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2003 Top Prospects

Scott Maine  LHP - 2003 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL   Miami

Maine is a tall and slender pitcher with a projectable build. He has a low ¾ arm slot that produced good movement on all of his pitches. He threw his fastball in the upper 80's topping out at 90 mph. His curveball was sharp, his slider at times was a plus pitch and his change-up had sink. It is quite a selection of pitches. He is one of the top lefties in his class.

Sean Watson  RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Tennessee

Watson is a RHP from Miami that we have seen several times in the past. In Ft Myers he looked the sharpest we've seen him. He threw at 88 mph consistently and topped out at 90 from a high ¾ slot with good life. He also showed an effective drop-down fastball and hit all his spots. But his best pitch was a knuckle-curve and it danced around the bats. His K-curve and change-up both sat in the 76-79 mph range and his arm was working easier than a year ago. He is one of the top right-handers in his class and still improving.

Sean Rodriguez  SS - 2003 - Miami, FL   Florida International

Rodriguez is a gifted player with smooth infield actions at SS and a plus arm that registered 92 mph across the diamond. He displayed excellent hitting ability, with power and the potential is there for even more. He ran a 7.2 and also played well in the OF. With his outstanding baseball actions that feature good hands, instincts and a special arm, he could end up as a top catching prospect before he is finished with High School.

Mike Lynn  RHP - 2003 - Albuquerque, NM   Louisville

This list is loaded with top pitching prospects, Lynn is definitely one of them. He showed some of the best mound presence that we have seen in his class. He is a smaller type power pitcher who acts like a leader and had results in Ft Myers to prove it. He had command of an 88-91 mph fastball, a hard-spinning 12-6 curve and a change-up with sink. It's an outstanding package coming from a tight, quick delivery. It was a dominant outing and Lynn showed us that he was there to compete and win.

Andy D'Alessio  1B - 2003 - Naples, FL   Clemson

Hitting is D'Alessio's forte. He happens to have one of the best swings and most powerful bats in the Junior (2003) class. He is a strong left-handed hitter who generated plus bat-speed and showed us plus hitting ability in Ft Myers. He can field his position at 3B and has a playable arm but his bat is unquestionably his best tool. He can hit the ball where it is pitched and has power to all fields.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia  C - 2003 - West Palm Beach, FL   Florida State

Saltalamacchia has been to several Perfect Game events. We continue to see big league tools out of him. He popped 1.90 several times and is getting quicker. He showed power from both sides of the plate and hit consistently with a more balanced swing than even 1 week previous at the World showcase. His receiving skills are excellent and his arm strength is outstanding. His versatility is rare since he is playable at IF, OF and even threw 86-88 mph on the mound.

Chris Perez  RHP - 2003 - Holmes Beach, FL   Miami

Perez is a big powerful pitcher who uses his size to his advantage. He showed us a very nice and tension free working arm. He cruised in the upper 80's and reached back for a 90-92 mph fastball when he needed it. His fastball had late life and his curve had a good bite to it. He has good mechanics and his easy arm could be the key to maintaining the consistent velocity he showed us. He does more than just throw hard and we expect that he will only get better.

Nolan Mulligan  RHP - 2003 - Hollywood, FL   Lynn

Mulligan is a tall, lean pitcher who throws from an over the top arm slot and had an upper 80's fastball that topped out at 89 mph in Ft Myers, and we've seen 90 from him before. He had a good 12-6 curve but his liveliest pitch was a change-up and that might be his best. He showed us a tension free arm and low effort delivery.

Tony Portugal  RHP - 2003 - Fort Lauderdale, FL   Uncommitted

Portugal is a good strong-bodied pitcher with a fast arm and excellent command of his fastball. We did not see any off-speed pitches from him but maybe because he was super effective with his 87-90 mph fastball. He threw it for strikes and scouts agreed that he had the liveliest fastball in the underclassmen showcase.

