Showcase Mid Atlantic Showcase
Aug 25 - 26, 2012 Mercer County Park - West Windsor, NJ  

2013 Top Prospects

Brandon Hillier  - RHP - 2013 - Orangeville, ON - CAN
Athletic build. Fastball was up to 84 mph with arm side run. Attacks the zone with solid command. Deceptive delivery and good tight breaker.

Daniel Procopio  - RHP - 2013 - Toronto, ON - CAN
Athletic righty who projects very well. Quick worker with good tempo, fastbll up to 90 mph, late breaking curveball with tight break. Big future on mound

Taylor Doyle  - RHP - 2013 - Dublin, NH - USA
Good lean projectable frame. Fastball up to 84 mph with more velocity to come. Ball comes out easy. Good feel for off-speed.

Bailey Brown  - RHP - 2013 - Pottstown, PA - USA
Athletic player with a projectable bat. Has a line drive swing plane and showed pop to all fields. On the mound, FB was up to 83 and hitters had trouble recognizing CH that had sink.

Anthony Pacillo  - LHP - 2013 - Lyndhurst, NJ - USA
Aggressive demeanor on mound attacking hitters with his fastball that topped out at 86 mph. Good slider that had sharp bite.

Thomas Asbaty  - C - 2013 - Randolph, NJ - USA
Strong physical prospect. Quick transfer and release with good arm strength behind the plate popping a 1.94. Aggressive at plate with smooth stroke. Fastball was up to 84 mph.

Michael Diiusto  - RHP - 2013 - Kendall Park, NJ - USA
Slow tempo on mound. Had natural cut on FB that ranged from 81-86 mph. Out pitch was his circle change-up that had good run and sink.

Garrett Demers  - C - 2013 - Cranston, RI - USA
Has feel in his hands and raw arm strength with good catch and throw potential. Popped a 1.99. At the plate, has a line drive swing plane and strength in his swing.

Tarun Malik  - C - 2013 - Markham, ON - CAN
Good defensive catcher. Blocks and receives well, quick transfer and release with pop time at 1.97. He is raw at plate with quickness in bat.

Michael Miraglia  - C - 2013 - Toms River, NJ - USA
Solid catch and throw potential. Quick transfer and release popping a 1.88 during workout. At the plate, line drive swing plane with strength in swing.

Wyatt Hamilton  - RHP - 2013 - Falmouth, MA - USA
Good pitcher's build. Balanced online delivery. Ball comes out hand clean with a short solid arm action. Mixed in 3 fastballs (cut, 2-seam, 4-seam). Out pitch 10/4 CB with good depth.

Mackenzie Glavin  - RHP - 2013 - Darien, CT - USA
Good pitcher's build. Fastball was up to 83 mph, has a slow tempo delivery. Gets good extension out front. Showed big breaking curveball. More to come in arm.

Patric Bronson  - RHP - 2013 - Waverly, NY - USA
Projectable pitchers frame. Fastball was up to 83 mph, has a slow tempo delivery with aggression downhill. Has arm strength. More velocity to come. Good command.

Victor Molle  - SS - 2013 - Peabody, MA - USA
Good athlete. Solid defensively with good body control and quick transfer/release. Quiet approach at plate with pop in bat. Fastball was up to 83 mph. Works fast and has solid arm action.

2014 Top Prospects

Joseph Gatto  - RHP - 2014 - Hammonton, NJ - USA
Projectable righty with high level present pitchability. Fastball up to 90 mph with heavy sink and slider was his out pitch that had late sharp bite.

Brian Rapp  - RHP - 2014 - Mendham, NJ - USA
Has good mechanics on mound and repeats delivery. Fastball was up to 86 mph with more velocity to come. He complimented it with his CB that had good depth and feel and a SL that had sharp bite.

Sean Deely  - RHP - 2014 - Wilmington, DE - USA
Big, strong righty with smooth easy arm action. Fastball up to 85 with late life. Curveball had good shape. Wasn't afraid to attack the zone.

Fernando Guerrero  - RHP - 2014 - Elizabeth, NJ - USA
Was a fast worker with an up-tempo delivery, fastball was up to 88 mph. Pounded the strike zone throwing 3 pitches for strikes. Could throw CB in any situation for strike.

Ryan Lynch  - MIF - 2014 - Portsmouth, RI - USA
Athletic player. Is an aggressive fielder with good feel and has a quick transfer and release. Line drive stroke with potential power in future. Player to watch.

Joey Fisco  - OF - 2014 - Emerson, NJ - USA
Strong compact build. Was aggressive to the ball in the OF, good hands and arm strength. At the plate, has a short stroke with line drive swing plane.

John Mastrangelo  - 3B - 2014 - Hamilton Township, NJ - USA
Lean athletic player. Solid fielding actions with good transfer and release. More arm strength to come. Good contact skills from both sides of plate. FB was up to 82, looseness in arm. Good two-way potential.

Alex Cruz  - RHP - 2014 - Elmhurst, NY - USA
Strong athletic build. Solid arm strength, smooth hands and arm work in OF. Ball comes out well. Line drive swing plane with strength. On the mound, FB up to 81 mph, big breaking CB.

Zachary Orchard  - C - 2014 - Cambridge, ON - CAN
Strong athletic catching prospect. Has good footwork with quick release and popped a 1.92. Good arm. At plate, rotational with line drive swing plane and leverage.

2015 Top Prospects

Michael Gianci  - RHP - 2015 - Winchester, MA - USA
Athletic player. up-tempo delivery on mound with downhill plane to plate. FB was up to 84 mph. Looseness in arm. Solid actions in OF with good arm strength. Line drive contact hitter with good extension.

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