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2003 Top Prospects

Andrew Miller  LHP - 2003 - Gainesville, FL   North Carolina

Wow!!! Possible first round type. As high as 91 with some of the prettiest arm action in the country. Breaking ball is very promising too. Andrew needs to gain some weight. If he gets bigger and stronger the sky is the limit. Scouts and top DI programs... Don't miss this kid!!!!!!!

Patrick Freeman  RHP - 2003 - Key West, FL   South Florida

Outstanding arm on this well built RHP. Appears to be very athletic. His arm works nicely and he gets great leverage. He is a definite high follow for next year and should be recruited by the power schools.

Josh Stinson  C - 2003 - Port Neches, TX   Uncommitted

Big surprise to us. Plus pop time with plus arm strength. Good receiving skills and great body. As a left hand hitter he was equally impressive. Line drives everywhere and flashes of big time power potential. Do not over look this kid-Pro or College Baseball!

James Zink  RHP - 2003 - University Place, WA   Everett CC

Very athletic with excellent body. Runs, throws and hits. Has power potential. Loves the game and plays for keeps. Pitches in high 80s, but he's too talented to keep on the mound. Potential is great! Don't overlook this kid!

Edwin Totesault  SS - 2003 - Miami, FL   Palm Beach State

Each time we see Toutesault we like him more. Some thought he was the top prospect of all the position players in Ft Myers. He has major league midinfield actions a strong arm and he's a plus runner. He hits line drives now, but as he gets stronger he could become a plus hitter as well.

Steven Sapp  OF - 2003 - Los Angeles, CA   Uncommitted

Very athletic outfielder who does just about everything well. Can run, throw and hit. Flashes power potential. Someone to watch closely, he's pretty close already. Invited to Tropicana, but could not attend.

Andrew Knox  RHP - 2003 - Ft. Myers, FL   Wake Forest

Knox has a chance to be a high draft pick. Looks like he has 4 quality pitches. No doubt he will end up throwing somewhere in the 90s with a good breaking ball. His size and pitchability make him very interesting.

David Filipiak  RHP - 2003 - Laguna Hills, CA   UC Santa Barbara

Filipiak could be a successful college pitcher right now. He's an excellent athlete who runs, throws and hits above average. He throws three or four pitches for strikes and will easily be throwing in the 90s with life and command down the road. Watch him closely, he's for real!

Trent Hill  RHP - 2003 - Jasper, AL   Mississippi State

Very talented pitcher/player. Does everything well except run. He should end up throwing in the 90s. A very good hitter with power potential, we like his future best on the mound.

Phillip Walters  RHP - 2003 - Pace, FL   South Alabama

Very projectable, athletic pitcher/player. We are sure he has thrown much better than he did in Ft Myers. In fact we think he will become a top pitching prospect throwing 90+ in the future. He has a feel for it. He runs well and swings the bat. Keep an eye on him!

Paul Moat  C - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Keep an eye on this catcher. Good receiver with plus arm and great size. Pretty agile, he moves well behind the plate. Pop times tell it all. He can hit and flashes big time power potential. Very interesting follow!

Juan Ojeda  SS - 2003 - Winter Park, FL   Rollins College

Gifted athlete. Plus runner with nice infield actions. Could develop into a top line prospect over the next year. Has a lot to offer and we think he's going to hit, too.

Michael Patterson  RHP - 2003 - Largo, FL   Uncommitted

Good athletic pitcher to keep a close eye on. He runs very well and he throws even better. His fastball is MLB average, but his breaking ball could stand some improvement. Watch him closely.

Ahmir Watkins  OF - 2003 - Murfreesboro, TN   Uncommitted

A speedster who can play the game. He actually looks much faster in the games than he does in the workout. Outstanding leadoff type at a high level.

Andy Barb  RHP - 2003 - Kirkland, WA   Uncommitted

Projects very nicely. Athletic, tall catcher who moves well. Good pop times and actions behind the plate and flashes power at the plate. Could easily develop into a top prospect as a pitcher. Upper 80s fastball and hard slider.