Cody Campbell  RHP - 2003 - Trabuco Canyon, CA   Cal State Northridge

Campbell is a strong right-hander with a solid body and fast arm. He showed a 90 mph fastball and a workable curve and change-up. His fastball was his best pitch showing good life and was very consistent maintaining 88-90 mph most of the time. He had a good approach and was able throw inside on batters effectively.

Vince Pestano  RHP - 2003 - Anaheim Hills, CA   Cal State Fullerton

Pestano was impressive in Ft Myers. He pitches with a strong lower half and had a good approach on the hill. He threw his fastball and change-up for strikes and showed a potential plus curveball. His fastball had 86-88 mph velocity and topped out at 90mph. Coming from a ¾ arm slot his ball is lively. His delivery was well-balanced and his arm worked easy. We like the way he pitched ahead.

Dylan Gonzalez  RHP - 2003 - Weston, FL   Pepperdine

As a 2-way switch-hitting prospect, Gonzalez did several things well. He showed a nice looking left-handed swing and good defensive infield ability. He is growing into a pro body and his arm strength has blossomed into a special tool both in the field and on the mound. Pitching, he had an 86-88 mph fastball that touched 89. His change-up is a potential plus pitch. When his curve was tight and he got on top, it is a good 3-pitch arsenal. With the good command he showed in Ft Myers, he looked like a top prospect.

Darin Downs  LHP - 2003 - Boynton Beach, FL   South Carolina

Downs is a smooth working Lefty pitcher who has a free and easy working arm. He had command of everything he threw. He comes from ¾ and varies that look at times. He had 85-87 mph velocity and we have seen him even better. Command with a live fastball, a plus change-up with sink and a curve that came out of his hand like his fastball was too much for batters. He can really get outs. He is very projectable, he might not be too far away from the 90s.

Manuel Ferrer  SS - 2003 - Tampa, VE VEN   Uncommitted

Ferrer has good tools all around. He ran a laser timed 6.79, had nice smooth and quick infield actions and threw 84 mph across the infield. He has some hitting ability with a quick-to-the ball swing and even flashed good gap power. We like the way he has begun to fill out and he projects to throw harder and add power with his growth and development. Keep an eye on this SS.

Ryan Ward  RHP - 2003 - San Bruno, CA   Clemson

Ward is an interesting player that has many good pitching attributes on his side. He has a tall and lean pitchers frame with long legs and showed us good mechanics on the mound. We liked the way his arm worked with a tension free low ¾ arm action in a low effort delivery. He also had an excellent curve ball and his low angle arm whip produced a lively fastball that sat in the 84-86 mph range topping out at 88. He is a projectable pitcher that has a big future on the hill.

Steven Porter  LHP - 2003 - Ocoee, FL   Florida

Porter is a left-handed pitcher with a lot of ability and potential as a pro prospect. His arm is fast and it worked good from the higher than ¾ angle he comes from. He threw downhill with good action on a consistent 86-87 mph fastball and showed us a hard 80 mph slider that was a plus pitch at times. He also had a good change-up and threw it for strikes the only 2 times he was behind in the count. He located all of his pitches well and threw a lot of strikes.

Jacob Stevens  LHP - 2003 - Cape Coral, FL   Miami

Stevens is a big Lefty that was able throw an 85-88 mph fastball away from batters while working in two other pitches. He showed us a hard 4 seamer and running 2 seamer as he worked the corners, mostly away. He has a long torso and strong lower half that generate good power. He used a 72 mph curve sparingly and showed good arm speed with his change-up.

Robert Scott Leffler  C - 2003 - St. Petersburg, FL   Tampa

As the top catch and throw receiver in the underclassmen showcase, Leffler showed us some of the best pop times in his class. He was quick behind the plate, had a fast but controlled transfer and showed mid 80's velocity on his throw to 2B. He popped a 1.87 twice with good straight carry to the bag. He also swung the bat with some authority and flashed good hitting ability. He has a good body and looks like there is power potential in his bat.

