Showcase Ohio Valley Showcase
Aug 3 - 5, 2012 Whitaker Bank Park - Lexington, KY  

- Whitaker Bank Park  
  207 Legends Ln Lexington, KY 40505 Map   

- Transylvania's William A. Marquard Field  
  Radcliffe Rd and Haggard Ln Lexington, KY 40505 Map   

Please check the revised schedule for Saturday and Sunday activities.

2013 Top Prospects

Andrew Harrington  - LHP - 2013 - Elizabethtown, KY - USA
Ran is fastball up to 90 and sat easily in the 87-89 range, has feel for a upper 70's curveball that has 12/6 break and depth. Committed to Louisville

Javon Shelby  - 2B - 2013 - Lexington, KY - USA
Fast twitched athlete, running a 6.87 sixty and throwing 94 from the OF. Uses speed in OF to cover a lot of ground, projects well as a CF but with arm could switch to RF. Has hitting tools as well with plus bat speed and solid approach to hitting. Committed to Kentucky.

Tom Banahan  - RHP - 2013 - Lexington, KY - USA
Tom Banaham (2013, RHP, Lexington Catholic, Lexington, KY) – Low-80s fastball, topping at 84, good command of 12/6 curveball, has sink on fastball, good upside, knows how to pitch, also showed tools at plate with some pop.

Taylor Blair  - OF - 2013 - Nicholsville, KY - USA
Taylor Blair (2013, OF/RHP, Lexington Christian Academy, Nicholsville, KY) – Has good bat speed and pop in bat, line drive swing plane, also mid-80s off mound topping at 86.

Kyle Brennan  - SS - 2013 - Franklin, TN - USA
Kyle Brennan (2013, SS, Centennial HS, Franklin, TN) – Has good bat speed, makes good contact, showed arm strength on mound topping at 84.

David Current  - RHP - 2013 - Frankfort, KY - USA
David Current (2013, RHP, Franklin County HS, Frankfort, KY) – Mid-80s fastball topping at 87, pitches downhill, has room to fill out and gain muscle, velocity projects.

Adam DeLaet  - SS - 2013 - Liberty Township, OH - USA
Adam DeLaet (2013, SS, Lakota East HS, Liberty Township, OH) – Good speed, running a 6.95, has quick bat, consistent backspin line drive contact, sure fielder, athletic player.

Evan Fraliex  - 3B - 2013 - Lexington, KY - USA
Two way prospect, quiet hitting approach with good bat speed, has pop in bat. Good arm strength from both corner positions, upper 80's on mound topping at 87 with good lower 1/2, arm works, committed to Tennessee Tech.

Ian Hays  - RHP - 2013 - Lexington, KY - USA
Ian Hays (2013, RHP, Henry Clay HS, Lexington, KY) – Has projectable build, sits in the low-80s topping at 85, loose arm action, aggressive pitching approach.

Jacob  Hyde  - C - 2013 - Hamilton, OH - USA
Jacob Hyde (2013, C/3B, Hamilton HS, Hamilton, OH) – Line drive swing plane with good bat speed, made solid contact during BP, hits ball to all fields.

Caleb Johnson  - RHP - 2013 - Lexington, KY - USA
Caleb Johnson (2013, RHP, Tates Creek HS, Lexington, KY) – Projectable build, sat 83-85 comfortably, flashed a few 86s with FB, pitched downhill and to both sides of the plate.

Jordan Martin  - RHP - 2013 - Cynthiana, KY - USA
Jordan Martin (2013, RHP/3B, Harrison County, Cynthiana, KY) – Mid-80s sinking fastball topping at 86, flashed a 70 mph 12/6 curveball with tight spin.

Jordan Martin  - SS - 2013 - Corinth, KY - USA
Jordan Martin (2013, SS, Grant County HS, Corinth, KY) – Good build, has pop in bat, good bat speed, makes hard contact.

Jackson McAnally  - SS - 2013 - Shelbyville, TN - USA
Jackson McAnally (2013, INF, Shelbyville Central HS, Shelbyville, TN) – Line drive swing plane, makes good contact, aggressive approach, squared up balls well.

Riley Metz  - 1B - 2013 - Hurricane, WV - USA
Riley Metz (2013, 1B/RHP, Hurricane HS, Hurricane, WV) – Big strong frame, ball really jumped off bat, backspin line drive approach, also pitched, topped at 84 with a good 11/5 curveball with bite.

Trey Miller  - SS - 2013 - Lexington, KY - USA
Trey Miller (2013, SS, Lexington Catholic HS, Lexington, KY) – Plus speed with a 6.64 sixty, good fielding actions, quick transfer and release, has good bat speed, short to ball.

Aaron Mitchell  - LHP - 2013 - Lexington, KY - USA
Aaron Mitchell (2013, LHP, Tates Creek HS, Lexington, KY) – Lean projectable build, low-80s fastball with arm side run, velocity projects.

Jeffrey Mockbee  - LHP - 2013 - Akron, OH - USA
Jeffrey Mockbee (2013, LHP, Walsh Jesuit HS, Akron, OH) – Lean projectable build, easy arm action, topped at 84, could run and cut fastball, fastball that cut were in the 80-81 range, good depth to a 2/8 curveball, has upside.