Tyler Rhoden  RHP - 2003 - Macclenny, FL   Uncommitted

Rhoden is our pick to click. Good, strong body and nice arm action. There's little doubt in our mind that he will end up throwing better than 90.

Mark Melancon  RHP - 2003 - Arvada, CO   Uncommitted

Watch out for this kid. He topped out at 87, but it looks like there is much more in him.

Brian Chambers  RHP - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Florida State

Chambers is another pitcher that we've seen better before. Good body and nice arm action he threw in the upper 80s at Ft Myers. Someone to keep a close eye on!

Danny Santiesteban  OF - 2003 - Hialeah, FL   Palm Beach State

We've been following this kid for quite sometime. He has one of the better outfield arms in the country. He still projects off the charts and he gets a little better each time we see him. If he continues to improve, especially with the bat, you could have a giant surprise in next years draft.

Mike Garcia  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Big time tools and plays the game. Definitely a high level college type with possible pro future.

Domingo Reyes  LHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Projects off the charts. Long and lean with some of the biggest hands in the country. Every time we see him his velocity gets better. Don't be surprised if this kid becomes a top prospect throwing 90 or better down the road.

Luis Pardo  RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Florida Gulf Coast

Very projectable arm. Big, athletic looking RHP who will most definetly throw in the 90s if he hasn't already. A prospect to keep a close eye on.

Tyler Stevens  SS - 2003 - Lake Worth, FL   Uncommitted

Very good athlete, we like him best as an infielder. He runs well and has an outstanding arm. Add his major league body and you have a interesting prospect.

Kevin Nabors  RHP - 2003 - Spanish Fort, Al   South Alabama/Bevill State CC-Sumiton

Keep an eye on this kid, he's got a good arm. Good breaking ball and MLB average fastball.

Felix Martinex  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Big, strong outfielder with excellent arm. Shows plus power potential and hitting ability. Runs well enough and if he shows consistent contact at the plate, he will be in big demand.

Casey Faughn  RHP - 2003 - Eustis, FL   Uncommitted

Very big, strong RHP we have seen a few times. He only topped out at 86-87 in Ft Myers, but we've seen him up around 90 before.

Brian Grzelakowski  SS - 2003 - Clarendon Hills, IL   Uncommitted

Strong infielder who can run a little and has an excellent arm. Very good player who should end up hitting for power. A real player, he probably projects best at third base.

Brett Nightingale  3B - 2003 - Sapulpa, OK   Uncommitted

Watchout for Nightingale, he's close to MLB average with his fastball and throws a very good hard slider. He is built like a power pitcher and he may become one.

Justin Morris  RHP - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Morris is not the biggest pitcher out there, but make no mistake, he has a big arm! He is athletic and if he adds a quality breaking ball to his MLB average heater and good change, watchout!

Joel Allin  LHP - 2003 - Stockbridge, GA   Uncommitted

Good athlete, good body! Runs close to MLB average and has a strong arm. Definietly a very good college prospect with a possible pro future.

Darrel Brooks  RHP - 2003 - Floral City, FL   Uncommitted

Good athlete, runs and throws very well. We like him best as a player because of his over-all ability, but he can pitch. He projects to gain strength and could be a sleeper.

Lester Aragon  C - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Aragon is very quick and an outstanding receiver. He has a strong arm, but seems to hang on to the ball a bit too long. He's actually better in the games. He shows hitting ability and could become a nice draft pick with some minor improvements.

Jonathan Smolenski  RHP - 2003 - Harleysville, PA   Uncommitted

Good arm on this well built RHP. Also showed breaking ball potential. Could throw in the 90s in the near future, if he hasn't already.

Ryan Norris  LHP - 2003 - Gainesville, FL   Uncommitted

Outstanding LHP with major curve ball that would get outs at any level.

Mike Watson  OF - 2003 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL   Uncommitted

Very interesting tall lean outfielder. Tools are MLB average, across the board, and project to be even better. If he shows hitting ability, the sky is the limit.