Ty Taborelli  OF - 2003 - Tampa, FL   South Florida

Taborelli has a lean athletic build and good tools. He ran a 6.71 in the 60, showed us a playable OF arm and can swing the bat. He produced hard line drives consistently with an easy, level left-handed swing and had some power with wood. The ball came off his bat fast and had good backspin. He is a projectable prospect that has big-time power potential.

Justin Valdes  RHP - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Louisville

Valdes showed us some good pitching potential that featured a plus change-up. It was the kind of change-up that opens your eyes and says swing. It was effective because he had a quick arm action, showed sinking life and had command of it. His 85-87 mph fastball was more than adequate in setting up batters for it. He also showed a curve that broke hard at times.

C.J. Bressoud  C - 2003 - Kennesaw, GA   Alabama

Bressoud is a 2-way prospect who showed good catching ability, popped a 1.90 in the skills and flashed power with his bat. He showed good footwork, can run well for a catcher and even threw a lively 87 mph fastball on the mound. He has a good body and should hit at the next level. This is a player we need to see more of. Look for him to move up the charts.

Russ Warthen  RHP - 2003 - Las Vegas, NV   UNLV

Warthen showed good stuff on the mound. He cruised in the mid 80's and topped out at 88mph. His fastball had good tailing action and he also threw an effective cutter. He showed a plus curve at times and mixed both pitches well.

Cheyne Hann  RHP - 2003 - Santa Clara, CA   San Jose City College

Hann is a very tall pitcher with a good working arm action. He is projectable but that doesn't mean he didn't produce in Ft Myers. He showed a consistent 84-86 mph fastball with good life and a tight curve with a variable arm angle. He could end up throwing in the 90's soon.

Braedyn Pruitt  3B - 2003 - W. Palm Beach, FL   Stetson

Pruitt is a left-handed hitter with a good approach at the plate and a quick swing. He showed the ability to hit out in front of the plate with driving power to opposite field. He played very well at 3B showing good body control and smooth actions. His arm looked strong, was accurate and it was the best we've seen him defensively. Great athletic baseball body.

Trent Hill  RHP - 2003 - Jasper, AL   Mississippi State

Trent is a good young player that showed solid fielding ability and arm strength at 84 mph across the infield. He has a big body, showed strength with his swing. We liked him particularly on the mound where he has potential as a pitcher. He has a fast arm, topped out at 88 mph and threw a good curve and change-up for strikes.

Noel Ahumada  OF - 2003 - Rialto, CA   Uncommitted

Adam Altobelli  IF - 2003 - Oak Forest, IL   Uncommitted

Hector Alvarez  RHP - 2003 - Hialeah, FL   Uncommitted

Lester Aragon  C - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Jason Baroff  1B - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Griffin Baum  C - 2003 - Burr Ridge, IL   Uncommitted

Ryan Bergh  RHP - 2003 - Reddick, FL   Old Dominion

Tyler Blair  OF - 2003 - Seattle, WA   Uncommitted

Danier Blanco  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Brent Bowers  IF - 2003 - San Ramon, CA   Uncommitted

David Braden  OF - 2003 - Pompano Beach, FL   Uncommitted

Darrel Brooks  RHP - 2003 - Floral City, FL   Uncommitted

Colin Brown  OF - 2003 - Bonita Springs, FL   Uncommitted

Chase Bubley  3B - 2003 - Ft. Myers, FL   Uncommitted

Nick Burns  C - 2003 - Barrington, IL   Uncommitted

Alex Burruezo  RHP - 2003 - Windermere, FL   Uncommitted

Brian Campbell  SS - 2003 - Seminole, FL   Uncommitted

Yosbel Caraballo  RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Tim Care  1B - 2003 - Reading, PA   Uncommitted

Darrell Carey  RHP - 2003 - Bohemia, NY   Uncommitted

Alejandro Castro  C - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Daniel Chamberlain  LHP - 2003 - Wellington, FL   Florida Southern

Cory Clark  SS - 2003 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL   Uncommitted

Brad Culling  OF - 2003 - Albuquerque, NM   Uncommitted

Brandon Custer  RHP - 2003 - Overland Park, KS   Uncommitted

Jacob Davidson  C - 2003 - Salem, VA   Uncommitted

Michael Davila  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Mitch Del Castillo  RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Alejandro Delgado  SS - 2003 - Coral Gables, FL   Uncommitted