Dylan Moore  - 1B - 2013 - Savannah, TN - USA
Dylan Moore (2013, 1B/3B, Hardin County HS, Savannah, TN) – Good power approach at plate, ball jumps off barrel when centered.

Ryne Roper  - SS - 2013 - Harrisburg, IL - USA
Ryne Roper (2013, SS/RHP, Harrisburg HS, Harrisburg, IL) – Solid actions at SS, has arm strength throwing 84 across diamond, makes solid contact creating backspin on balls, also outstanding on mound topping out at 89 with life.

Alex Sears  - SS - 2013 - London, KY - USA
Alex Sears (2013, SS, South Laurel HS, London, KY) – Good line drive swing plane, hit ball hard during BP, drove ball with regularity during games.

Austin Walker  - 1B - 2013 - Milford, OH - USA
Austin Walker (2013, 1B, Milford HS, Milford, OH) – Good bat speed at plate, makes consistent hard contact, gets extended through ball.

2014 Top Prospects

Axel Bueter  - OF - 2014 - Wauseon, OH - USA
Axel Bueter (2014, OF, Wauseon HS, Wauseon, OH) – Threw 86 from outfield and ran a 7.01. Short swing, makes solid contact.

Kyle Davis  - 3B - 2014 - Loveland, OH - USA
Kyle Davis (2014, 3B, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Loveland, OH) – Aggressive approach, line drive swing, makes solid contact, ball exited at 92 off barrel during game.

Nick Eggemeyer  - RHP - 2014 - Paducah, KY - USA
Nick Eggemeyer (2014, RHP, St. Mary HS, Paducah, KY) – Projectable build, topped at 84, will need to make some minor adjustments, but arm strength is there and has great pitching build, flashed a good changeup with arm side run at 76.

Donald Francis  - RHP - 2014 - Hamilton, OH - USA
Donald Francis (2014, RHP, Hamilton HS, Hamilton, OH) – Projectable RHP, topped at 83, long loose arm action with good arm speed.

Marshall Gei  - C - 2014 - Mount Juliet, TN - USA
Marshall Gei (2014, C/RHP, Mt. Juliet HS, Mt Juliet, TN) – Legit switch hitter with fluid stroke from both sides of plate, good line drive swing from both sides of plate.

Taylor Goshen  - RHP - 2014 - Fort Wayne, IN - USA
Taylor Goshen (2014, RHP, Ft. Wayne Carrol HS, Fort Wayne, IN) – Interesting arm, solid frame, up to 88 on mound, throws a heavy ball with arm side run, flashed solid changeup at 77 with same arm speed and action as fastball, curveball is developing but flashed signs of three solid pitches.

Devin Hairston  - SS - 2014 - Lexington, KY - USA
Devin Hairston (2014, INF, Tates Creek HS, Lexington, KY) – Solid runner with a 6.81 sixty, good contact approach at plate, line drive swing plane, smooth fielding actions, threw 82 across diamond with game actions.

Collin Harris  - SS - 2014 - Frankfort, KY - USA
Collin Harris (2014, MIF, Frankfort HS, Frankfort, KY) – Ran a 6.90 sixty, and threw 84 across diamond, has line drive swing plane, makes good contact, had very good actions on the infield as well.

Tanner Hart  - SS - 2014 - Nicholasville, KY - USA
Tanner Hart (2014, SS/RHP, Tates Creek HS, Lexington, KY) – Solid infield actions, quick transfer and release, ball comes out clean, topped out at 83 on mound with long loose arm action, good command of 12/6 curveball with bite.

Noah Heard  - 1B - 2014 - Fairfield, OH - USA
Noah Heard (2014, 1B, Fairfield HS, Fairfield, OH) – Aggressive approach, gets barrel to ball, has pop, has a solid swing plane, ball jumped off bat.

Ty Helton  - 1B - 2014 - Milford, OH - USA
Ty Helton (2014, 1B/3B, Milford HS, Milford, OH) – Good bat speed, hits to all fields, shows opposite field pop, gets extended through ball.

John Hisel  - RHP - 2014 - Nicholsville, KY - USA
John Hisel (2014, RHP, Tates Creek, Lexington, KY) – Long lean projectable build, good arm speed, topped out at 86 with a 12/6 curveball, should continue to develop and get stronger, good feel for sinking changeup at 77.

Riley Jackson  - OF - 2014 - Lexington, KY - USA
Riley Jackson (2014, C, Lexington Catholic, Lexington, KY) – Solid catch and throw skills, popped a 1.94 from behind plate, also ran a 6.81 sixty, shows potential with a line drive swing plane and solid contact.

Miles Lee  - LHP - 2014 - Louisville, KY - USA
Miles Lee (2014, LHP, St. Xavier HS, Louisville, KY) – Loose easy arm action, topped at 82, smooth delivery, knows how to pitch, good upside.