Steve Mannenbach  3B - 2003 - Bradenton, FL   Davidson

A very good player with fringe MLB tools. Does everything well and has a good baseball body. If he were to improve his running times and arm strength slightly he could become a good pro prospect.

Matthew Smith  C - 2003 - Paducah, KY   Uncommitted

Smith is a pitcher/catcher. As a pitcher he is very good, mid 80s with excellent breaking ball. Because of his size we favor him as a catcher. His strong arm and agility really show at that position. He has a feel for the game and can swing the bat.

Leo Chiappo  C - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

He can pitch, but we like him more as a catcher. Big guy with a strong arm and some quickness behind the dish. Looks like a potential power hitter at the next level.

Andrew Laughter  RHP - 2003 - Longwood, FL   Louisiana-Lafayette

Great build on this RHP. He showed pitchability and a mid 80 fastball that is sure to be better in the future.

Mike Ojunga-Andrew  RHP - 2003 - Springfield, MA   Uncommitted

Good athlete with a great baseball body. Runs well and could develop into an outstanding hitter. He pitches, but we like him best as an outfielder.

Brad Fly  OF - 2003 - Germantown, TN   Uncommitted

Pretty serious tools and great name. Strong arm, outstanding outfield actions and he can hit. We liked him!

Scott Hoar  C - 2003 - Fairfax Station, VA   Uncommitted

Good solid build for a catcher. Fairly athletic and popped under 2.00. Looks like he could develop into a power hitting catcher.

Chad Kerley  C - 2003 - Murfreesboro, TN   Uncommitted

Good body and strong arm. We like his future best behind the plate. Flashes power potential.

JP Alvarez  2B - 2003 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL   Uncommitted

Good all-round player who hustles at all times. Much stronger than he looks and the ball jumps off his bat. Good, scrappy defensive 2B with strong arm.

Luis Torres  C - 2003 - West Palm Beach, FL   Uncommitted

Another catcher who shows some power and a strong arm. With a little quicker transfer he could be in big demand.

Stephen Wyrick  C - 2003 - Laurel, MS   Uncommitted

Another catcher/pitcher who we like better behind the plate. He's pretty quick and has some arm strength. Plus it looks like he can handle the bat. His pop times were under 2.00 and he stayed close to that in game conditions.

Eric Suttle  OF - 2003 - Marietta, GA   Uncommitted

Very good player/athlete who does everything well. Could become a top flight college player with a pro future

Gregory Serra  OF - 2003 - Boca Raton, FL   Uncommitted

Big time arm in the outfield and he can hit. Good outfielder who only needs to improve his 60 times to play at the highest levels. Plays for keeps, keep an eye on him.

Eric Lassiter  RHP - 2003 - Mobile, AL   Alabama Southern CC

Good athlete with outstanding baseball physique. Can run, throw and hit even pitches fairly good. Keep an eye on him!

Steven Carmen  OF - 2003 - Temple Terrace, FL   Uncommitted

MLB close to average tools and strong. He's real close to becoming a top level prospect.

Carlos Pupo  1B - 2003 - Boynton Beach, FL   Uncommitted

Interesting power type hitter with some athleticism. Very strong, good looking kid worth keeping a close eye on.

Sam Mattise  LHP - 2003 - Amherst, NH   Uncommitted

Extremely interesting big lefty. Should end up at least in the higher 80s. Can spin it, but curve ball needs more velocity. Great body!

Jack Pattengale  OF - 2003 - Phoenix, AZ   Uncommitted

Good looking outfielder who runs close to MLB average and can play the game. Needs to gain more strength to handle the wood.

Chris Phethean  C - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Another good catcher with MLB average pop times. Good body and can swing the lumber from the left side.

Chase Rutledge  MIF - 2003 - Jasper, AL   Uncommitted

Not big, but good all-round player. Speed and arm is playable and can swing the bat. Could be a big surprise as he gets stronger.

Jess Fernald  RHP - 2003 - Odessa, FL   Uncommitted

His size makes him very interesting. He can pitch and you have to think his mid 80s fastball is going to be much better.