William Doyle  OF - 2003 - Boca Raton, FL   Uncommitted

Clinton Dykehouse  RHP - 2003 - Gainesville, FL   Brown

Robert Dykehouse  C - 2003 - Gainesville, FL   Brown

Robert Edmunds  RHP - 2003 - Gainesville, FL   Uncommitted

Mark Emmel  3B - 2003 - Gainesville, FL   Uncommitted

Willie Falcon  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Casey Faughn  RHP - 2003 - Eustis, FL   Uncommitted

Colin Feneis  RHP - 2003 - Spotswood, NJ   Uncommitted

Justin Forrest  C - 2003 - Lebanon, TN   Uncommitted

Grant Frisbee  RHP - 2003 - Raleigh, NC   Uncommitted

Jhonny Garcia  C - 2003 - **, VE VEN   Uncommitted

Ryan Garcia  C - 2003 - Highland, CA   Uncommitted

Louis Gattozzi  SS - 2003 - Strongsville, OH   Uncommitted

David Giammaresi  3B - 2003 - Pompano Beach, FL   Liberty

Joseph Godinez  RHP - 2003 - Rialto, CA   Uncommitted

Pedro Guerra  2B - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Casey Harvey  OF - 2003 - Colorado Springs, CO   Uncommitted

Carter Hawkins  C - 2003 - Atlanta, GA   Vanderbilt

David Hernandez  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Miami-Dade College

Bridger Hunt  IF - 2003 - Lake Mary, FL   Uncommitted

Michael Hyde  RHP - 2003 - Tallahassee, FL   Florida State

Marc Hyndsman  C - 2003 - Oceanport, NJ   Uncommitted

Greg Ihlenburg  OF - 2003 - Roswell, GA   Uncommitted

Joseph Ippolite  RHP - 2003 - S. Setauket, NY   Uncommitted

Jon Jay  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Miami

Vinny Jenco  OF - 2003 - Wellington, FL   Uncommitted

Brian Jeroloman  C - 2003 - Wellington, FL   Florida

Avery Johnson  OF - 2003 - Atlanta, GA   Georgia Tech

Matthew Jordan  RHP - 2003 - Moreno Valley, CA   Uncommitted

Michael Joyce  LHP - 2003 - Temecula, CA   Uncommitted

Daniel Kelly  LHP - 2003 - Port Charlotte, FL   Uncommitted

Ryan Kennedy  IF - 2003 - Bradenton, FL   Florida

Montrell Knight  IF - 2003 - Stone Mountain, GA   Uncommitted

Keith Kotake  IF - 2003 - Loxahatchee, FL   Uncommitted

Preston Langeliers  RHP - 2003 - Pleasant Hill, OR   George Fox University

Brent Lawson  RHP - 2003 - laguna Niguel, CA   Uncommitted

Doug Low  C - 2003 - Henderson, NV   Colorado Mesa

Steve Mannenbach  3B - 2003 - Bradenton, FL   Davidson

Peter Manso  MIF - 2003 - Parkland, FL   Jacksonville

Eric Marr  1B - 2003 - Pflugerville, TX   Uncommitted

Scott Mason  C - 2003 - Hiawatha, IA   Uncommitted

Darin Mastroianni  SS - 2003 - Mt. Kisco, NY   Southern Indiana

Mark McCoy  RHP - 2003 - Parkland, FL   Navy

Tom McDermott  IF - 2003 - Smithtown, NY   Uncommitted

Robert Medio  LHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Gus Menendez  SS - 2003 - Coral Gables, FL   South Alabama

John Miller  LHP - 2003 - Holliston, MA   Uncommitted

Matt Miller  2B - 2003 - Tequesta, Fl   Uncommitted

Eric Mitchell  IF - 2003 - Hillsborough, NC   Uncommitted

Paul Moat  C - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Hector Morales  C - 2003 - Tucson, AZ   Uncommitted

