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2025 Top Prospects

Justin Lee  RHP - 2025 - Chantilly, VA

Lee was solid across the board with everything he did, showing well behind the plate as well as on the mound where he was up to 79 mph with sound mechanics. His right-handed swing played well too with looseness and barrel whip, showing the ability to impact the ball to all fields.

TJ Bradford  SS - 2025 - Hewlett, NY

Bradford moves well on his feet up the middle where he showed sound glove skills as well as a quick arm with which he could accurately throw from multiple slots. He creates some whip with the barrel offensively and shows nice tools that project moving forward.

2026 Top Prospects

Deion Cole  SS - 2026 - Acworth, GA

Cole stood out throughout the event with his athleticism and skill, both with the stick and defensively where he showed both instincts and skills, with his footwork and glove. His right-handed swing stands out for its bat speed and strength at impact, especially to his pull side.

Alex Harrington  SS - 2026 - San Diego, CA

Harrington found his name atop a couple leaderboards, both for his 7.08 60-yard time, as well as his 81 mph on the mound where he showcased a loose arm. His swing is balanced and he does a nice job of getting the barrel out front, creating consistent contact.

Hunter Harrington  OF - 2026 - San Diego, CA

A primary outfielder who showed his arm strength both in the outfield as well as the infield, Harrington also showed big potential on the mound with a loose and easy operation. His swing stood out too, creating nice separation and looseness to his hands, creating lift to his pull side.

Lorenzo Laurel  OF - 2026 - Coral Springs, FL

Laurel's arm strength stood out all over the field, leading the event in both outfield velocity (83 mph) as well as infield velocity (82 mph). He also topped out at 79 mph on the mound and showed a short stroke with some lift to his pull side with the makings of nice bat speed.

Matt Ponatoski  SS - 2026 - Hamilton, OH

Ponatoski showed well on both sides of the ball as the young Ohio native started his showcase with sound actions up the middle, showing softness to his hands. His hands were on display offensively as they are plenty quick in his left-handed swing, staying short to the ball with feel for the barrel.

Jack Leach  RHP - 2026 - Charlotte, NC

Leach had the top fastball velocity of the event up to 81 mph. His loose arm action allowed for that advanced velocity and he did so by also sinking the fastball often and featuring a big mid-60s curveball for strikes too.

Jordan Johnson  3B - 2026 - Loganville, GA

Johnson was one of the more physical players in attendance and his strength played in all facets of his game. His swing is a simple one but he generates nice bat speed and already creates nice carry off the barrel, showing nice power potential. He was also up to 78 mph on the mound.

Bubba Coleman  SS - 2026 - Tolleson, AZ

Coleman already has some physical strength to his frame and it played well in his overall game. He bounces around well on defense and shows quickness to his action with solid carry across as well as a quick right-handed swing, showing the ability to work gap-to-gap.

Lucas Cannady  3B - 2026 - Tallahassee, FL

Cannady is physically advanced with present strength which is prominently on display as he shows fast hands offensively, creating solid bat speed with big jump off of the barrel. He showed arm strength around the field, including on the mound where he also spun a sharp breaker.

Shawn Sullivan  OF - 2026 - Barberton, OH

Sullivan was a standout at Field 3 at JetBlue Park specifically. His inning of work on the mound was very loud up to 74 mph with a sharp breaking ball. He also threw out a runner at home from center field in game action. On top of that his batting practice was impressive showing advanced power at the dish.

RJ Cope  OF - 2026 - Lawrenceville, GA

Cope has one of the more advanced frames physically and the power to his left-handed swing is already showing up. It is a compact stroke that Cope posses while the power is only going to improve in due time.

Carter Douglas  C - 2026 - Raceland, LA

Douglas meets the baseball out in front with a leg lift trigger to his swing and a line drive swing plane. The right-handed swing has massive potential as he continues to fill out physically but the hands work and there is quickness to them as well.

Austin Finegan  OF - 2026 - Clovis, CA

Finegan was a standout in BP with his intent to his swing path, quick hands and ability to lift the baseball. Still so young, but already able to impact the baseball, Finegan has a lot to like and look forward to at the plate in the coming years.

Brody Kraft  OF - 2026 - Saint Augustine, FL

Already a really good runner, Kraft's in-game speed showed up with how well he gets down the line. His batting practice showed a very projectable swing with looseness to his hands, advanced strength and plenty more to come as he matures.

Free Agents Top Prospects

Enmanuel Beltre  SS - Free Agents - Dominican Republic, SD DOM

Beltre was amongst the youngest in the event but that didn't stop him from putting his skills on display. He's smooth and fluid with his defensive actions up the middle showing softness to his hands while displaying a handle for the barrel with looseness to his swing.

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