Andrew Goss  OF - 2003 - Marietta, GA   Uncommitted

Goss has a good arm and fringy tools. He can pitch but we like his chances better as a position player. He shows hitting ability and if he were to improve his running times slightly, watchout!

Eric Marr  1B - 2003 - Pflugerville, TX   Uncommitted

Eric is an outstanding student athlete who has a chance to develop into a pro type hitter.

Christian Ayers  RHP - 2003 - Corpus Christi, TX   Uncommitted

Ayers is a very big, strong pitcher/1B who might develop on the mound. He also has a chance to be an outstanding power hitting first baseman at the next level.

Matt Link  OF - 2003 - Marietta, GA   Uncommitted

An interesting outfielder who runs close to average. Seems to have a good feel for the game.

Oscar Alvarez  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Good athletic player who does many things well. Should be able to play at a high level.

Zackary Davis  2B - 2003 - Port Byron, IL   Uncommitted

Plays the game, has some fringe tools. Needs to get bigger and stronger and surely will.

Hector Alvarez  RHP - 2003 - Hialeah, FL   Uncommitted

Could develop into a solid college pitcher. Has a good feel for the mound and should end up in the upper 80s.

Marc Franks  3B - 2003 - Richland, NJ   Uncommitted

Fringe tools that could improve. Can swing the bat! Nice hands, can play the game.

2004 Top Prospects

Corey Brown  OF - 2004 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Very interesting "04". Plus runner with outstanding bat speed and power potential. An excellent outfielder with a close to MLB average arm already. His whole game should improve and he could easily become a top prospect in his class.

Daniel Jordan  3B - 2004 - Miami, FL   Florida International

Keep a very close eye on this "04" His tools play nicely and he can mash. Appears to be very athletic and strong. One of the top hitting and power prospects in this event.

Ryan Schweikert  1B - 2004 - Brookfield, WI   Illinois-Chicago

A top "04" prospect. Big and strong with good arm. More importantly, this kid can really swing the bat. He's going to hit for both average and power. It wouldn't surprise us if he became one of the top power prospects for "04."

Jeremy Thorne  RHP - 2004 - Chuluota, FL   Florida Southern

Outstanding "04" pitching prospect. Big and strong with high 80s velocity with life, all ready. Showed 87 mph cutter that surprised us. Makings of an outstanding breaking ball. He can pitch. Also hits with power!

Christian Garcia  RHP - 2004 - Miami, FL   South Carolina

Watch out for Garcia. He could become a high draft down the road. Super baseball body that projects to get much stronger. Big arm and he looks very athletic behind the dish. Shows bat speed and hitting potential for the highest levels. Possible real deal!

Jose Cueto  OF - 2004 - Miami, FL   Virginia Tech

Very good athlete with projectable body. Needs to be followed closely because he could develop into a top prospect.

Kyle Byler  SS - 2004 - Chesapeake, VA   Kansas State

Keep a very close eye on this kid. He's an "04" who runs average now, but is going to be a plus runner. His body has room to get much stronger. His arm plays very well and he has some of the best infield actions we've seen this year. He's going to hit too!

Corbin Rayburn  LHP - 2004 - Bellaire, TX   Uncommitted

Good prospect as both a pitcher and a hitter. Big strong guy who can mash. Good athlete, he threw in the mid 80 range. Kind of a finesse type pitcher. We really like his hitting potential the most, but if he increases the velocity on his fastball over the next couple years, watch out!

DJ Burrezo  OF - 2004 - **, FL   Uncommitted

Another top "04" to keep a close eye on. Lots of ability and great body. Very good arm. Big possibilities here!

Robert Smith  OF - 2004 - Alachua, FL   Uncommitted

Another outstanding baseball body. Big, Strong and can run. We like him best as a position player because of his athletic ability. Another "04" kid to keep track of.

Andrew Walker  C - 2004 - Houston, TX   TCU

Very good "04" catcher complete with strong arm and receiving ability. Excellent hitter, he's been taught well. Looks like he will hit for some power. Keep an eye on him.