Mark Morris  IF - 2003 - Clearwater, FL   Uncommitted

Justin Morris  RHP - 2003 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Kyle Murphy  OF - 2003 - Beloit, WI   Uncommitted

Richard Napierata  RHP - 2003 - Casselbury, FL   Uncommitted

Michael Newland  C - 2003 - McKinney, TX   Uncommitted

James Nikolaides  C - 2003 - Dedham, MA   Niagara

Pedro Obregon  IF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Yale

Matthew Parks  C - 2003 - Baltimore, MD   Belmont

Matt Pigott  C - 2003 - Powder Springs, GA   Uncommitted

Rich Prall  C - 2003 - Doylestown, PA   La Salle

Nick Ramos  IF - 2003 - Hollister, CA   Uncommitted

Daniel Ramos  RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Aaron Randall  C - 2003 - Garden Grove, CA   Uncommitted

Nick Recchia  LHP - 2003 - Randolph, NJ   Uncommitted

Brian Revels  C - 2003 - Crockett, TX   Uncommitted

Manny Reyes  C - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Domingo Reyes  LHP - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

George Rodriguez  1B - 2003 - Pembroke Pines, FL   Uncommitted

Pete Rodriguez  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Broward CC

Drew Romano  MIF - 2003 - Boca Raton, FL   Uncommitted

Kevin Romo  IF - 2003 - Tucson, AZ   Uncommitted

Cesar Ruberto  OF - 2003 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Kyle Rudy  SS - 2003 - Arlington, TX   Texas Arlington

Danny Santiesteban  OF - 2003 - Hialeah, FL   Palm Beach State

Marc Sawyer  1B - 2003 - Largo, FL   Yale

Chad Schroeder  SS - 2003 - Everett, WA   Uncommitted

Blaine Scott  C - 2003 - El Paso, TX   Uncommitted

Jesse Shriner  C - 2003 - Littleton, CO   Uncommitted

Lewis Steinhorn  RHP - 2003 - Orlando, FL   Uncommitted

Jayson Stern  OF - 2003 - Coral Springs, FL   Uncommitted

Andy Tejidor  OF - 2003 - Coral Gables, FL   Uncommitted

Joey Testa  OF - 2003 - Wellington, FL   Gardner-Webb

D.J. Tharrington  LHP - 2003 - Virginia Beach, VA   Uncommitted

David Torcise  LHP - 2003 - Homestead, FL   Duke

Edwin Totesault  SS - 2003 - Miami, FL   Palm Beach State

Alex Turk  3B - 2003 - Elgin, IL   Uncommitted

Brent Upham  IF - 2003 - Orlando, FL   Uncommitted

Justin Vaughan  RHP - 2003 - Mokena, IL   Uncommitted

Reginald Veal  OF - 2003 - Houston, TX   Uncommitted

Johnny Venters  LHP - 2003 - Longwood, FL   Indian River State College

Christian Vitters  3B - 2003 - Anaheim, CA   Fresno State

Michael Wagner  RHP - 2003 - Woodinville, WA   Washington State

Mitch Walser  OF - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA   Upper Iowa

