contact.

Axel S. Melendez  - C - 2019 - Cidra, PR - USA
Melendez is a left handed hitting catcher who swung the bat well in both games and BP and has some present strength to build on. He's plenty athletic enough to keep developing behind the plate.

Angel Andrades  - C - 2019 - Humacao, PR - USA
Andrades has a good combination of tools for his age and enough present strength at the plate to drive the ball up the gaps.

Oscar Santos  - SS - 2019 - Carolina, PR - USA
Santos is a bit undersized at 5-7/155 but is a quick twitch athlete with surprising strength for his size with the bat. He also showed excellent arm strength both in drills and in the game and is a left side infielder.

Richard D Rodriguez  - 2B - 2019 - Peñuelas, PR - USA
Rodriguez' best tool despite his 5-10/144 size was his bat speed as a switch-hitter and he showed it from both sides of the plate. He's also a 6.8 runner.

Joneric Hernandez  - RHP - 2019 - Juncos, PR - USA
Hernandez is still growing into his 6-2/175 frame but one can easily see there are lots of tools there on both sides of the ball that are going to keep improving.

2020 Top Prospects

Mario Zabala  - OF - 2020 - San Juan, PR - USA
Zabala is a square shouldered 6-0/155 athlete who is very projectable. He can already drive the ball to the fences in all fields and is a 6.7 runner with arm strength. Watch out for this young outfielder!

Luis Morales  - OF - 2020 - Gurabo, PR - USA
Morales has very good strength for a freshman at a solid 6-0/170 and that is already showing in his present right handed bat speed at the plate.

Yadiel Santana  - OF - 2020 - Humacao, PR - USA
Santana is only 5-6/128 but he has some present tools, including 6.89 speed, and he swings the bat hard and very good barrel control.

2021 Top Prospects

Isaac Frye  - OF - 2021 - Harleysville, PA - USA
Frye came to San Juan from Pennsylvania and the eighth grader wasn't intimidated by playing with older players at all. He looked especially mature at the plate and made consistent square contact.

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