Tommy Wynn  RHP - 2004 - Fort Lauderdale, FL   Florida

Had to leave early, but showed a good arm with an outstanding pitchers body. Very projectable!

Ryan Richardson  OF - 2004 - Lake Mary, FL   Uncommitted

Another very intetresting "04" with tools. Excellent, strong and accurate outfield arm. Swings the bat, he's a definite follow for the top DI schools.

Doug Reinhardt  3B - 2004 - Laguna Beach, CA   Southern California

Another big, strong, "04" to keep a close eye on. He can pitch, but we like him best as a position player. He could develop into a big time power guy. He really swings the bat.

Brandon Jasper  MIF - 2004 - Cypress, CA   Uncommitted

Good hitter, good body, big strong kid with a nice swing. moves pretty good, young "04". Looks comfortable at plate from both sides. Showed best from the right side. Going to get even stronger, big power potential.

Ross Brezovsky  IF - 2004 - Naples, FL   Notre Dame

Great "04" college pitching prospect. His arm really works nice and he can pitch. Topped out in the upper 80s and he will be even better in the future. A good athlete, the only thing working against him as a pitcher is his size. However he's also a very good middle infielder and that might be his ticket to pro ball.

Timothy Talpesh  MIF - 2004 - Royal Palm Beach, FL   Uncommitted

This kid does everything right except for he needs to improve his running ability. He can really play the game and looks like a professional hitter already. Keep a close eye on this "04" We like him a lot!

Charles Cleveland  3B - 2004 - Odessa, FL   Florida State

Interesting "04" who can play. Strong arm and good 3B with hands and instincts. Possible big time hitter with power potential. Keep an eye on this well built kid.

Tye Buckner  1B - 2004 - Lake Mary, FL   Uncommitted

Big kid with good power potential to all fields. Stays inside the ball with very fast hands. Great baseball body. Other tools are OK, but the bat makes him a very interesting "04" prospect

Ryan Perry  RHP - 2004 - Houston, TX   Duke

Another good "04" pitcher to keep an eye on. Good mechanics and he looks like he might grow some more. Looked like he might have been pressing a little, so we think he's even better than what we saw. Very good low angle arm action and excellent life.

Eric Evans  LHP - 2004 - Mobile, AL   Radford

This kid is a very good baseball player/pitcher. He knows how to pitch and he's only an "04" Excellent arm action, he gots a lot of run on his 2-seamer. Should end up around 90 mph with his fluid arm action. Keep an eye on this one!

Will Schmidley  OF - 2004 - Little Rock, AR   Uncommitted

Good middle infielder with nice actions and instincts. Looks equally projectable at the plate. Should be followed in the "04" class.

Andrew Whiggum  RHP - 2004 - Cochran, GA   Uncommitted

A big, strong pitcher/1B with some arm strength and a good breaking ball. We like his bat the most, this kid can hit and shows power potential.

Todd Schultz  OF - 2004 - Burr Ridge, IL   Uncommitted

Good all-round player. Does everything close to MLB average. Aggressive player who shows hitting ability. "04" follow!

Tyler Hohman  3B - 2004 - Tomball, TX   Texas A&M

Good infielder, nice hands and actions with a strong arm. Seems to be a talented and intelligent hitter. Another "04" to keep track of.

Drew Bignall  3B - 2004 - Wayzata, MN   Trinity Christian College

We've seen Bignall much better in the past. He has legitimate MLB power potential. The ball jumps off his bat.

Michael Scripture  C - 2004 - Valencia, CA   Uncommitted

Another good catching prospect in the "04" class. A switch hitter with flashes of power potential. Has a nice smooth, quick swing, he actually looked better from the left side.

Tyler Ackley  C - 2004 - Lake Mary, FL   Uncommitted

Solid build on this "04" catcher. Showed arm strength and ability with the wood.

Matthew Moser  RHP - 2004 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

A solidly built mid 80s pitcher who probably throws even better at times. Pretty tight slider that has a chance to be a big time pitch. He can swing the bat, too.