Phillip Walters  RHP - 2003 - Pace, FL   South Alabama

John Wano  RHP - 2003 - Arlington Hts., IL   Uncommitted

Bryan Whetro  RHP - 2003 - Clermont, FL   Uncommitted

John Whited  C - 2003 - Greensboro, NC   Uncommitted

Matt Wilson  SS - 2003 - Winter Haven, FL   Uncommitted

Michael Younghanz  1B - 2003 - Kansas City, MO   Park University

Adam Zak  LHP - 2003 - Ft. Myers, FL   Uncommitted

Alan Zak  OF - 2003 - Ft. Myers, FL   Uncommitted

2004 Top Prospects

Troy Patton  LHP - 2004 - Magnolia, TX   Texas

Ricky Hargrove  RHP - 2004 - Katy, TX   Houston

David Macias  SS - 2004 - The Woodlands, TX   Vanderbilt

Christian Garcia  RHP - 2004 - Miami, FL   South Carolina

John Lalor  RHP - 2004 - Germantown, TN   Mississippi State

John Glass  RHP - 2004 - Clermont, FL   Louisiana-Lafayette

Parker Hanks  C - 2004 - Danville, CA   UCLA

David Mark  OF - 2004 - Houston, TX   Houston Baptist University

Drew Bignall  3B - 2004 - Wayzata, MN   Trinity Christian College

Daniel Jordan  3B - 2004 - Miami, FL   Florida International

Daryl Jones  1B - 2004 - Los Angeles, CA   Cal State Fullerton

Tommy Wynn  RHP - 2004 - Fort Lauderdale, FL   Florida

Jess Todd  RHP - 2004 - Kilgore, TX   Arkansas

Michael Hollander  MIF - 2004 - Mandeville, LA   Louisiana State

Brian Juhl  C - 2004 - Katy, TX   Stanford

Matthew Oye  RHP - 2004 - Spokane, WA   Washington State

Drew Bishop  RHP - 2004 - Rockwall, TX   Arizona

Mark McGonigle  OF - 2004 - Houston, TX   New Orleans

Joseph Spiers  MIF - 2004 - San Bernardino, CA   Hawaii

Brian Sisk  LHP - 2004 - Henderson, TX   Uncommitted

Alex Sink  2B - 2004 - Jamestown, NC   Georgia

Theo Anest  3B - 2004 - Parker, CO   Uncommitted

Ryan Arp  C - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA   Upper Iowa

Matt Barker  RHP - 2004 - Charlolte , NC   Uncommitted

Brad Bevil  RHP - 2004 - New Braunfels, TX   Uncommitted

J.T. Bloodworth  2B - 2004 - Dallas, TX   Uncommitted

Adam Bornstein  2B - 2004 - Eustis, FL   Uncommitted

Josh Bradbury  RHP - 2004 - Newport Beach, CA   Orange Coast College

Paul Brancheau  OF - 2004 - Greenville, TX   Uncommitted

Ross Brezovsky  IF - 2004 - Naples, FL   Notre Dame

Matt Bruderek  RHP - 2004 - East Norriton, PA   Uncommitted

Justin Bunkis  1B - 2004 - Coto de Caza, CA   Loyola Marymount

Matt Carter  IF - 2004 - Danville, CA   Loyola Marymount

Michael Christopher  3B - 2004 - Bradenton, FL   Uncommitted

Jordan Collier  1B - 2004 - Conroe, TX   Uncommitted

Owen Danzuka  IF - 2004 - Warmsprings, OR   Uncommitted

Eric Evans  LHP - 2004 - Mobile, AL   Radford

Jorge Fernandez  2B - 2004 - Weston, FL   Uncommitted

Bret Fischer  RHP - 2004 - Alamo, CA   Uncommitted

Blake Galler  OF - 2004 - N.Richland Hills, TX   Uncommitted

Anthony Glover  OF - 2004 - Decatur, GA   Uncommitted

Tim Gonyer  C - 2004 - West Palm Beach, FL   Uncommitted

Michael Harrington  OF - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA   College of Charleston