Connor McHugh  - SS - 2014 - Lexington, KY - USA
Connor McHugh (2014, SS/RHP, Dunbar HS, Lexington, KY) – Low-80s fastball topping at 84, has projectable build, gets arm side run with fastball, threw 87 from the OF and across diamond.

Griffin Neuer  - OF - 2014 - Lexington, KY - USA
Griffin Neuer (2014, RHP/OF, Lexington Catholic HS, Lexington, KY) – Medium build righty worked in low-80s from three-quarters arm slot, topping out at 83 showing really nice changeup that dropped off the table and good spin on 12/6 curveball throwing strikes with all three pitches.

Cole Proia  - SS - 2014 - West Chester, OH - USA
Cole Proia (2014, SS/RHP, Moeller HS, West Chester, OH) – Solid defensive SS with good arm strength, threw 85 across diamond, also up to 86 on mound with short quick arm action, pitched downhill.

Trevor Putzig  - SS - 2014 - Louisville, KY - USA
Trevor Putzig (2014, 3B, Ballard HS, Louisville, KY) – Live bat, smooth swing, mid-field approach, makes good contact, has feel for game.

Nanak Saran  - RHP - 2014 - Hudson, OH - USA
Nanak Saran (2014, RHP, Hudson HS, Hudson, OH) – Projectable build, good pitchability, up to 84 with fastball, pounds zone with all pitches.

Grant Schreiver  - 1B - 2014 - Edgewood, KY - USA
Grant Schreiver (2014, 1B/OF, Covington Catholic HS, Edgewood, KY) – 6.90 sixty, good swing with pop, line drive swing with lift, good bat speed.

Thomas (TJ) Storer  - LHP - 2014 - Loveland, OH - USA
Thomas (TJ) Storer (2014, LHP, Archbiship Moeller HS, Loveland, OH) – Good bat speed, makes solid contact, has raw power.

Jason Suchanek  - SS - 2014 - Fort Mitchell, KY - USA
Jason Suchanek (2014, SS, Beechwood HS, Ft. Mitchell, KY) – 6.85 sixty, good arm strength, threw 86 from OF, 83 across diamond and 84 off mound, has bat speed and pop.

Wyatt Terrell  - SS - 2014 - Lexington, KY - USA
Wyatt Terrell (2014, INF, Henry Clay HS, Lexington, KY) – 6.91 sixty, threw 85 across infield, makes plays, line drive swing plane with gap-to-gap pop.

Blake Thomas  - MIF - 2014 - Mt Sterling, KY - USA
Blake Thomas (2014, MIF, Montgomery County, Mt. Sterling, KY) – 6.92 sixty, 82 across diamond, good bat speed, gets extended through ball, makes solid contact.

2015 Top Prospects

Zach Allen  - 1B - 2015 - London, KY - USA
Zach Allen (2015, 1B/RHP, South Laurel HS, London, KY) – Opposite field approach, bat has pop, good upside at plate, also projects on mound, topped at 82 with downhill plane, throws cutting changeup at 73.

Austin (DJ) Allinger  - RHP - 2015 - West Chester, OH - USA
Austin (DJ) Allinger (2015, RHP, Lakota West HS, West Chester, OH) – Topped at 85 with fastball, aggressive early with fastball, will continue to develop and will be fun to watch in the future.

Zach Hurley  - RHP - 2015 - East Bernstadt, KY - USA
Zach Hurley (2015, RHP, North Laurel, East Bernstadt, KY) – Interesting arm, up to 87 on mound and threw 88 from the OF, has arm speed, will continue to get better with some added strength.

Matt Kent  - RHP - 2015 - Huntertown, IN - USA
Matt Kent (2015, RHP, Carroll HS, Huntertown, IN) – Big lean build, up to 83 on mound, throws with a firm front side, stays online, clean mechanics, solid arm, interesting young prospect.

Maxx Mahon  - RHP - 2015 - Nicholasville, KY - USA
Maxx Mahon (2015, RHP, Lexington Christian Academy, Nicholasville, KY) – Should fill out nicely as he matures, fastball topped at 83, sat low-80s, good downhill plane to plate, good feel for 12/6 curveball, should be an interesting follow.

Logan Mallory  - RHP - 2015 - London, KY - USA
Logan Mallory (2015, RHP, North Laurel HS, London, KY) – Good pitching body, has room to fill out, fastball was up to 81, pitched with good downhill plane, idea how to pitch, velocity projects with build.

Daniel Neal  - SS - 2015 - London, KY - USA
Daniel Neal (2015, SS/3B, South Laurel HS, London, KY) – Good arm strength, throwing 85 across diamond, confident approach at plate, good bat speed, good pop in bat.

Zeke Pinkham  - C - 2015 - Elizabethtown, KY - USA
Zeke Pinkham (2015, C, Elizabethtown HS, Elizabethtown, KY) – Aggressive approach with bat speed, short to ball with lift, popped a 1.94 from behind plate, blocks ball well, will continue to get better.

Joshua Smith  - LHP - 2015 - Saline, MI - USA
Josh Smith (2015, LHP, Brother Rice, Novi, MI) – Projectable build, has young look yet, three-quarters slot, online delivery, fastball topped at 84, knows how to pitch.

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