Justin Quinn  OF - 2004 - Whiteford, MD   Uncommitted

Decent tools for this switch hitter. We like him especially from the left side. Line drive hitter with nice swing.

Nathan Mangiapane  C - 2004 - Coral Springs, FL   Florence-Darlington Technical College

Very athletic, showed a MLB average home to first with a slow start. Has enough arm and can hit. Another "04" to watch closely.

Brock Schnabel  RHP - 2004 - Winter Haven, FL   Jacksonville

Big, strong "04" RHP who showed a good arm and even better pitchability. He showed a quality dropping change up and command of all his pitches.

Ryan Barnett  RHP - 2004 - Jasper, AL   Uncommitted

He ran OK and threw very well from the outfield. He even showed hitting ability. We like him just as well on the mound. Good mechanics, throws downward, uses his body well and shows good command of the fastball. Look for him to throw much harder in the future.

Kory Wick  RHP - 2004 - Winter Springs, FL   Uncommitted

His 2 seamer broke bats. Hits line drives to all fields. Good extension and bat speed. Shows nice body control, another good "04".

Alex Burgess  MIF - 2004 - Lake Worth, FL   Uncommitted

Good catcher with better than average pop times. Good arm strength for an "04". Could develop into a power type.

Joel Mailly  C - 2004 - Winter Haven, FL   Furman

Another very talented "04". Alex is not very big, but don't be fooled he can play with the big boys. He has outstanding middle infield actions and very good hands. He will need to gain more strength in order to handle the wood, but his technique and the hand quickness are there. Keep an eye out for him.

2005 Top Prospects

Cody Neer  C - 2005 - Orlando, FL   Florida

This kid is for real. Very young and very talented behind the plate. He should end up one of the top catchers in his class. Also swings the bat very well and he's already got a good catchers body.

Donald Gunn  3B - 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL   Uncommitted

Gunn is one of the top hitters in his class. He is a good pitcher, but his future is with the bat. He needs to improve his running speed a little over the next few years, but everything else is there.

Landon Hernandez  C - 2005 - Indio, CA   Hawaii

Keep a close eye on this kid. Only an "05" he plays years ahead of that. Outstanding body and good arm. Swings the wood, hard telling how good he may end up being.

Sean Stuyverson  SS - 2005 - Tallahassee, FL   Florida State

Another very good young athlete, just an "05". Has tools and needs to be followed closely. Could be a special player in the future!

Shawn Redwine  MIF - 2005 - Haymarket, VA   Mount Olive

Redwine is a young "05" infielder with a strong quick arm. He's already a very good player and should become a top prospect by his senior year. He needs to lower those 60 times to stay in the middle of the infield, but he will.

Clayton Pisani  MIF - 2005 - Naples, FL   Florida

Good all-round athlete with border line MLB tools. Can pitch, but we think his future is as a position player.

Gunner Glad  RHP - 2005 - Tulsa, OK   San Diego State

Young "05" and can pitch. Already around mid 80s with decent breaking ball and change. Keep an eye on this kid!

Bryan Bennett  C - 2005 - Altamonte Springs, FL   Uncommitted

Young "05" catcher with strong arm and lots of ability. We like his bat the best right now, but the rest of his game is years ahead of his age.

Peter Delleani  SS - 2005 - Manalapan, NJ   Wagner

Only an "05" he will gain strength and should improve in all areas. Has a good arm and nice hands.

Michael Lovern  LHP - 2005 - Wellington, FL   Uncommitted

Lovern projects out of sight. 6'5 lefties can not be ignored. He has room to greatly increase his strength and add a lot to his fastball.

2006 Top Prospects

Gabby Saade  IF - 2006 - Miami, FL   Duke

One of the top "06" prospects in America. Does everything very well, it looks like it all comes naturally.

Adrian Cardenas  SS - 2006 - Miami Lakes, FL   Florida

This kid is very, very good. Don't be fooled by his numbers at this showcase, he's a big time player.

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