Joel Hitchman  RHP - 2004 - Miami, FL   South Georgia College

Brian Jeanjaquet  OF - 2004 - Franktown, CO   Uncommitted

Wade Korpi  LHP - 2004 - Lake Worth, FL   Notre Dame

Tony Langford  RHP - 2004 - Ft. Worth, TX   Notre Dame

Michael Lee  RHP - 2004 - Ft Pierce, FL   Uncommitted

Derek Makowski  OF - 2004 - Largo, FL   Uncommitted

Chris Marler  1B - 2004 - Lilburn, GA   Uncommitted

Daniel Marquez  C - 2004 - Miami, FL   Florida International

Eason Maykus  LHP - 2004 - Southlake, TX   Uncommitted

Brian McCormick  C - 2004 - Davidsonville, MD   Uncommitted

Ryan Murray  LHP - 2004 - Downers Grove, IL   St. Joseph's

Mike O'Malley  MIF - 2004 - Nashua, NH   St. John's

Luis Otero  C - 2004 - Chicago, IL   Uncommitted

Chase Potter  C - 2004 - Greenville, TX   Uncommitted

Justin Quinn  OF - 2004 - Whiteford, MD   Uncommitted

John Raiford  RHP - 2004 - Tequesta, FL   North Florida

Austin Reilly  MIF - 2004 - Aledo, TX   Richmond

Nicholas Rodriguez  OF - 2004 - Coral Gables, FL   Uncommitted

Will Romanowicz  RHP - 2004 - West Chester, PA   Stetson

Patrick Rose  SS - 2004 - Laguna Niguel, CA   UC Santa Barbara

Quinn Salmon  3B - 2004 - Lafayette, LA   Uncommitted

Mitch Saum  3B - 2004 - Lynchburg, VA   Winthrop

Sam Scrementi  OF - 2004 - Crete, IL   Uncommitted

Alex Silversmith  C - 2004 - Coral Springs, FL   Florida Atlantic

Jarron Smith  OF - 2004 - Carrollton, TX   Uncommitted

Ryan Smith  OF - 2004 - Lake Worth, FL   Uncommitted

Jonathan Trivett  C - 2004 - Danville, IN   Uncommitted

Anthony Ventola  C - 2004 - Palmer, PA   Uncommitted

Josh Whitlock  SS - 2004 - Given, WV   West Virginia

Mike Wojcik  LHP - 2004 - Southlake, TX   Uncommitted

David Wolfford  C - 2004 - Boston, VA   Liberty

Antwhan Yazzie  1B - 2004 - Farmington, NM   Uncommitted

2005 Top Prospects

Andrew McCutchen  OF - 2005 - Fort Meade, FL   Florida

Ryan Mitchell  RHP - 2005 - Magnolia, TX   Uncommitted

Donald Gunn  3B - 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL   Uncommitted

William Cherry  OF - 2005 - Lakeland, FL   Florida Southern

Ernie Cho  OF - 2005 - Desert Hot Springs, CA   Uncommitted

Shawn Keill  LHP - 2005 - Largo, FL   Uncommitted

Cody Neer  C - 2005 - Orlando, FL   Florida

Mark Ortega  SS - 2005 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL   Boston College

Chase Arnett  SS - 2005 - Lakeland, FL   Uncommitted

Charlie Johnson  RHP - 2005 - New Smyrna Beach, FL   Uncommitted

Matt Morales  RHP - 2005 - Winter Springs, FL   Uncommitted

Raymond Allen  MIF - 2005 - Longwood, FL   Dartmouth

Cody Railsback  RHP - 2005 - Denton, TX   Uncommitted

Kris Garcia  3B - 2005 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Jeff Bohlen  SS - 2005 - Chicago Heights, IL   Uncommitted

Warren (Smoot) Carter  OF - 2005 - Winchester, VA   Uncommitted

Ralph Henriquez  C - 2005 - Key West, FL   Oklahoma State

Michael Lovern  LHP - 2005 - Wellington, FL   Uncommitted

Jameson Pugh  C - 2005 - Eva, AL   Uncommitted

Jimmy Rodriguez  OF - 2005 - Altamonte Springs, FL   Uncommitted

Juan Rodriguez  RHP - 2005 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Steven Stropp  C - 2005 - Juno Beach, FL   UCF

2006 Top Prospects

Gabby Saade  IF - 2006 - Miami, FL   Duke

Adrian Cardenas  SS - 2006 - Miami Lakes, FL   Florida

Aaron Miller  1B - 2006 - Channelview, TX   Baylor

A.J. Wirnsberger  3B - 2006 - Tuscaloosa, AL   Georgia Southern

Max Sapp  C - 2006 - Orlando, FL   Florida State

Tyler Klein  C - 2006 - Conroe, TX   Uncommitted

Ross Watson  1B - 2006 - Austin, TX   Uncommitted

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